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"..Give this a shot, gracious ladies/There are grown men outside of Hades!"
If a woman desires a man,
One who’s destined by God’s plan,
What does that woman expect him to do?
Expect that gent will catch the flu?

Saying that she might get sick,
Attracting such an unholy prick,
But what if she only had a clue
What a worthwhile man should do!

As a poet, I think that to fly
Would seem humble to such a guy,
One that a woman might expect,
Given her flight be able to attract…

Give this a shot, gracious ladies,
There are grown men outside of Hades!
Expect a man that you might own
To decline your ‘come hither’ zone…

No human being would dare reject
An amorous underdog whom they detect
Has a kind and grateful heart,
A spirit and style to impart.

Many look deep inside a person,
A real opportune and saintly lesson!
For how could true love’s worth subside
When there’s passion and energy in your stride?
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