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by Kings
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Raised beneath the blue skies of the country side, to roaming the sidewalks of the city.

Country Boy In The City

A country boy far away from his home.
He went to the city to visit and roam.
Lost among the crowds he has seen.
In the big city some people are mean.

He is used to saying hi to a stranger.
But in the city this may be a danger.
He don't understand why people hurry.
As rats in a sewer they run and scurry.

People are here they are everywhere.
On the corner and up the street there.
Mostly strangers passing on the street.
I don't know any other I want to meet.

Give me back my old country home.
I promise I will never leave it to roam.
You can have the city and its people.
I'll take the country where life's simple.

I don't like the city where people rush.
They drive cars as they yell and curse.
I guess they are late for their funeral.
I'll stay on the farm living life as usual.

By: Kings
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