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These are fictional epitaphs, done in the old fashion style of Tombstone,Arizona.
  Here lies Henry Magee
  who fell on his head
  while climbing a tree.
  Poor Henry Magee!

      "Harold Dane"
  This was Harold Dane
  who went one
  night, bar hopping;
  then went track hopping
  and was slammed
  by a west-bound train.
  Rest in peace,
    Harold Dane.

    "Emory Frick"
Here lies Emory Frick
who was done in
by a brick.
  Emory Frick

    "Clyde Barrow"
  Here lies Clyde Barrow
  done in by
  hail of bullets,
  'cause he didn't walk
  the straight and narrow.
  Rest in Peace,

    "Bonnie Parker"

  Here is Bonnie Parker
  who followed after
  Clyde Barrow--
  She didn't walk the
  straight and narrow either!
  Ret in Peace, Bonnie!

  Mary had a little lamb,
  which came
  as quite a shock
  to all;
  she expected to have a boy or girl!
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