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Lord Rupert and his Captain discuss plan to capture Cateyln
Chapter 27 The Snatch Plan

Benoit de Ritter is a lieutenant in the Elite Guards. His captain is Phillip du Bois. He is chief military advisor to Lord Rupert de Villiers.

Phillip: So what’s the plan?

Benoit: We will join the gypsy caravan at the border, disguised as Scavengers. We will have two wagons. In the first will be hidden the Eagle with the Simen Elf. In the second will be our weapons.

Phillip: Your cover story?

That we are collecting scrap metals.

What will you do when you get there?

The Gypsy’s will camp at the High Corral which is about a mile form Middletown. It is in the area where the snagar encountered the Witch and the Elf. Once we make camp half will go scavenging for metals and the other half will scour the area for the missing stones.

What if you get word that the Witch has been identified.

Then the following night we will snatch her.

How will that work

We will be divided into three groups. The first will be the Snatch group. It will consist of eight personnel. Two will enter the house and render unconscious those in close proximity to the witch. They will then roll her into a shroud and spirit her out of the house.

What will the other six be doing…

The are a quick response team…. If anything unexpected is encournted in the house they will rush in and neutralized it.

What about the rest.

A second team is the security team. They will be positioned between the house and the where the militia are garrisoned. In the event an alarm they will keep the Militian from the house. Six will be stationed along the road and two will be on the roof of the general store with a heavy crossbow.

That accounts for sixteen hiow about the rest. The other ten will be the reaction force. If anything develops that the rest can’t take care of I will use the reaction force to take care of it.

Sounds like overkill to me…. We can probably get by with half that number.

I agree but better safe than sorry.


Varnack Trueaxe and Orphious at the Security Office at the Citadel.

We have gotten a report that the Republic is turning its eye towards the valley. Apparently the Snagar told them about the encounter they had with Morgolic in the valley.

What do you think they’ll do.

Nothing for the present, but I suspect they will be gathering intelligence during the Carnival. We will need to be on our toes. We need to be aware of everything that they are.

Once the carnival starts says Orphious, I will have my men on fifth percent alert at the guardhouse. (Total 28)

I have quietly rented the loft over the corral. In addition to the four in the house the rest of my men and I slip in every night and pass the evening in the loft. (Total 14)

My elves will be at the Citadel ready to respond at a minutes notice says Varnack. (Total 14)

What if they decide to walk in here with a sizeable combat force. Asks Orphious?

Then we will have to evacuate Liope and her family into the Tristan forest. Says Varnack.

It might be a good idea to take her to Cisteria


Liope awakens…

How did you two sleep? she asked her children.

Without the noser bugging me half the night.

Me too…without listening to him snore.

Did you have pleasant dreams.

I had the most wonderful dream, mother. Beameer was holding his ribs, screaming in agony…


It was more than a dream actually. I coud hear him all the way from the citidel. The more his friends made him laugh the louder he hollered…it was simply excruciating.

Hatie, you have such sharp ears…

Am I dark as a well at midnight?

Moreso than the dungeons of Cornith where they delight in the torture of innocents.

You really understand how i feel. Don't you?

I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

Liope goes down stairs where she encounters Cateyln and Uta.

How was your night?

It passed well, I slept like a log and I feel great.

Have you talked to the children?

I did and they seem to be doing well.…. Everyone is in the proper spirts… You know how that goes."

What should we do today?

Today I need to go to the Citadel and talk with Albiana, then I wish to see how the new construction is coming…then discuss some security matters and finally I’d like to see how Dumar is coming on his new house. Lilith has told me all about it and I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

There comes a soft knocking at the back door. Cateyln opens it and admits Silas. They converse in low tones for a moment and then Cateyln pulls a large canvas bag of what appears to be coins out from under a table. She whispers some more in low tones…he takes the bag and Cate closes the door.

More high finiance I see says Liope.

Yep, replies Cateyln…A little seed money.

With all the activity abuzz in the town it looks like someone is spending a lot of cash.

Loaning would be a better word… amazing what a little glitter does to improve the neighborhood.

Have they finished the baths yet asks Cateyln.

I was told yesterday said Liope that today we could try one of the new pools out. Won’t that be fun….. Imagine a large ceramic tub, with hot water and sweet scented soap. I can’t wait to try it.


Lilith and Dumar at the house.

You need to get the kitchen floor finished.

Whats the big hurry?

Liope is going to drop by this afternoon and I want her to see some progress.

How about us getting going on the bedroom.

I was thinking we'd save that for last. There's still plenty to do in the kitchen. I wonder when the cabinets will arrive?

End of the week. I suppose I could get started on the kitchen floor…

You can start by replacing those floorboards that are rotten. I hope for your sake that the joists underneath are still solid. If someone I know, who will go unnamed , had paid more attention to the roof we would'n be having to redo everything.

It wasn't really my fault Honey. There was a career to think about...My duties as Deputy and all that.

Yeah, right she said shaking her head. Throwing knives and drinking ale must have kept you extremely busy.

You're right there. The profession of arms requires lots of hard work and practice.


Liope arrives at the Citadel and sends for Trueaxe.

Are you allright she asks.

I’m just fine… some of the lads are a little banged up one in particular.

How is Beamer?

Karla say he has some cracked ribs but nothing appears to be broken.

Please pass on to him how grateful I am for what he did.

I will see to it personally.

Come now and walk me to the briefing.

They walk into the security and take a seat at the table.

Varnack: Allow me to begin things today…We have word that the Snagar have reported what happened on the High Pastrure last quarter. We anticipate they will be trying to learn more come tax time, when the Carnival is in full swing.

Whats the worst they can do asks Liope.

The worst is that they march an armed force down the valley, set up a tribunal and begin interrogating anyone and everyone to determine what happened.

And if they do?

It won’t take them long to discover what’s going on. With all the elves and their deferring to you and all and all the economic hustle and bustle, not to mention the gossip….It wouldn’t take them long to decide to pack you off to Cornith for a little advanced interrogation.

Maybe I could go hide in the mines until they go home.

When you don’t show up for the census, they will want to see your name on the death rolls… and if we dummy up the list and someone squeals that will put the focus squarly on you.

Then what do you propose.

If they come here in an armed force we are going to have to get you out of here.

I’m not leaving….

Willing or unwilling you will have to leave here for awhile, at leas until things calm down.

I don’t like it.

Sorry this is not negotiable.

Is this a consensus.

Everyone nods.

Very well… if absolutely necessary I will leave temporarily. Where will I go?

Arrangements are being made at this time and its best that they are not discussed in an open forum.

Do the councils agree about the arrangements?

Everyone agrees that if the Empire shows up in force, we need to get you out of here.


On the way home Liope stops by Dumar’s house.

I’m so glad you stopped by says Lillith welcoming her friend.

How are you feeling, she paused, looking closely at her cousin.

I'm doing fine, how about you.

Not bad, she answered.

Stepping inside Liope exclaims, this is such a beautiful cottage.

Yes we have a new roof… one that doesn’t leak… so we can use the pots and pans for cooking instead of catching.

And the floors…. Look new floors in the kitchen and before the hearth.

Dumar is just finishing them up….

Let me see the bedroom. Oh what a lovely room, Nice beds, do they squeak?

Mine doesn't and if Dumar's does his snoring blocks out the noise.

Hey Dumar, does your bed squeak.

I haven't noticed, he replied glumly.


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