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by Kirk T
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #1575159
A look into the dark side of this author's mind.
Come to the Dark Side

Come with me to the dark side,
the side of the world thats upside,
down, shit is fucked up for real,
and its not a mindstate or feel,
its not "the force" or a choice,
its a lifestyle, full of plenty toys,
like xanax, valium, vicodin vin vin,
mix em all together and see where it ends,
i dont know bout u but i wake up in jail,
blood all over me, guards dead, hell,
i walk right out the gate, sneeky,
flag a car down in a bloody jumpsuit on the e-way,
assault the driver, ok lets go,
pedal to the metal, welcome to the show,
glock out the window, shootin at tv choppers,
homies pop out the sunroof, shootin coppers,
wipeout and wrap the car around a tree,
exploded through the windshield with crazy intensity,
landed 300 yards away, with a broken back,
thank god i spent the drive smokin crack,
I'm sure its not why i crashed, no way,
it was just a freak accident, i say,
but its really the drugs talking, its not me,
i've been comatosed half the time see,
but the drugs they fuel me to insanity,
when my body shuts down, they turn on,
bring me back to life, put bullets back in my gun,
on foot fugitive is a dangerous son of a bitch,
best believe it, feelin like i got a money rash itch,
itchin me, all the time, i gotta have the green,
kill for it, do whatever it takes for it, i'm mean,
i don't give a fuck who you are, not shit to me,
you could never scare me, not after what i've seen,
so come with me to the dark side,
the dark dark side, where its oh so cold,
come with me, as G's we'll ride,
until the game's over and we grow old,
But more than likely we'll die and leave early,
this lifestyle ain't easy and lowers your life expectancy.
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