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by Mario
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one-sided relationship. measured insanity. obsession. self-criticism.
How many times have I told you that I love you?
Must I tell you continuously lest you forget?
I know you don’t return my feelings
But you’re the only reason I haven’t let life tear me down completely
I know you have better things to do than baby-sit me
Prevent[ing] me from killing myself out of sheer incompetence
Just give me a chance...
And all I’ll prove to you is we were never meant to be together

Just give me a chance…
                                       And I’ll disappoint you
I’ll be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make
You’ll never forget how I’ll devour your soul
You’ll always regret giving yourself to me

Did I ever tell you that you’re evil?
I never knew how much you enjoyed watching me suffer because of you
I know deep inside you’d like to see me sacrifice myself on this altar I built for you
You could not appreciate the sacrifices I have made to live up to these impossible standards

Never before have I wanted anything that I knew I couldn’t have
Never before have I pursued desire unto self-destruction
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