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The way others react, may be in part due to you. Check it out.
I'm a stranger in a strange place, yet light exists.  People are the same everywhere, the only difference is the contact they allow & respond to with other people.  I believe everyone desires the attention, contact & simple pleasure of interacting with other people.  They respond to the kind of light, be it bright or dark, in other people's countenances.  They are repelled and close down to dark spirits and are drawn to the bright, happy spirits.

Challenge to you.  Try it yourself.  Walk into a public place with a frown on your face, head down, shoulders slumped, don't look people in the face, be short in your conversations with them, holding your coat or purse close to your body and see how they act.  NOW, walk into that or another public place, head up & looking around, shoulders back, smile or at least a pleasant look on your face, arms open or down, look people in the eyes when you speak with them and be open in your conversations.

What is the difference in their reaction?  You can usually elicite a smile back from them & your conversation is pleasant.  In a day of routine, mundane tasks, boring, repetitive chores, you've just helped lighten their spirits, you've made their day brighter.  What did it cost you?  A few seconds.  Being pleasant, thinking of someone else for a change.

Smile when meeting someone new.  Look them in the eye when shaking their hand and speaking with them.  Nod in acknowledgement or add a 'greeting' in passing strangers.  Make small talk about whatever is present and apparent when waiting in line or sitting near someone.  These are, afterall, other living, breathing members of our society.  The happier society is around us, the happier we can be in & of ourselves AND as a member of that society.  Do your part to make that happen.  Believe me, It comes back to you!

Smile, it's contagious!  If you see someone without a smile, you can give them one of yours.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1576558-A-Challenge-to-YouI-bet-you-get-smiles