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Our trip to Eastern Washington for the Fourth of July weekend went well.
Our trip to Eastern Washington for the Fourth of July weekend went well. Ron and I left the house at 7:00 A.M. on Friday, July 3rd. and arrived in Moses Lake at Ron's sister's house at around 2:00 P.M. We made a stop for a full breakfast in a town just south of Winthrop called Carleton. They served a lovely breakfast fit for a logger! It was way more than we both could eat, but we ate enough to hold us over until we arrived at Patricia's hours later.

We were greeted at the door by little Pebbles(her doggie) and the newest addition to the family "Toby". Pat took this little Llaso Apso in when a neighbor boy could not find the owner. She has since tried every possible way to contact the little dog's owner, but no one has claimed him yet. So, he has found a new home with Pat and Pebbles. They of course adore him. Who wouldn't? He is so cute and sweet. Not an aggressive bone in his body. He just fits right in. He is great company for both of them. Especially, after losing her two shelties to old age last winter. He fills up that void in the household now. I secretly hope that the owners never do surface and that Pat can keep the little guy.

We had a great time visiting and time flew by so fast. Ron cooked his famous Chop Suey for dinner on the Fourth, and his Mom even came for dinner too. The "chef's" meal was a big hit. They loved it! Later on we had apple cherry pie with Marionberry ice cream. "Ummmm ummm yummy."

Mom didn't stay to watch the fireworks because she wanted to get home before dark. At ninety two she still drives! She only lives a few miles across the lake from Pat, so she did not have far to drive. Pat spoke to her on the phone later to make sure she made it home fine.

The fireworks were as awesome as always. They seemed like they were directly above us where we sat out on her back patio! But, of course, they shoot them off a barge across the lake.

During the course of the evening Ron watched The Mike Tyson fights televised on ESPN. I watched some of them with him. I never realized what an amazing boxer he was during his career of boxing. He was a boxing "bulldog!" Almost everyone he fought he knocked out only minutes into the first round! We could not believe what we were seeing! They never televised his fights back then on regular TV channels. They were all closed circuit Pay Per View fights. So many of us only heard of them afterwards, or read about them. I, for one, don't remember any of his fights except the one where he bit his opponent on the ear! They showed that over and over again on CNN.

If anyone ever doubted his ability as a boxer I suggest you watch his fights. In my opinion he was "the Greatest." Not, Ali.

If my dad had lived to see Mike Tyson box he would have been astounded! My dad used to be a boxer and he loved watching all of the fights that he could. He would have enjoyed watching Tyson win his first 19 professional bouts by knockout, 12 in the first round!
Then go on to be the undisputed heavyweight champion and remain the youngest man ever to win the WBC, WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles. Inspite of his controversial behavior both inside and outside the ring, the man could really pack a punch!
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