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You have experienced deja vu, but have you ever thought about it like this...?
         Have you experienced déjà vu? I’m sure you have, but do you know what it means?

         I bring this up because, as I was reading the 3rd page of “Managing Your Time” in the Cornerstone textbook for my Strategies for Online Learning class, I once again felt the strange touch of déjà vu brush against my soul. “Whoa!” I thought. “This sensation hasn’t happened in a quite while.” While I do not remember when I had the original dream (who does?) when I “seen” myself reading that particular page but I finally re-experienced that vision on that particular day in 2009. (The date below, when I first wrote this theory, is for reference.)
         This soul shaking experience led me to formulate a theory about déjà vu that has never been thought of before that day. (Author’s Note: There is a Philosoraptor meme, not created by me, floating around on the internet that has this theory of mine stated on it. I have included it as the cover image, if you can read it.)
         I have a theory that déjà vu is a checkpoint system, similar to how some action-oriented video games – with really long levels – have a checkpoint system, so if you die you don’t have to replay that long level from the beginning. Well, in real life, there are definitely some setbacks we all experience that might feel like we have died inside. So instead of physically dying, like in a video game, we continue with our lives in real life a very dramatic fashion.

         Now I can hear you ask: “How is déjà vu like a video game checkpoint system?”
         Well, if you don’t accomplish the goals you setup for yourself to achieve within a certain amount of time then I consider that you got sent back to the previous “checkpoint” in life, to where you did actually achieve something of importance according to your personal goal(s). If the last great something you did in our life (that you set out to do) was get a job then your work place will start to stink of repetition until you setup a new goal for yourself to achieve. Once you set this goal firmly in your mind, and you fail to achieve it, then it is back to square-one for you as your job place starts to stink even more of repetition.
         This repetition could also apply to relationships, as this is the realm where I setup a goal, and failed, but was that something of mine in which I gleamed my theory of déjà vu from. Let me further explain. At one point in time, before coming up with this theory, I felt that I met my soul-mate. But due to my lack of action, the relationship fell through. I appreciate who I thought my soul-mate was for putting up with my B.S. for so long before she finally gave up on me. In the end, to escape my reoccurring déjà vu – It started happening once a month, then once a week, and finally once a day sometime back in 2004-2005 – (until) I found somebody else to focus my attention upon. Oddly enough, the new woman who I clicked with was a former Satanist who had sold her soul for a chance to have a kid.
         This woman’s story is interesting enough by itself, and it has quantum implication like no other in my mind, but I won’t go into the details of her story here. But know this: Once I met this woman, and let my feelings get involved towards her, my repetitious cycle of déjà vu was immediately broken at my workplace. In a way, this woman was my Savior from the strange repetitious Hell on Earth I was experiencing. A quantum implication concerning her Satanism, as the biblical Hell is said to be repetitious torture for an immortal soul.
         My belief and investment of emotions into a soul-mate, whoever she is, who holds the same spiritual convictions I might, had lead me and this woman, this former Satanist, into a paradoxical dimension of life that I feel many people get trapped in and don’t know how to get out of. The problematic relationship I had got into and was the singularity of my déjà vu experiences (that led up to it happening once a day) had originally started in High School, and it continued off and on for roughly 5-10 years after I graduated. This weird case of escalating déjà vu that had developed over time was one of the most astounding events to ever occur in my life, and I am glad that it is finally over. (Update: Things never worked out between me and the former Satanist woman, but we are still friends, unlike the woman who I was interested in since high school who sparked the stink of repetition and my escalating déjà vu.)

         But back to my (then) current reality: When I felt that strange touch of déjà vu again, back in 2009, it is safe for me to say that it had startled me silly enough to write this theory. I do not remember what video game I was playing at the time (mid-summer of 2009) when I was not studying, but it had a check point system that meshed with the déjà vu I just experienced and I felt elevated that I had reached a new checkpoint in my life.
         “About damn time,” and “Thank you, Lord,” were the two things that echoed through my soul upon acknowledgment of that new checkpoint in my life, which I believe had to do with me returning to school to study animation. Ever since I was a kid I always dreamed of being an animator. It was and still is my original life goal. So going back to school (Strategies for Online Learning was my very first college course) had triggered my latest déjà vu check point experience and influenced me to write this theory of mine.

         With all of this personal information of mine in mind, the next time you experience déjà vu think for a moment about your life, where you’ve came from, what’s happening at the moment, where you want to go from there, and plan your moves accordingly. Or you just might find the stink of repetition invading your life like it did mine. So if you dream a strange dream within the month of planning your future, do not be too surprised if that same scene visits you some time later on down the road in your life. It is just your subconscious letting you in on your soul’s journey, and letting you know: “Good job, you! Keep it up, or you’ll see this checkpoint again, and again, and again, until you do the right thing – and only you know what it is – to move on.”

         Thank you for reading and considering my theory about déjà vu. And may you experience the least amount of repetitious check points upon the journey of your life.

–Curtis Lee Cancino 7-17-2009
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