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by Sumeet
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1584074
This is part 4 of seven part series for contest "14 days, 7 prompts, one story".

This is part 4 of 7 part series "The otherside".
I've tried to create horror with this part.
Readers please try to bear the story with grammatical mistakes as I'm a bit weak in that and there is no time for review as well (very less time after office).
I'll rectify the mistakes whenever get the time after the contest.
Word count: 1224

Blinding flashes are replaced by pure darkness and pure silence. Ravi can actually hear his noises coming from his body, he could hear his blood pumping, he could even hear the noises his joints make whenever he moves and he can hear the constant hum from his brain.

Ravi tries to get up and can hear his whole body creaking in this purest of the silence which anyone can encounter. Is Ravi dead and have reached the gates of heaven? Or hell? Ravi himself doesn't know where is he but he is sure this is not afterlife because everything with him is same, even the underwear is the same, he can feel it. It cannot be the afterlife, how else can somebody explain the same clothes. To the best of knowledge there is nothing like the spirit of clothes and in that case they cannot be with anyone in afterlife!

Ravi tries to feel his way to some kind of support or a door out of this darkness but there is nothing to feel, only ground seems to be solid. There is no way to tell where the solid ground ends and plunge starts. He starts crawling on the ground and there are gaps on the floor, holes big enough to let him pass but no way to tell the depth. These holes may be few inches deep or they may be meters deep or they may be endless holes which can plunge somebody into shapeless and timeless eternity. He keeps on crawling and there is no way to tell for how long he crawled as there seem to be no concept of time and distance.

Finally his hands touched what seems to wood, further touching here and there establishes that it is some kind of door. He gets up and tries to open the feels the door, his hand touches what feels like a lock. He tries to open the lock but nothing seems to be working and it won't open. Exasperated he tries to push open the door but even after pushing with all his might but it won't even shake.
He feels that he is trapped here but feels that there might be someone on the other side who may open the door for him. The one on the other side might not turn out to be a friendly person but this risk is now worth it for Ravi, he has started to freak out after being in dark of some indeterminate amount of time.
It is a strange place where the concept of physics like work, time and distance doesn't work.

"There must be a way" Ravi speaks to himself and feels a mild pain in ears because his ears are now very sensitive to the sound. He again feels the contours of the door and finds a shape like button, he pushes it and door starts opening in complete silence. He sees a spec of light from the gap between door and the wall and he covers his eyes because he is not sure how his eyes are going to react to the light. Door is completely open now and he slowly opens his eyes to find the complete darkness in this room as well. He is sure that he saw a spec of light but this might have been his mind playing with him because he is in stress.

He again starts crawling but after two or three meters he feels another wooden item, on feeling the contours he finds that it to be a chair and that not very heavy.
"Thanks lord for this chair, this is a walking stick for this blind man" he grabs the chair and starts walking with chair in front to feel the floor in front of him. There is some thing strange about chair as well, it is not making any kind of noise when striking against the floor.

He finds his way out of the room and the next room is full of things. He frequently bumps against these things, he neither knows nor wishes to know what are these things and only thing on his mind is getting out of this darkness.
Suddenly he bumps against something which feels soft, he feels the thing with his hands. This thing is warm and has clothes on it and feels like a man. Body of this man is bigger than a normal human. Probably he is a little giant!
He doesn't know if he is alive or dead, to find out he feels for chest with his right hand but cannot feel any movement over there. Probably it's a dead body but it is still warm and that probably means that he was alive some time back. But it is still a probability as there is no way to be sure of for how long a dead body survives in this strange world.

Ravi gets up again but feels for the chair to move out but the chair seems to have moved away. He knows that there are no holes in this room and he starts walking slowly in a direction where he believes his chair should have been. After struggling for a while he feels the chair.
"So here it is!" he tries to pick it up and move but cannot because somebody is sitting on it.
Ravi feels this man, this is again a small giant. Giant grabs his right hand but Ravi frees it with a jerk.
Giant starts feeling the ground near to chair and feels Ravi's leg but Ravi pulls it back before he can grab it. Now Ravi knows that even the giant cannot see here and he starts moving in a direction opposite to what he believes the direction opposite to the giant but bangs against another giant.
Now Ravi realizes in horror that giants are every where in this room, some are dead but not sure how many are alive and they want him. Why they want him Ravi doesn't know all he knows is that he has to be as far away from them as possible but the question is how.

Ravi cannot breathe, he is the death grip of one of the giant and this time he cannot just escape from his grip, other giants are also very near to him as he can feel them. He has to do something before he is dead but what he can do?

There is brilliant flash of light and huge roaring thunder as if some kind of nuclear explosion has taken place, it's his single shot country made pistol. He shot a bullet in air and this utopia of silence and darkness got breached probably for the first time. Ravi has taken care of closing this eyes and keeping the face in opposite direction to the pistol but there is no protection for his ears and he feels searing pain in ears. In the flash of explosion he can see all the giants are on the ground and crying without any noise. The explosion seems to stay forever probably because in this strange world there is no concept of time.
Ravi is free now and starts running in the direction of nearest door and as soon as he crosses the door falls down in a hole and keeps on falling in absolute darkness.
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