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I Wrote This For My One True Love
Finally finished let me know what you think

One True Love

I was so anxious. I watched as Leo unlocked the front door and stepped to one side so I had room to wander by and into his home for the first time ever. I walked by and could feel heat in Leo's emerald-green gaze as he watched me walk ahead. He was six foot three, muscular to the point of almost being considered too muscular. He was a true athlete at heart, and was a serious outdoor lover to boot. Rock climbing, canoeing, hiking in general.

You could not tell he preferred spacious outdoors though because at that moment he was a little too overdressed to be considered an outdoors lover. He was dressed in a forest-green T-shirt with a pair of fashionable Armani denim jeans, black leather boots under the denim, and a black leather jacket tucked under one arm. The shirt stretched a little tight across his large chest, and it was clear for all to see he had had his left nipple pierced. I gazed up at the wide haze of touchably soft chocolate brown fur that made up his mane, that same coloured fur hit the tip of his long, sweeping tail like a forgotten dream. That heat dimmed and only warmth in those green eyes made me blush.

I stood alone in the entrance hallway as Leo shut the door behind him and locked it. I saw a full-length mirror and checked my reflection to see I looked decent enough for Leo. I stood on my own at around five foot nine, I was slender and athletic from the swimming I did for fun. I'd been a happy wolf tonight and it showed as my true-blue eyes sparkled when I thought of the man I loved. My fur was a smooth charcoal grey colour, my tail was full and silken to touch. I was wearing my best button-down royal blue dress shirt over a black tank top and some blue denim jeans with polished white suede shoes. I also had a piercing, but mine was subtle.

A silver ring looped through the tip of my left ear as it stood to attention when Leo came up behind me and wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and pressed his body into mine. His height meant that he could hold me to his body without eating the back of my hair. None-theless the lion leaned down and rested his chin upon my shoulder.

"I've wanted this for so long," he breathed against my fur.
"And what would that be?" I teased.
"Don't pretend you don't know, Kael," Leo replied. "I've wanted you, here with me," he said.
I turned in his arms and hugged him to me. He was such a sweetheart. "The movie was nice, a great choice too, who knew that they could make a movie about robots so touching," I said as I snuggled against his chest.
"That's Hollywood for you, never runs out of ideas," he chortled.
I laughed under my breath and then leaned back from him. I stared up into those eyes. Leo's beautiful, perfect eyes looked back at me with that quiet heat that they held earlier. Part love, and part sex. I wanted him so much. I ran my hands through his chocolate brown hair as Leo wrapped his tail around my waist slowly.
"Lets go get something to eat, before things get too heated," Leo breathed. He leaned down. I smiled and the two of us kissed. Chaste and loving, full of compassion. He pulled away and wandered to the kitchen without another word. I watched him leave and enjoyed the show. He always had a perfect backside for a lion. It was firm, high and had a certain sway that made a simple walk look like some graceful dance.
"Do you need any help?" I called.
"No need, go and get cleaned up before dinner, take a bath if you want," Leo replied.
That sounded nice.

I found the bathroom just like my boyfriend. Beautiful and inviting. There was a large tub, big enough for two Furs to cuddle up inside. A separate glass shower cubicle stood alone in the corner. There were candles around the tub and several large fluffy towels hanging from a rack on the wall.

I shut the door and started to run the bath. I'd brought my backpack with me filled with more clothes for tomorrow and even some pyjamas. My pyjamas consisted of boxer shorts, but for my man I'd made a little preperation. A pair of silken, violet pyjama bottoms and a red T-shirt that looked almost too inviting. I waited until the water temperature was comfortable and then stripped. I climbed into the tub and found it roomy for one person. I leaned back upon the tub and let my thoughts escape me. The bubble bath felt amazing and made me doze a little.

I washed all over after a while and then washed my hair. Right now we'd passed that stage of trying to look beautiful and impressive for our partners, now I just needed to look normal, at best I had to look comfortable. Somehow being in Leo's home made me less anxious. Leo's normal attitude towards life normally handled that for me. He was so carefree and relaxed.

In the last three months I'd learned that Leo used this so he wouldn't alarm or panic anyone or make them feel uncomfortable around him. I had never asked why, but had just accepted it. I submerged my head underwater for a moment and then slowly rose from the warm heat. I took a deep breath and heard a knock at the door.

"Yes?" I called out.
"Dinner will be done in about ten minutes," Leo replied.
"Thanks," I answered with a broad smile.

I climbed out and grabbed one of the huge towels from the rack. I dried off as best I could in the heat of the bathroom. I emptied the tub and then started to get into my pyjamas. I stood in front of the full-length bathroom mirror dressed in what I'd brought with me. I ran my hands through my hair and smiled. I looked comfortable.

I returned to the kitchen to find Leo had changed too. Well, instead of changing clothes he'd just stripped a little. He was dressed in just his denim jeans now. His broad, muscular chest looked almost as touchable as the rest of him. He served up the lasagne he'd made with that practiced ease of someone who cooked for themselves quite often.

"You like the tub?" he asked.
I nodded, "It was really nice to just sit back and relax for a change," I said.
"You don't own a tub?"
"Nope, just a shower, besides judging on the size of my bathroom, I wouldn't be able to fit as much tub into it as you managed," I replied.
"Feel free to come over anytime you want a bath then," Leo said with a sly smirk.
"An offer to get naked and wet in your home?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.
Leo shrugged and carried two plates to the dining room table. He set mine down and then his as he sat down at his seat and pushed another seat out right beside him with his foot. He had his fork in hand and took a bite of lasagne while he nodded to the empty seat beside him while I walked to the table.

I sat down and started to eat. I loved the lasange. I was a big lasange lover anyhow, but this was amazing! Leo really surprised me. I knew he cooked for himself alot, but who knew there was a little chef deep down inside that gorgeous lion lover of mine.

I finished the meal and had to sit there taking a deep breath and relaxing. I was so full. Leo sat back in his seat and had his arm flung over the back of mine. I rested my head back on his muscular arm and soon found his fingers playing with the fringe of my hair. I looked at him and saw him looking down at me. He suddenly leaned in and gave me the most tender, gentle kiss he'd ever given me. It was a mere brush of lips that made my body shudder with excitement.

"You too full to move?" Leo asked.
"I think I'm OK, just don't get me anywhere comfortable, I might fall asleep," I replied with an innocent smile.
Leo's eyes looked heated as he leaned in and whispered, "Good, lets go to bed," he then stood up and offered me his hand. He was offering me a night in his bed, and now it was my choice. I looked up at those gentle and lustful emerald-greens and took his hand. He lead me from the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom door. He leaned back against the door and opened it one handed, his other hand wrapped around mine. He smiled as he pushed the door and held it open for me like he had the front door.

I stepped into the bedroom and stared in awe at the enormous four-poster bed that was stood opposite the bedroom door. There was a set of wooden cabinets and a set of enormous windows that overlooked the woodlands beyond the acre of land he owned. The duvet and sheets were forest green, the pillows were rich deep chocolate and palest beige. It was a bed that suited Leo's colours. Maybe he was more self-conscious when it mattered. I turned and found him stood over me dressed in his jeans and lust.

"You sure about this, Kael?" he asked. He sounded like he was a touch nervous now.
"Something wrong?" I replied.
"I'm just worried that you might not be ready for this," he gestured at the bed.
I smiled and realised that Leo was just as anxious as I had been, "You big softy," I replied. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed his body against mine. The red shirt I wore hid nothing and was practically glued to my chest like a second skin. I cuddled against him. I lay my face against that muscular chest and ran a hand up his fur and touched the pierced nipple gently. Leo shuddered under that touch. I looked up at him, "You like that?" I breathed as I caressed that small, silver loop.
"Yeah," he breathed back. His hands ran up my back and underneath the shirt.
It was my turn to shudder under his touch. He was so warm and gentle.

Leo leaned in like he had before and repeated that practiced, chaste kiss. He deepened the kiss and forced my mouth open a little. For the first time I realised how much strength Leo's body possessed. I liked that strength, that force, even if it was only a kiss. Leo's hands ran down my sides and along my thighs. With one lift I had my legs wrapped around Leo's stomach and my hands buried in that smooth, velvet mane of fur. I could feel myself growing harder through the silken bottoms I wore and suddenly wished they weren't there anymore.

Leo carried me against him to the bed and lay me down upon those gorgeous sheets and comfortable duvet. The duvet was warm and touchable like he was. He crawled up my body. Spreading my legs with his knees as he moved until we were facing one another and my legs were around his hips.

He lowered his mouth to my neck and started to kiss gently along the fur. Tasting me. His hands caressed up my thighs while he pressed his denim-clad groin against mine. He was so hard, encased in that strong denim. My hands played with his mane and then moved down his back, stroking his lower back and dipping underneath the waistband of his jeans to tease those full, firm buttocks. He breathed deep as my hands clutched that supple flesh and squeezed gently. He rested one elbow on the duvet beside my head while his other hand pushed up the shirt so that the material exposed my naked stomach and chest.

He dipped his head and in one quick lick made me moan for the first time. He lapped at my nipple, drawing it into his mouth and sucking gently upon the flesh. He released me with a soft, unspoken pop and continued to roll that thick tongue over and over. I shuddered each time his tongue lapped the tip of my nipple.

"Looks like I'm not the only one with sensitive nipples," Leo whispered as he licked again. I felt his free hand suddenly slide along my naval and go lower. I gasped as he licked just beyond the waist of the silken bottoms. He gazed up at me as he sucked on that space of fur between the naval and the start of the shaft. I watched in pure ecstasy as he licked and lapped lower and lower. He pulled gently on the waist of the bottoms and I lifted my backside from the duvet. My bottoms slipped over my buttocks and further down.

Leo gazed down at my manhood and smiled that warm, honest smile. I ran my fingers through his mane as he licked along the shaft slowly and travelled further down the shaft. I grew harder and harder as he licked slower and deeper. He reached the head of my shaft and licked the tip slowly. He rolled his tongue over my throbbing head like he had my nipples.

I moaned his name and grasped at the duvet as he took the head into his mouth and began to suck slowly. His tongue made small circles as he sucked hard and slow on me.

"Good...God!" I breathed.
"Don't you like it?" Leo asked in a hushed tone as he raised his mouth from me.
"Please...don't stop," I whispered.
Leo smirked and resumed sucking on the head. He trailed a hand down underneath my shaft and cupped my testicles. I groaned and started to slowly thrust my hips forward as he caressed and stroked my balls. He trailed his tongue along the underside of my shaft until he gently touched his lips to those firm orbs. He lapped at them like they were some foreign treat. He sucked and took them into his mouth while he closed his eyes and focused. He rolled his tongue over and over while I gasped and moaned from the pleasure. He released my balls with that same soft pop he had used on my nipples. As he licked along those furry orb once more his hands cupped my thighs and raised them over his shoulders.

I leaned on my elbows and watched him work as I groaned his name over and over. Leo looked up at me as he sucked on my throbbing manhood once more. He ran his hand over that flesh between my testicles and my tailhole. He went further and further until he began brushing a finger over that tight, untouched hole. He pushed slowly as he pulled away from my raging erection and began to push deeper and deeper, focusing on one pleasure at a time I supposed.

"Leo...please, be gentle..." I breathed.
"Don't worry, baby, I'd never hurt you on purpose," Leo leaned down so that his throbbing cock rested upon my stomach. He licked along my throat once more while he pushed an index deeper and deeper. I gasped as that one finger plunged inside me. My body jerked as he forced that digit deeper and deeper, no mercy. There was a hint of that strength again as Leo licked along my jawline and kissed my cheek gently.
"Please, don't stop!" I gasped. I found myself forcing my hips down so that more of his digit entered me. I spread my legs wider so he had more room to move but wrapped my arms around his neck, embracing him and gently biting down on his shoulder. He growled under his breath as he began to draw that digit out and then thrust it back in.
"Think your ready?" Leo asked.
"Ready?" I repeated.
"For something a bit more...large?" Leo smiled as he said it. He climbed back off the bed and undid the belt around his jeans. He unzipped and let the jeans drop. He wore no underwear as he stepped out of the jeans and crawled back up onto the bed and back to where he'd left me panting and hard. His member throbbed and looked collossal compared to my own. Part of me was a touch frightened, but the other two thirds of me wanted him so badly.

I nodded and smiled back as he moved his groin closer. He angled himself right and pressed that raw, naked heat against my probed tailhole. He pushed his hips forward and at the same time drew me into a deep, heated kiss. He held me against him. His hard, thick length pushed and forced me open as I winced and gasped with every inch that was pushed. The head pushed passed the tight ring and made me shudder and gasp. Pain shot through me, but was quickly replaced by waves of pleasure that enveloped my whole body.

I moaned his name as he forced more and more of himself inside me. He hilted himself and started to draw himself out slowly. He did something with his hips that made his manhood rotate as he dragged it out of me. I gasped with added pleasure and raked my nails along his bare shoulders. He groaned and thrust himself slowly inside me once more.

He pulled his upper body away from me, so that only his member thrusting in and out of me remained touching me. I gazed down the line of our bodies as he started to quicken his thrust. Each time he pulled back he did something with his hips that made my mind reel with unthinkable pleasure.

"You ready? I'm going to pick up the pace some more, baby," he kissed my neck as he spoke in that heated breath.
"Do it," I breathed back.
Leo took that as permission and started to thrust deeper, harder and faster. He slammed his throbbing member home, deep inside me. I gasped and instantly rotated my hips with each thrust of that huge lion-hood. He lifted my thighs and in turn lifted me up off the duvet. My upper body was pressed to the heated duvet, while he held me up and thrust inside me. He thrust at a downward angle, getting as deep as he could. I gazed up his muscular body and saw that lust in his emerald eyes. It was like his eyes were emerald flames full of passion and love for me.
"I love you, Leo," I panted as I watched him thrust inside me.
"I love you more, Kael," he replied. He suddenly thrust as hard and deep inside me as he could. He pressed his body into mine and ran his hands along my sides until he encircled my legs around him once more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him to me as the sensation of having all of him inside me grew and grew into something more primal. He suddenly stood and took me with him.

Pierced on his lion-hood he held me against him as he stood up straight, holding me to him with that awesome strength. He cupped my bare ass while his member throbbed inside of me.

"I won't last much longer, baby," Leo breathed in my ear.
"Please...don't..." I replied.
He smiled and lifted me a fraction before he started to thrust hard and deep. There was no rythmn to the thrusts, just pure lust and heat. He pounded into me over and over, each thrust ending with a slapping noise as his testicles hit my buttocks. His fingers clawed my buttocks while I screamed in pleasure and raked fingernails down his bare upper chest. He thrust deep and hard once, twice and then a third time before plunging deep and staying there. His knees buckled as rope after rope of lion seed filled me. The sensation drove me over the edge as his cum filled me and spilled around his lion-hood and onto the floor. I gasped his name and felt my own seed shoot and cover his abdomen. He landed on his knees, lying me down before he eased himself up onto his elbows and stared down at me.

He took several rattled breaths while I gazed up at him. He smiled weakly and started to pull out of me slowly. Each inch made me shiver and groan as the sensations rushed through me once more. When he popped out of me there was a small rush of lion seed that spilled onto the carpeted floors beneath us.

"You OK?" he breathed as he panted beside me.
I reached down between my legs and dipped my fingertip in the lion seed oozing from inside me. "I loved it," I replied. I touched the lion spunk to my tongue and slowly leaned up to him. He kissed me deep, there was no rush, no force. Just passion between two males. He broke the kiss and slowly got up. He staggered for a moment then regained his composure.
"You going to be able to stand?" Leo asked.
"Your that confident of your abilities?" I teased with a raised eyebrow.
"I tried my hardest for you, baby, I hope I didn't disappoint?" he held a hand out for me. I took it and stood up slowly.
"I may need a quick wash again, but I loved it, Leo, and I love you," I wrapped my hands into his mane once more and gazed up into those emerald eyes. "I think I may have left my mark on you, anyhow," I traced my fingers over the claw marks on his upper chest and shoulders. Leo touched a hand to mine and leaned in to brush his lips against mine.
"I'll leave them as a memento, not a troublesome injury," he said.
"And I'll do the same," I replied.
Leo looked confused, "Did I leave marks on you?" he asked.
I took his hand in mine and lead it to trace the marks on my buttocks, "Feel them?"
Leo's eyes widened, "Damn, I cut you good," he replied. "I'm sorry," he added.
"Don't apologise, they will always be my little memento of you, baby," I replied.
"Sounds almost too romantic to be real," he breathed back. He kissed me once more and then took my hand in his, "Lets go take a bath and then get some sleep," he said with that same warm, loving smile of his.

I loved Leo and always would. Tonight just bound us closer together than any date ever had. Maybe this was the start of something, or maybe this was just true love acting out. Whether it was fate or just desire between two males, either way I liked it and loved him. Leo. My one true love.
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