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by Ziglet
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Shiner BockenHeimer, Dog detective, and his adventures
It was June 13th, the first day of summer vacation. Shiner BockenHeimer, resident dog detective, was excited because this was his busiest time of year. The kids were out of school which meant only one thing...ADVENTURE TIME!

Gavin and Olivia woke up late during the summer, so Shiner began sniffing around to see if he could smell any trouble brewing. He had a sixth sense about these things and could always smell a faint lemon scent when an adventure was about to begin. As Shiner was finishing his breakfast, the regular chow food, he smelled that faint lemon scent and sighed, "it's going to be a rough day. Ruff!"

"Shiner! Shiner BockenHeimer! Where are yoouuuuu????"
Shiner ran up the stairs.
"Shiner, where is Olivia? I can't find her. I don't know where she is? Have you seen her Shiner? Have you seen her?" Gavin cried.
"Ruff! I don't know where she is...Let's go look!"
Gavin got dressed and yelled to his mom, "Shiner and I are going outside mom," he didn't want to worry her because Olivia was always hiding in places.

Shiner and Gavin walked outside and began to hunt for Janie.
Shiner sniffed the grass and then started running.
"I've got her scent! Let's go get Livia!" Gavin laughed because Shiner could never say her name right.
They started running through the neighborhood hopping over the fences and ducking under bushes. They finally landed on Mr. Hoffman's doorstep.

"Mr. Hoffman, it's me Shiner, have you seen Livia? We are in a hurry." Shiner said. Unfortunately all Mr. Hoffman heard was barking.
"Shut that dog up Gavin! What do you want?"
Shiner thought to himself Mr. Hoffman barks more than I do, but stayed quiet so Gavin could talk to Mr. Hoffman.
"Mr. Hoffman, Shiner is asking if you have seen Livia. Have you seen her?" Gavin asked.
"I saw her about an hour ago. She said something about the library. Now get that mangy mutt outta here before I call your momma!" Mr. Hoffman got up and slammed the door.

"He is rude all the time. Maybe he needs to get a dog like you Shiner."
"I hope not Gavin, because I would have to bite him! Ruff Ruff Ruuff!!!" Shiner laughed.

Gavin and Shiner walked, hopped and ran to the library.
"I can smell her here Gavin, we are getting close," Shiner said.
His tail was wagging so hard he almost knocked Gavin over. They walked inside and immediately the old librarian shooed them away outside. Her nametag said Marilynn. "You can't have that DOG in MY library. Didn't you see the sign? NO DOGS ALLOWED."
"But we are looking for my sister, Olivia, and Shiner's nose can find her. Please you have to help," Gavin cried.
"Look, you can come in here, but your dog will have to sit outside," Marilynn said.
"Fine! Shiner, wait for me here. I will be right back."
"Ok Gavin, I'll be here. You tell that old lady that I am a good dog and one day she is going to wish she had a nose like mine!"

While Gavin was inside searching, Shiner started sniffing flowers and a couple of parking signs. He sat and watched the squirrels. He really wanted to chase them, but knew he needed to wait for Gavin. He turned around so he wouldn't be tempted and started sniffing the different cars.

"Shiner! Shiner BockenHeimer! Wheeerreee Aaaarreee yyyooouuuu?"
Shiner's black ears perked up and he ran over to Gavin. "Ruff! Ruff! Did you find her? Where is she? In the bathroom?" Shiner panted.
"I couldn't find her, but my friend Paisley said that Olivia got hungry and wanted to get something to eat, but didn't know where."
"Arufff! where could she be? Get Paisley out here so I can sniff her!"
"Ok, I'll be right back"
Shiner paced back and forth, his white paws tapping the concrete. He thought he needed to get his nails clipped.
"Hi Shiner, My name's Paisley. Whats going on dog?"
"Hi Paisley, It's nice to smell you....ARRUUFFF! I can smell her. Let's go!"

Shiner, Gavin, and Paisley started running, and the realized they were headed toward the coffee shop. Olivia & Gavin loved going to Whimsy's Coffee shop. Shiner had fond memories of having croissants and other desserts with Olivia at Whimsy's. "I should have known she would be there," Shiner laughed. "She loves Whimsy's."

When they got to Whimsy's, a very dog friendly place, Paisley and Shiner got a table, while Gavin talked to the manager. After a few minutes, Gavin came back with a frown. "What's wrong?" Shiner whined.
"She left! She had a donut and chocolate milk, and left. Shiner, can you smell anything? Besides the donuts!"
"Let me take a sniff-around," Shiner said. Shiner began sniffing the table legs and all around the restaurant. His nose smelled so many tasty things and he started to drool. Even though he had breakfast, all this running was making him hungry and the croissants smelled like pastry puff heaven.
"Ok Gavin, she sat here at this table, but there are so many smells in here, I can't tell where she went."
Gavin and Paisley sat at the table and felt lost. "I don't know what to do next, Gavin. I can't get a strong enough scent," Shiner cried.
Suddenly Paisely got up. "I know where she is. She left a paper here. It's a grocery list. She must be going to Bill's Grocery Store. Let's go."

Shiner sniffed the list and was so happy. He bounded out the door first and started running as fast as he can. "I'll find her first and then Gavin won't be mad at me for losing her scent at Whimsy's." Paisley and Gavin ran as fast as they could laughing at Shiner's ears as they flopped back and forth from running so fast.

They got to the store and immediately Shiner got to work. He could smell her so clearly. "Gavin, Paisley! Livia was just here. She might still be in the store. Go look Go LOOK!"
Gavin and Paisley ran inside shouting "Olivia? Olivia? Where are you???"
After 10 minutes, they came outside, without Olivia.
"RUFF! Where is she?" Shiner barked.
"She's not there Shiner. She left already," Paisley replied.
"What are we going to do now?" Gavin asked.
"I Know I know! Ruff! RUFF!"
"Calm down Shiner," Gavin said, "What is it boy? What do we do?"
"Let's go home. If she went to the store, she needs to put all the food at home in the fridge."
"OK! Let's go home Shiner," Gavin said, "Thanks Paisley for your help. Would you like to come over and see if Olivia is there?"
"sure, let's go," Paisley replied.

Shiner, Paisley and Gavin started walking home. Shiner knew that Olivia had to be home. If she wasn't he was going to be in big trouble. Gavin and Olivia were the best friends he had and he didn't want to disappoint them. As they got closer to home Shiner's tail began to wag faster and his ears perked up.
"What is it Shiner? What's going on boy?"
"I can smell her Gavin. I can smell Livia!" Shiner ran into the house to find her. He sniffed in the living room and yelled, "Livia? Livia?....She's not in here."
No one replied. He yelled again, "Gavin, Paisley, where are you? She's not in the living room." Again, no one replied.
"Where is everyone?" Shiner yelled. "Ruff Ruff, where did you go?" He heard a noise in the backyard and walked outside.

Shiner looked around. All of his friends and family were there. There were balloons everywhere. A huge sprinkler and dog treats everywhere. His cousins Gus, and Russ were there and his friends from the neighborhood. And standing in the middle of the crowd were Gavin, Paisley and....OLIVIA!
"What's going on?" Shiner asked.
"We knew we couldn't get a party ready without you finding out," Olivia replied, "So I asked Gavin and Paisley to help me keep you busy today. Happy Birthday Shiner!"
Shiner jumped in the air and barked! What a great start to the summer.
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