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Take a Trip to Sweet Childlike Abandon
Slaying the Gumdrop Dragon

I need to put magic back inside my empty inner child
There’s way too much sadness and deep heartache
Child-like fun has been ripped out, sadness has gone wild
To self-protect myself there’s a little trip I must often make

To clouds of cotton candy resting near the lollipop sun
Over fairies circling in grasses where there’s fun for everyone
Where gaily trot the centaurs through meadow into wood
Down to see mermaids and swim with them if we are good

Way up to a powdered sugar-covered rock candy pinnacle
To slay a naughty candied dragon with laughter so untypical
But he’s made of sparkly gumdrops so I can eat my way free
Or I’ll ride him around instead so they’ll be more kids like me

Don’t be callous you big grownups, there’s fun to still be had
If you lose your GPS and  cellphones it wouldn’t be so bad
To be lost for a time in childlike simplicity and sweet imagination
In the sugar-coated happy world of the inner child’s destination.


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