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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Other · #1591333
really not worth reading.
threatened by a man within
i try to clear some space so that i can send
a message out to all that can hear
lend me an ear
cause i'm fighting the fear

i twitch and something inside me burns
my veins lit light bodies before they're put into urns
i try to put the shakes to an end
before over the edge they send
me trailing down to a means to an ends

i fear that beast within me
i know that he is greater than me
i know that he can break through
even though i fight he still shines true
a mask he pulls down over my face and it's his eyes i'm seeing through

i really want to jump through but he's got ahold of my face firm
holding in a grip so tight i can't help but squirm
if i could shatter these ties i would
trust me if you have the chance to
but be wary when you see the change send me
i cannot control the movements of my mannequin that's been made of me
i wish i could rest but his movements compel me
driving forward though i stand in his way
i try to say, no no, stay
but he grinds his foot down on the pedal
firm gaze on me he wheels down and me he levels
i cry out
but no one can hear
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