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An honest man is tempted by a looker - a poem.
A buxom girl, a stunner, not shy,
With a man not being dissuasive, 
I notice her and don’t question why,
To her charm, I’m being evasive.

Does she notice my reluctant stare
In that male, tight-lipped fashion?
Many kisses, we won't share,
With sinful taste and passion.

Well-hid panties must be removed
For sordid sexual pleasures,
But for my faith, I’d be less moved
To enjoy forbidden treasures.

The love I own is rich indeed,
A love so fine, the best, 
But well-hid panties taunt the steed,
These ladies welcome rest.

Tempted by her pointed stares,
While avoiding unwanted lust,
From luscious girls, to splitting hairs,
A man must favor trust.
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