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Call Center Living
Years ago, I never wanted to work in a call center. I have friends working in some call center companies and I can see how hard it is for them to wake up at night just to go to work. Not to mention the risk that they are getting themselves into.

         But I can't deny it. The call center industry is one of fastest growing industry in the Philippines today. It has helped create jobs for many Filipinos and has given opportunities to millions. And somehow, I thought, I wanted to become a part of it. I wanted to feel what it's like to be working in a call center.

         I finally decided to give it a shot. Try once, maybe. And if things go bad, never do it again.
I passed, though. It was my first try and I did it. I'd say out of  luck, or maybe not. But whatever it was, I was in for the experience of a lifetime.

         I learned that being out at night is risky but fun, too. Especially if you're out for work. You don't have to endure heavy traffic, unlike having a regular daytime job where you'd be stuck in the traffic for hours. You don't sweat because of the warm heat of the sun. Instead, you can feel the cool breeze of the night, making you want to wear your jacket.

         Working in a call center have introduced me to a whole new world. I met several people. Each one different from the other. Each one with a different personality. Each one  with a different style. And each one have touched my life in one way or another.

         I learned a lot of things too. Simple things that I didn't know. Like the names of the US states and  the US time zones. Now, I know that California is in the west coast and New York, in the east.

         Parties, outings and other team building activities are the ones  which I find  most exciting. You don't only get to go out with your friends, but you will also get to see different places. Most importantly, you can gain some experience which can make you laugh when you look back to it years after. Things worth remembering.

         These are but some of the good things that working in a call center has brought me, aside from of course, the good pay.

         But like everything in this world, working in a call center has it's share of not-so-good-things.
I knew from the very start that it would be hard. I later realized that it's even harder than what I had prepared myself  for. I had to turn my time around and keep awake through the night. I'm not a fan of  coffee but  it became an important part of my diet. It keeps me alert  during my shift. But what's most difficult for me is sleeping during the day.

         Aside from that, I have to constantly please every customer that I deal with each call and establish excellent service under the keen observation of my supervisors and mentors. I have to make sure that the script is delivered the way it should be. I have to prepare my rebuttals in case I needed them.

         One of the worst things that could happen when working in a call center is to be shouted at by irate customers. The first time I had my share of that, it made me want to cry. I even thought of giving up. But I realized, I have take it constructively rather than destructively. And soon enough, it didn't matter if customers shout at me throughout the call. I learned to remain composed and calm.

         All in all, the stress is overwhelming. But I know stress comes with the total package. And I have to endure it.

         Indeed, life in a call center can be tough. And for me, it's like riding a roller coaster. It can bring you down but it can also take you up. But I guess everything in life is like that and so is true in a call center. All you have to do is hold on to your seat...and enjoy the ride!
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