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How much longer will the U.S. people sit back and let the gov't take away liberties?
The United States is about to see an uprising from the people. One of the things which is unaccounted for is the money that flows through the hands of the Federal Reserve Board members. Where do they spend the trillions of dollars received from taxpayer-backed loans? It is the duty of our Congressmen and Congresswomen to account for taxpayer money, and to inform the American public of where their tax dollars are being spent. The Fed's secret meetings are on the verge of becoming public, but only if you urge your Senators to vote in favor of a public audit of the Federal Reserve. They can do this by co-sponsoring the Audit-the-Fed Bill, S.B.604.

The Federal Reserve, since it's creation (but most recently wreaking the most havoc) has continually abused our fiat (or irredeemable) monetary system by backing electronic loans with paper money that was not substantiated with gold or silver. This ultimately led to inflation and the current housing and banking crises. The Federal Reserve System causes the prices on health-care, food, gas and education to rise because of this very practice.

When the general public comes to terms with these facts, there will be an uprising. Violence, protests, demonstrations, and even a police state could well be in our future if we do not act now. Please... I encourage you to call your Senators now to urge them to co-sponsor the Audit-the-Fed Bill, S.B. 604. Doing so will make the Federal Reserve accountable to Congress and to you.

Following are lyrics to a song titled "Uprising" by Muse. Feel free to browse through them. They only further make my point.


Update: This was written quite a while ago, and after rereading it, I've found most of it has come to pass. The People are now Rising against injustice.
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