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Poor Rosa...
We drove up maple street, following the green signs that glare in our head lights. Straight ahead is the Brethren Church of Avon. 3 vans with the words C.A.P.S. (California/Arizona paranormal society) written on the side follows my van. Then I see the flashing lights of a state troopers car and yellow tape that's being wrapped up a I pull into the parking lot. They are leaving, just as the pastor asked. I see the pastor, shaking the hands of the trooper, at the portal to the atrium. They left him, and he hailed us over.

It was hard to see his appearance in the dim lights generating from the church, but I saw a suit with some blood on it, a cross hanging across his neck, a pair of glasses that where very thick. You could see dark bags under his eyes. He must of been losing sleep. "Welcome C.A.P.S team." he said, moving his hands in a gesture that said for us to go inside. My team of 7 followed me as I followed the Pastor. He led us to the sanctuary; I could tell due to the fact that I saw the candles, pews and bibles. Then I saw the daughter.

He had called for help with his only child. After going to a bar at night, she had puked. Then she grew violent. She now sat there, chained to a wall, chewing on a raw lambs leg. Blood was running down her chin. If it wasn't for the chewing on the leg, and her eye where not so... adult like... then she would be a beautiful girl. Pale skin, thin,long brown hair. She wore a white dress, stained with blood. Above her head, a wax Jesus Christ was pinned to a silver cross.

"Pastor... whats your name again?" I asked him. I now could see every detail now. A black, leather bound bible was in his pocket. His eye where benevolent looking. I could faintly see the out line of his wallet in his back pocket.

"Pastor Brian, but you can just call me Brian." he replied " I would like to meet your whole team, Jim" he told me.

"Well, my name is Jim, team leader." I said

Then we went around. Each of us told are name and specialty. Carrie, occult knowledge. Ben, demonologist. Crag, tech. And it went on and on. We told him this, then we turned to the girl.

"She was such a great girl. Her name is Rosa. She went partying one night and came back... evil. Rude remarks, sneers and several emotionally drained people latter, she began to get violent. She has killed 3 lambs and eats the meat raw, right of of the bone. There is the alternative of a Asylum, but I want to preserve her life, not land her in a white rubber room for the rest of her life." he told us. Carries pen was wiping down notes, notes that may come in handy soon.

"We can help." I told him. I patted my hand on his back. He waited for the catch. "We need to do a exorcism."

"AWAY WITH YOU SATIN!!" I screamed, laying my bloodied bible, held together by a black leather binding. She screamed, a high pitched scream. What ever was in here did not want to leave. She was twisting in imposable position's, ones that would break a back, or crack a skull. It was going to kill her rather then leave peacefully.

My team and Brian stood, watching me. She struggles more to avoid the grip of the holy bible. Then I scoop up some holy water and tossed it at her face. She hisses malevolently at this. It has no effect. This was the third hour of the exorcism. Everyone was crazy, with hope and sadness.

Then a sigh came from below me. Rosa's eyes are clearing up. She spits blood out of her mouth. Then I feel a weird pain in my leg. Like a needle poking into my veins. I crawls up my leg, like a insect. Then feel the pain hit my whole body. My vision blurs and I have a urge to bite into Rosas neck. I give no fight to this urge. I have no control over my body. It moves for its self. I bite into her pale neck. I hear muffled cry of my team.

"STOP!" one screams, but it sounds as if from a long tube. Her blood sinks into my taste buds, her flesh swims in my saliva. I drop here to die, then turn to my team. All I can think is how good the flesh tastes. Also how good there's smell. Like chicken.

Lets just say I am full for a while.
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