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A toutching Short
Mothers touch

Cheerful band-aids. People will only say that if they are not having
them ripped off there arm. Now I know why they put smiley faces on
them. To make you smile before they tear every hair from your limbs. I
thought of all this as my own is torn from it's comfortable spot on my

"On 3. 1.... 2...." My mom says as she pulls quickly on 2

"OWW!!!!" I scream as the band-aid causes the most pain possable. I
feel a small tear form in my eye from the stinging sensation. I look
down to find no band-aid and a small pink line where my cut that I
earned a few days before when I fell at school.

"Did that hurt so bad?" Mom asks. I shake my head.

"No." I say simply. She kisses it and helps me hop off the counter.

From that day, I trusted everything my mom said.
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