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How I understand why I cannot lie properly....
    Some people say that some people are bad liars because they can’t come up with a good excuse to cover up things or their face expression betrays them. But I’d say I realized something. It wasn’t because they can’t come up with a good excuse, maybe they never intended to lie in the first place. I think it was to keep something in her. Privacy I’d rather say. They’re eyes might flicker, or their hands may sweat. They may look defensive. All these indicate they are lying, of course, but these also say that she’s doing this unwillingly. She never wanted to lie. Maybe just wanted to keep a secret she doesn’t want anybody to know of it. We always think of this first: humiliation. But don’t you think she only lied half of it? I mean, when you lie, you also ready yourself to be calm and effective. But since she did not do it properly, this may give hint that she’s keeping something. Difference is, she just doesn’t want you to know what it is. :)

    Author’s Note: Hahah. .This may sound repetitive at some parts. I just realized this though. But it depends on the situation. This is only between friends I think. I don’t know. Ahahah.. I just lied to my friend. :). And I feel guilty about it. But I can’t let her now; she might see me on a different perception.

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