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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1600791
A dream of unparalleled strength and power lies dormant within, waiting to be unleashed!
...It has always been the case that every young boys' dream is to one day become great and powerful...But for a seven year old boy named Bhajo Khymur, who is not particularly outstanding in anything and goes unnoticed like a shadow in society, it is such a boy that is awarded the chance to achieve that dream! A dream of unparalleled strength and power that lies dormant within, waiting to be unleashed...! [Bhajo has the ability to project his immense warrior spirit into this world whilst asleep.]

Many try to take, steal, or cajole Bhajo to use his power for them ...Bhajo is unwillingly propelled into a cosmic war that has gone on for centuries unnoticed by the people of this world. Will he be the hero of the decisive hour or its villain? Will he be able to stop the devastating war or will the bloodbath continue? And most of all will he be able to gain control of the great powers that lay within, or will it destroy him?

Excerpt from story:

"Surely I will rest, but my spirit will never rest! When I sleep it will wake, when I wake it will sleep, so that I may always be on the vigil!"

Excerpt II:

The warrior Bhajo spoke to his child self, "Know that once I was a noble chieftain who cared and tended for his people. But as I grew older I craved my youth and the prowess of my glory days. 'Why not try to live longer so that I can continue to watch over and protect those I hold near and dear' I thought. And so I began my journey in which I attempted to take what no mortal should touch. At first it was simple, I gained magic and mystic powers to keep my youth and my vigor, but that did not satisfy me. I wanted more, and when I attained that, still that was not enough. Soon, I dreamt to grasp the power of the Gods! Within this world the gods unwittingly put the secrets of their immortality and it was I that discovered them. I traveled across the worlds and saw many things, both great and terrible. However once I came to this land I encountered a fierce band of people, men on short horses baring with them a banner of 7 Yak tails. It was then that I realized the truth! Like those 7 bands there are 7 ways of the warrior, weapons that can be utilized for one to become invulnerable and if luck would have it, to become immortal. I went on my journeys with renewed vigor and spirit looking for these truths, and here is the fruits of my labor.
1) The way of Divine Art
2) The way of Celestial Art
3) [blank for now]
4) The way of Human Art
5) [blank for now]
6) The way of Monster Art
7) The way of Demon Art
Starting from the bottom to the top a warrior must build his strength much like the tree of life ascending from the neither world to the heavens. We start with the way of Demon Art, a warrior must know how to survive, thus he must know tricks and ambuscades, he must know illusion and the ways to defeat it. A warrior must then be strong, stronger than oxen, stronger than the river, stronger than a mountain, this is the way of the Monster Art, inexorable power of the body... Human Art is skill and intelligence, a warrior must always be a tactician and know the best way to defeat his foe. Supreme knowledge is the core of this art... The way of the Celestial Skies is like that of air, one moment here, the next there, changing ones form and shifting about like fluid waves of sand, but the sky also holds comets and meteors, so like the air one moment soft and elusive, the next moment harsh and deadly. That is the way of celestial art. The final way of the warrior, the way of the Divine Art is that a warrior must know his soul thus, tapping into the boundless force of spiritual energy, if one never tires and can drain the power from his foes with no efforts of his own then one has mastered the Divine Art.

...I tried many different combination at different levels of concentration, but none appeared to work, none gave me the elusive elixir of life, the elusive key to immortality. I then knew that it was not enough, not nearly enough! Something was missing, something potent and powerful! Although I had attained a strength unmatched by any mortal, beast, or mystical creature of this world, I still did not contain the prowess of a God! ...And so I went further into my journey, delving deep into my obsession, I was no longer cautious, and I started killing scores of men, whoever got on my way. It was because of this foolishness on my part that the Lord of the Sky, the Great Tengari, got wind of my misdeeds and my attempt of obtaining the power of gods. Instantly he sped to this world confronting me. I cared no longer for the power of a God as I thought myself invincible and I immediately challenged him, ready to test my strength with the only worthy adversary left for me, a God, the Supreme God! I did put up a good fight, indeed, a grand duel it was! Trees burned, mountains toppled, rivers dried, animals scattered to all the directions of the wind and the earth shook, cracking under the fierce pressure of our immense aura and presence! In summation that was a battle that no being has ever witnessed before nor ever will, I fought for many days and months, the duel was fierce and relentless, but in the end I had not attained the elusive Eighth Art... and so I fell to the power of a God.

Tengari the Great Lord of the Sky spoke to me, 'You fought a valiant and great duel. Had your crimes not been so severe, I would have enjoyed sparring with you once more. But as I know your crimes and I cannot allow you safe passage from here, I will end the life you so jealously coveted and held dear. I curse you to be born in this world once more and know the pains of morality!' And so he wrenched my soul out of my crushed body, whirling me around like a flaying carcass he tossed me back to the earth. The womb of our mother is where I fell. Thus, you have become the inheritor of my misdeeds and my prowess. Even though I felt regretful for what I had done, I still was dissatisfied with the way things had gone. I was determined to make amends for my crimes, personally... And so before I was completely eroded away making way for you and your life to inherit my soul, I performed a spell to seal myself within you without merging our identities. I did not want you, a child, to bear all the horrors and regrets for my past... even so you have suffered much for my sake, and now that I remember who I once was, I must say, I can only imagine how you must have felt with all that has come to past... losing so much when so young... I am sorry for my selfishness Bhajo, I know i can never seek your forgiveness, but if you agree to it then I will infuse my powers into you, every last drop of that which I worked so hard to obtain will be yours. This is the only thing I can do for you to repay you for sheltering me, in the end I am just a phantom, and as such, I have no rights to live any longer in this world. This is your life and so I give it back to you. Now then, what is your answer? Will you continue to pursue the path I choose? The path of ambition,? Or will you become a petty criminal -- stealing, killing and pillaging? Or will you rise to the occasion and fight for what is your justice? ... What is your answer, O brave child?"

Excerpt III: "Whose Fears? Mine? ...No!"

"Whose Fears? Mine? ...No! You are wrong, my protégé. I do not fear death. This is something you humans cringe at. Burrowing through the dark earth all your short lives, like blind worms, squirming under the grit and dirt of the great ''Heavenly Beings'' above. Trampled under their feet, you and all these sad creatures suffer so.

Listen Timurlane... The time for living under the soles of those Old Fools is over! I am more than capable, with all my long years of wisdom and experience, yes... I know for a fact that it is my destiny to sit on the throne of Gods! I will grant this sad world a Golden Age, one that was never seen before! An age of prosperity and tranquility. All this squirming will stop, and the pretty worms will grow wings, become butterflies, and dance in honor of my gift...And you Timurlane, you have been like a dear son to me... always by my side, no matter the consequence. For your loyalty, my child, I shall crown you the highest honor, the Emperor of World shall be your title! All mankind shall kneel before you!"

"Master, I am truly honored! Looking back, never would I imagine that the man who would save my thieving life, would one day become so great and mighty. I am in awe of your prowess, your beneficence, and your wisdom. I care not for what others say. Let them call me a heretic, let them call me a beast, a monster, a demon. Fools shall be put in their place afterall... But to me, you will always be my God, My Lord, My Father! And as such, I swear before my God, that I shall claim this world in your honor, be it that I woe the hearts of many, or strike abject fear in the rest! I swear... no matter what the cost, I shall show the world your might... then the ignorant people, knowing the true Lord shall abandon the Old Fools in the Stars, knowing full well whom is their true benefactor!"

Now kneeling and pledging, Timurlane made his bloody pact with his Master, Bat-sai. Thus it was at the heart of the tiny village of Samarkand, that the most bloodthirsty leader of men rose, heralding a horrendous crusade, trumpeting on bugles and horns, strumming upon the drums, twanging of arrows upon bow strings, the macabrous melodies of war...!

Past Life Story Arc Synopsis:

Society is like the drooping tree surrounded in a sea of blood. Humans, more beast than man, degraded and deluded, lost in their own lust and madness forget themselves as they fly from feast to feast, devouring everything in the wake. In such a world, what hopes are there of dreams, what hopes are there of love, what hopes are there at all for happiness? It is in this world that Bhajo Khymur was born…that Batsaikhan was born!

The rivers curved, dancing like the flow of time. The mountains sloped, proud of place in the Heavens, and men… they were as crooked and twisted as they always were. The sad fate of the lands of Farārood, Transoxiana known to the people of your time, was like that of a barren tree, drooping… saturated in a sea of blood. Wild men ran about, scavengers, like ravenous wolves devouring all before them. No one could live a life of decency, no one could settle, if it were not those wild men, it was nature who was cruel and set to see good men and women suffer. Good being those who did not steal for a living, did not lie for a living, did not murder for a living! Just when all seemed lost, when all seemed hopeless… then came a man who would change everything! Then came Batsaikhan...

Rising from obscurity, from some unknown corner of the world, he shown promise of great wisdom and strength from a very young age. So brightly did he shine, that a chieftain was dazzled by the brilliance. Batsai was the image of the ideal leader. Kind on the one hand, but strict on another. Strong, but true. Honorable but tactful, he knew the guise of disguise, and how to read the hearts of beasts and men. This man was a great iron strength for his people! …As he soon found himself taken under the care of this very perceptive chieftain. Batsai, when the old chief finally breathed his last became the sole undisputed leader of his tribe of Turcomen, wielding wisdom and the knowledge of the horse and the bow, he united his people scattered across, leading them to their great jubilation to bright and green pastures. There were hundreds of men women and children, there were thousands of yaks and oxen, miles did the caravans of Batsai’s people march, their hearts unsullied with any woe. For always on the vigil was Batsai, wrecking doom to hunger wolves and foolish men.

How the people feel madly in love with this prolific selfless leader, he emanated beamed! Almost as if he were an unearthly beamed, he was a miracle! A miracle that was changing the way of the steppes solely upon his will alone! What people would not love their savior? What people would not think any other way when they had found their long lost dreams?

Excerpt IV: Chapter 3 "The Morning After"

The morning after, Bhajo woke up. His body all stiff and cold... what had been doing all night? And why was it so cold? He looked about and he could find nothing lie his usual bed and room. Where was this? He squinted his eyes, trying to clear his cloudy vision. "Ah, its the barn?" he finally thought aloud. The barn? What was he -- He had no time to finish the thought as he heard people's voices off in the distance. He had to hide quick! Otherwise the farmers will get mad again about finding him sleeping on such nice hay again. Honestly, it was all his sister's fault... imagine scaring him about stories of ghost ticks that come back in the night to suck the blood of the naughty children that kill them! Ticks were ticks, whether dead or alive. He should have known better. Next time, he would squash them again... but only after he brought a few talisman's from the nice uncle who lived down the road. Yes... he would show those damn pesky ticks who was in control... But now was not the time for such worries. Hide! Hide! He had to not get caught, the farmers' hand was the brutal enemy this time. One that he cared not to feel on his bottom!

Not being very smart about it, he quickly dived into the pile of hay... well, how could one be smart about it, there is nothing but hay in a barn afterall. And so he crept deep into the heap of hay, scuffled about to get comfy, and bit his finger to calm his nerves and shallow his scared heaving breath. He then listened carefully to the sounds outside.

Wait a minute... those were not the farmers. Hah! it was just those stinky older girls. They smelled like horse poop, they were like horse poop, and Bhajo did not like them very much. "Honestly, almost as pesky as ticks! Bah!" he thought, "Why're they always ruining my life?" Frowning, he thought what would happen if they found him here... would it be worse them the farmers finding him out? Yes! yes it would be. Those buck teeth, round eyed, pathetic excuse for "ladies", they'd torture him again... blackmail him, make him eat dirt, dunk his head in water, or perhaps go all out and use him as their slave, doing their chores... No! By all means, he must not let those smelly older girls catch him here... there were the enemy of any fun loving adventurous boy. They would rule him with the fear of telling on him to the farmers... by far, it was far worse...definitely worse! He bit his finger so hard now, that it felt like it would bleed any moment. And you can be sure that he was praying, praying for some good luck to come his way.

By now they were drawing closer, and Bhajo could make out their voices... and what a fright he had. His stinky sister was one of them. Oh God, what was he to do! He was trapped now, there was no were to run, with only one entrance in and out of the barn. So he coiled up into a ball and held his breath, praying... praying for something, anything, a miracle! Whatever would come, let him get off scot-free!

"Hey! Hey! Oh My God, Mehu! Did you hear? Did you hear!"

"Hm? What's to be heard?"

"Gah! Silly Mehu, I am only talking about the latest news! Don't you know? Eh?"

"Huh? Risagg, what is it? Tell me, tell me!"

"Well... Mehu, okay! Since you are my good friend, I will forgive you. There is a rumor going among the girls in the city of a strapping hulk of a warrior, richly clothed in black, in full armor, a fine black stallion, and a long graceful blade, that said to glow a rich blue in the dark! They say he rides the night, like the moon rides through the starry sky, and he is always accompanied by a thick mist! They say it is his magical shroud that protects him from all attacks! He goes around the darkest paths, the darkest darks and slays evil, bad men! He rescues young damsels too! Oh my God! Isn't that so dreamy? Wouldn't you like to see such a hunk of a man? Eh?"

Mehu did not respond, and Bhajo thought it was strange. Somehow, he felt this warrior character was connected to him... but he was not sure. Bah! ...Just how was he connected to a silly girly rumor about some freak on a horse anyways, dismissed Bhajo almost as fast as he was drawn to their story... He had to hear more, so he crept a little bit forward to try and catch more of their conversation, as irritating as their conversation was.

"Well... I-I can't really say how I will feel..." Mehu's voice came very shakily, almost as if a bug was caught in her throat Bhajo thought. He chuckled remembering how she nearly freaked out of her wits that one time he sneaked a live roach into the morning porridge... Oh how mother and father gave him a thrashing, but it was worth it! Mehu always bullied him... what was he to do? He couldn't hit back or he would be creamed... so revenge was his in pranks and gags!

"Eh? Mehu... is it that... no you couldn't have. Oh my God! You saw him! You did see him! You're blushing... cute, very cute!" Mehu's friend chuckled and danced around in order to chide her mock her a bit. But when Mehu said nothing, her friend stopped dancing and turned to her. By now Bhajo was irritated beyond measure. Some hay had gotten inside his clothes, and the blasted thing was itching him like crazy. he began twitching. Oh great, some it was going up his noise now. Bah! Of all the rotten luck, any moment his noise would blow like the torrential rains of spring, and his nasty sister with her equally nasty friend would find him! Bah! Luck was not with him. Had the heavens forsaken him? He was stubborn and so defiantly pinched his noise to contain any pesky sneezes. For now the sneeze attacks were held at bay. And so he turned his attention to listening once again... but boy, did girls take forever to talk and get to the point! Bah!

"Mehu...? Don't tell me. You really did see him?" Bhajo irritated as he was had crept to the very edge of the hay pile and poked two holes to see what the blazes was happening! He saw his sister facing him, with her friend to the left facing her with a quite dumb look. What was unusual was the posture of his sister; downcast eyes, feet clasped together aligned straight, pointing outwards, and she was hold her hands together, clasping and unclasping in a clumsy fashion. What the heck was wrong with her? She was acting silly, not like her normal nasty self. Bah! He had no time to think of such things, more important matter was at hand now.

When would they finish finish this silly stuff and start talking about the brave warrior? By now, Bhajo felt was absolutely bloody amazing, and a true hero to all young adventurous lads, taking to the streets at night and putting no good nonsense people in their place! "Now that is a real man!" Bhajo thought, "Doing what he wants, and what he feels is right. When I grow up, I am going to get away from this smelly farm life, these pesky people. I will travel the world and find some adventure!"

"Hey, Mehu...? Mehu!" shouted her friend. Mehu snapped out of her trance-like state and looked startled, "Huh? I-I'm sorry, what were we talking about?"

"Ugh, Mehu!" scoffed Mehu's pouting friend. "You're so mean, daydreaming about your warrior lover aren't you? You forget about your poor friend here who is asking about what in the world happened to you!"

"No! You have it all wrong!" Mehu denied, "I was- I wasn't thinking about anything about that! I swear!"

Mehu's friend only pouted some more, and then crossed her arms, "Oooh, Mehu... what will I ever do with you!"

"I said it isn't what you are thinking! I wasn't thinking about the man I saw last night --! Mehu shouted out in embarrassment and then stopped in surprise of what she had just said.

"Heeeh! So you didn't see the dreamy warrior, is that so?" smiled Mehu's friend coyly, gloating in her victory.

"I-I..." Mehu tried to speak, but couldn't as she was terrified.

"Silly Mehu, I am your friend! Why do you keep secrets like these from me! We've been through alot together, you know?"

"But... but I can't have anyone find out about this! I must not!" Mehu cried as tears began to well up.

Mehu's friend coy smile vanished and she quickly drew to Mehu, giving her a hug and consoling here. "There, there! What's this now? You needn't cry Mehu, I am not a monster who will betray her friend for just gossip sake..."

"Okay, I believe you," Mehu said at length... What the heck was going on? A tear jerk fest? That was the one thing Bhajo could not understand about his sister and her friends. Mother never cried liked that, nor did any of the older women did. It seemed like it was only girls that cried like that... and for no apparent reason! What was it all about? Only the Heavens knew, and Bhajo didn't care much about it very frankly, but things were getting good now. Why would stop for sappy stuff? Bah! Unbelievable! Bhajo rolled his eyes, feeling another sneeze coming on, he plucked his nose once again and listened.

"B-But...But," Mehu continued, "I'll only tell me if you promise to not tell anyone what I am about to tell you. Or our friendship is through!"

Mehu's friend looked at her sympathetically, "Mehu, we are sworn sisters! I will take this secret to my grave and never say a word to another soul so long as I live! So do not fret, I am here for you!"

Mehu nodded and then turned her gaze to the ground as she began telling her tale of last night, "...As usual, Bhajo was being a pest!" she began at length. Bhajo grew mad, "Why that no good --" No he had no time to lose his himself to anger. He wanted to hear more about the awesome warrior, and so he buried his seething anger for now, choosing to listen.

"... I finally could take no more of his nonsense and so told him to go into the city and buy us another rooster. The wolves come in and kill all our stoke. So papa decided to get a rooster so that we can get a loud and clear alarm when a mangy rascal comes prowling in at night... So anyways, I tell him off he goes and do my chore, or else I would tell his dirty little secret to papa. And then he'd really get it... of course, there is no secret! hahah... he is stupid like that --"

"Guah! Why that no good--" Bhajo thought as he gritted his teeth, "I nearly get myself killed last night and this is all she can say about me!" Wait... killed? When... what was going on! All of a sudden his head started to hurt. And memories began to pour into his head. It hurt so much, that he had to clasp his head to relieve the pain. He didn't know what was going on. But it was scary! He was terrified! ... What was happening? He didn't have time to think much more as Mehu went on speaking,

"Well... he never came back in time for dinner. And I had to lie to mama, saying that he was out with papa tending to the fields... well it was a good excuse, because mama doesn't know papa goes to the tavern and drinks himself drunk sometimes. And if were asked by her if it was true, then he couldn't deny anything. So when dinner came and went, I went to the city.

The nerve of Bhajo, making me go out and look for him! Hmph! He nearly got me killed! Do you know what happened?" asked Mehu.

"No, what happened Mehu?" asked her friend.

"It was horrible! The Sarrad gang! One of their groups found me out on the dark alley last night! I was absolutely frightened! I thought I was going to die! I knew they were going to try and do something to me! I screamed and yelled as loud as I could, but no one heard me, nobody came! And he chased me down, pinning me down... and then... and then! He began tearing up my clothes! ... And...and --" Mehu burst into torrents of tears. This time Bhajo wasn't so mad at his sister anymore for crying. He didn't quite understand it, but he felt mad at himself for not punching the lights out of the scumbag who was mean to his sister.

"Mehu! Calm down! ...Remember, remember he isn't here anymore. And, obviously, something else happened, didn't it? Something good, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you? Remember that good thing, and carry on with your tale," coaxed her friend with a warm smile.

"Y-yes, you're right..." Mehu mused after she calmed down a bit.

"...Well?" coaxed her friend.

"Well what?" asked Mehu.

"Don't keep me held up! Tell me what happened next!" demanded Mehu's friend.

With that Mehu turned her gaze again to the ground, this time it seemed as if she smiled a bit. Again? What was this? Honestly, from giddy to sad to happy again? Bhajo felt that girls were quite disturbing, changing faster than the weather or the seasons. Bah! That was no good at all. He was starting to get bored of the whole affair, if not annoyed as well. He half felt jumping from his hiding perch and shaking Mehu back to her senses, demanding, "On with it Mehu! And get your crazy head checked while you're at it!" Bhajo nearly chuckled at the thought, but reframed from it snapping back to reality.

His sister began at length, after some more fidgeting and coaxing between the two girls of course, which need not be said irritated Bhajo to no ends.

"Then that man came. And what a man he was!" Mehu exclaimed with a passion that startled Bhajo from his own thoughts. Now this was getting good! Bhajo listened attentively.

"...He came crashing into the street, almost as if he had flown right from up above. His noble stallion whinnied a majestic call. I turned my eyes to the cloud of dust that rose up like a column behind us. There he was! Gleaming in fine armor, brandished and ablaze in the moonlight!

I could not see his face for there was that fog you spoke of, yes it did cover his entire body. But unlike what you said, he did not need it for protection. He was simply perfect! Before any of those horrible thugs could blink, he swooped off his horse, thrashed them all good licking with the butt of his sword! They went howling and gasping, their manhood's made cheap, crying for their leader! In no time did he waste in coming to my side then, took off his cloak and wrapped it gracefully around me.

Even though I was crying I finally had a chance to see his face. And oh what a face it was! I will never forget those eyes, those glistening, those glowing eyes... a pure yellow, like the sun! Clear, as it was, it was sad, it felt deep, and I was lost in them! I wanted to say 'thank you' to him, but I lost my ability to speak and simply let out a gasp, like the idiot village girl I am. Oh! He must've thought me too simple, too uneducated for him, for he quickly turned around. Then came bad news, the who Sarrad gang was coming, and there were giant plods of Sarrad himself, carrying his infamous bludgeoning mace. I could hear them cackle, like wild dogs! Before we knew it, we were surrounded. And there the brave warrior was forced to defend not only himself, but me as well against those horrible bullies! But do not fear! He gave them their fill, and not once was hit.

Then that mean Sarrad stepped forward, smiling his disgusting smile. The warrior drew his blade, as he sensed the danger of that man. Then the big tub of lard sprung onto us. They fought a serious duel, while the gang watched in awe at the feats pulled by that most brave warrior! In fact, it was Sarrad, not the warrior who was bullied and in the end, he got conked out unconscious by a generous blow to the brain! My Hero... how merciful he was! He did not strike a deadly blow, not once.

His skill was so great that he could have slain them all in an instant! but because of his big kind heart, he let those degenerates live! How great is he? ...And do you know what happened after that? The nerve of Sarrad gang, seeing their leader go down, they decide to avenge him, thinking him dead. My Hero... growing weary of their stupidity, took me up in his arms... and what arms were they too! Arms, smooth and slender, yet musculature was not lacking, indeed bulging triceps he had and shoulders he had, worthy of even the mightiest of archers! ...But wait, where was I? Yes... he took me up in his arms, and carrying me so jumped and landed straight on his noble mount's back! Ah, what athletics, what heroics! We seemed to fly so effortlessly, as the noble stallion vaulted onto the rooftops, and we very soon lost those rascals! I remember seeing them, with stupefied faces, yelling and shouting their profanities and curses at us.

But I did not care! There I was with the warrior, he and I alone, sailing through the moonlit sky... I remember wishing it could but only last forever. I stared into his eyes again, and then he looked into mine, seemingly he smiled. Oh, it proved too much for me, seeing his delightful smile! And so my mind went blank. By morning myself in my own room, in my own bed. I knew not if it was a dream or real until I saw my own torn clothes... then I knew! Then I knew I had found the warrior, the man of my dreams!"
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