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Life is like a gentle breeze, a journey across many lands, seeing many things...
[Note: This is a sketch: please do not judge this too harshly as I have yet to release the actual novel. This project is still in the rough. More refining is required before I even begin to contemplate on drafting it. Enjoy this in the meantime however!]

[when reading, please listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpGiQFETatc]
One day a great festival was held in an ancient realm. It was a time of great joy, mirth, and jubilation. It was also the day Mahanagmohan was born... The people of that land loved the Lord, and so on that day, which was the appearance day of Sri Radhe Gopinath, they took off from their daily chores of life, donned their best garments, decorated and ornamented their homes and streets with festoons and flower petals. They sang, danced, and prepared a lavish feast all to the company of lively music. [perfect festival music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4KqqYQim8E] Indeed! Joy itself could be heard across the valley, the plains, the fields, reverberating even from the walls of great cities.

Sri Radhe Gopinath was very kind to the people and rewarded them with plentiful rains, so much so that the valleys became lush with green grass and vibrant flowers. The cows relished this, growing fat and content for it. In that land, cows were considered pious creatures, and as such were revered and cared for by all people. The King of that land, along with his wife, the Queen, went often to the temples of the land in order to make offering to the Lord to ensure the continued prosperity of their people. They also honored the sacred cow as a token for their respect to Sri Sri Radhe Gopinath, for He loved cows dearly. It so happened that on that festive advent day, they choose to visit the temple dedicated to Sri Radhe Gopinath, for it was tradition of those of the royal house to seek the blessings of the Lord for the people. The king and queen set off in great pageantry, which consisted of many offerings of silk, of gold, of jewels, of spices, and of finely prepared cuisine, not to mention the nobles and maidens that accompanied them to the temple had their own parcels to offer. As the colorful procession advanced, a terrible gale issued forth from the mountains, bringing with them storm clouds. Thunder and lighting clashed in the sky, the auspices forebode of ill omen! All made haste to avoid the torrential downpour. By the time they had reached the temple, the whole pageant of the King and Queen, warriors, nobles, ladies of the court, and attendants were all soaked from head to toe. They made their offering nonetheless [ just your typical and enchantingly lovely prayer song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10mRGSMx4NY].From there, they went to the stables where the sacred cow was kept. As they opened the door of the stables a great flash of lighting and roar of thunder bellowed, shaking the earth!When they had completely opened the door, they found there was an infant, in human form, lying near the sacred cow, she was fatigued and had just given birth to the child. He had a mysterious glow about him and his complexion was of white marble. Although he was an infant, he already bore in his hand a exquisitely bejeweled flute, which sparkled marvelously, as if it were magical.

"Such an unearthly being!" exclaimed the king, "What could this mean?"
"Certainly," said the queen, "this wondrous newborn is not of this world!"

They took him to be a living deity, and so he grew up living with the royal family in their palace. There he was installed in special chambers, so that the great host of farmers, merchants, and noblemen who so desired to see the living deity, could easily come from kilometers away to seek out the blessings of the living god. Normally, one would think that being considered a living deity and having scores of worshipers prostrate before you, would be blissful. But Mahanagmohan (for that was the name they had given him) did not feel so. He cared not for great riches nor the command of undying loyalty of his "enthusiastic worshipers". He had great sadness in his eyes, for no one spoke to him, no one laughed with him, no one loved him. Virtually all who sought him out, only bowed to him in "awe and in reverence" for the sake of fulfilling their own deep seated desires. They cared not for who he truly was, only for what he could do for them. So pitiable, so lonely was he, that he longed at the very least to look into the eyes of another person. Even such a small wish was not granted to him, for not one person would even dare look into the eyes of the living god. Often he would find solace by going to the temple of Sri Radhe Gopinath, staring up at the beautiful splendid face of the Lord for hours on end... Mahanagmohan spent much time with his cowmother as well. Whenever he would go the Sri Radhe Gopinath temple, he would always stop by the stables to see her, she would lick his face affectionately in greeting, recognizing him to be the child she gave birth to. That was his only joy, his only moment of true happiness. There was nothing else in his life, he had nothing more to look forward to. Indeed, life seemed to be void of any meaning for him.

But then... one day, the winds of destiny menaced once again, threatening to destroy the kingdom and the boy completely! What befell that boy of whitish complexion with the sad eyes? Would anyone ever love him ? Travel with Mahanagmohan on his journey through life, see what he sees, feel what he feels, in his quest to find acceptance, to find balance, to find happiness, and most of all, to find a loving home.
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