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An unexpected present raises a beary serious commotion.

Theodore opened one sleepy eye. What is that racket?

Listening, he could hear the hard driving beat of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survibear mixed with strange shouts that sounded a lot like "Eeee-yah!"

"That's Smokey's voice," he grumbled, rising to his towering height of three-foot, two inches. "What the heck is going on?"

The sounds were coming from the direction of the ribear, which gurgled and splashed in the distance. After making a potty stop in a small copse of woods – unaware that he was answering an age old question - he followed the trail down to a bearen spot along the water's edge.

Smokey was contorting himself into strange positions, arms flailing in the air, and legs jerking in a series of kicks.

"Smoke!" he shouted, "Are you OK? Do I need to call Nurse Ursa?"

Smokey pawsed, looking around. "Hi Teddy! Pretty cool, huh?"

"What's all this about? You're disturbing the neighbears!"

"It's called 'Kung-Fu.' It's a fighting style. I read about it in a book my Uncle Syung sent me from China."

"Well, you do fight like Winnie the Pooh," laughed Teddy. "I guess it can't hurt. Still, you have so many other talents. You can fix anything! You're a regular 'MacGibear'!"

"Aww, you're just saying that," Smokey mumbled, his cheeks turning beary colored.

"No I'm not! C'mon, take a break. Mom went shopping last night. I'll bet she has some cold Koka-Koala we could have."

Smokey and Teddy headed back toward the woods ... as bears are wont to do.

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An entry for "The Humorous Short Story Contest

Syung – Chinese for bear.

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