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The hangover from hell... the start to a bad day
The hangover

A constant marching band paraded inside my head as I sluggishly hid my entire face under the bed pillows. I fooled myself into thinking that my room could protect me forever, and that hiding deep under the blankets would shut out the outside world that I had so joyfully embraced last night. I felt like a secluded animal that was hiding in his den in an attempt to keep alive from the dangerous predators. I moaned and shifted my weight to the side of my body searching for a more comfortable position. Unfortunately this made things worse, and unconsciously I let out yet another pitiful groan.

Alcohol was a deceiving friend. He was faithful and reliable in the good times, but after the damage was done he would always bail out and leave you to face the brutal consequences all alone. But this time the damage was well done. I had managed to make a complete fool of myself- yet again. I had attempted to portray the perfectly frivolous and joyous guest that all the elite jet set love to mingle with. I had even rehearsed all my witty small talk and my I’m-too-good-for–you look in order to mingle inconspicuously in the crowd. Actually, it had all worked just fine until Jake Lucas had walked into the party with his three brainless blonds hanging behind like a purposely forgotten price tag on a new suit. I knew it was all done as a show. It was an ongoing pantomime he loved to perform in public in order to keep his real self hidden and safe. And somehow it seemed that I, a true imposter in their benighted world was the only one that saw through his facade. In my idiotic attempt to keep tabs on him, I had merrily flirted with Jake the entire night, and while my old buddy “Alcohol” was pushing and persuading me to keep the party alive, I only managed to drink myself to a pitiful and shameful state.

“Argghhh”, I groaned again, but this time the sound was projected from deep inside my stomach and my indisposed body quivered. The mere thought of last nights closing scene was enough to trigger a violent wave of nausea in my stomach. I could feel my head spin faster and faster and even though my eyes where tightly closed I could still see everything going around in circles. A hot lake of molten lava feverously bubbled in my insides and as the pressure increased I begun to loose control. My anguish then turned into a full inferno and with the last of my strength I stumbled to the bathroom just in time for the volcano to erupt all over the toilet.

Today was going be hell. I could see it coming…..

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