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The second part of my 40k based series.The description part
Janner was an Imperial guardsman, a soldier of an army consisting of tens of thousands of men and woman, each one ready to fight of dangers to the Imperium. He joined at the age of 18, just like any other citizen willing to fight. One thing that Janner doesn’t regret is the decision to not try out for the Ultramarines, genetically enhanced super soldiers.

By the time Janner was home, he was nearly asleep. The cross-planet journey had taken over 5 hours and the fighting longer than that. His home planet, Kerion 5, is an agricultural-world, located in the eastern fringe. The largest concentration of life was the planetary capital, keri-primaris, and it only had a mere 2000 personnel, the majority of them working in the markets for the farmers of different settlements.

Janner was tall for his clan, standing at roughly six foot. He also inherited a grey muzzle and paws due to his great grandfather being a grey wolf, the gene only showing in him. He also was the only one in his clan who seemed to ignore the insults thrown at them by the other clans. This is also because of his ancestry. His wife, Lilith, was also an arctic wolf, standing at 5 foot 6. She was a kind person who normally never raised her voice. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman, but she was the only one who wouldn’t argue with you when you go off to fight. His brother, on the other hand, would give him hell every day for being in the Imperial Guard. Only because he failed to be in the heavy weapons teams and is now working in a field on their parent’s farm.

Janner was born in the small settlement of Kernin, the smallest settlement on the planet. His parents cared for him until he was 9, by that time he was already able to cook, clean and fight. It is not unknown for the people of Ultramar to train from a young age. Ever since the Ultramarine’s Primarch had landed on Kerion 5, the people have been fighting for the Emperor of man.

Janner had lived on Kerion 5 his entire life, not leaving due to being assigned with the PDF (Planetary Defence Force), dealing with the occasional Chaos cult. Although this wasn’t the best job to have, he was glad as at the end of the day he could go home to his wife and could be buried on his home planet.

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