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A little rap I wrote to poke fun at my Coca-Cola-lovin' in-law's
I’m feeling a little down, I need a pick me up

I’d take meth or crack but them might just slip me up

The emptiness inside is ready to rip me up

I’m searchin around all I found was this sippy cup

It’s all I got, it’s my shot, losing thought, but I’m not

Gonna let this thing kill me, now I got to will me to go on and stay strong and find something to fill me

I'm almost dead, it’s dark in my head, gaspin for breath, when I look I see red

But then revelation, it’s like reincarnation, my curtain is broke, it’s a Coke, my salvation

Sippy cup in my hand, I hope it’s not bland, don’t care if it’s plasticated or canned

I pop the top, then I let it drop, I pour I need more I don’t know when to stop

The cup overflows, soaks up in my clothes, I think that this stinks and it really blows!

But I still got my cup, so I lift it up, to my lip for a sip, but the valve is backed up

I ROAR from my rage, I’m trapped in this cage, I’m castin a tantrum, not acting my age

I rip off the lid, my pulse off the grid, tomorrow I’ll be sorry for the things that I did

My throat is so dry I’m ready to cry, do the biz, what the shiz I got fizz in my eye!

I drop to my knees…like I’m beggin please…why does one toke of Coke have to be such a tease?

In the confusion, I’m so disillusioned, I musta slipped up dropped the cup I was usin

Coke there in a pool, I can’t even drool, there’s more in the floor how can life be so cruel?

How could I just drop it? It’s all in the carpet, it’s thick and it’s sticky like La Brae and its tar pits

What choice do I have? It’s drivin me mad, sucking me dry of the joy I once had

Can’t take it no more, this feels like a chore, I bend and descend, put my lips to the floor

The coke tastes so good, more than it should, wringing the rug to get all that I could

I’m getting the taste, it can’t go to waste, I’m duckin and suckin got fuzz on my face

I love pop, I can’t stop, that last drop is the only thing that I got

On my brain I’m in pain won’t refrain til the caffeine is stingin my veins

My eyes go wide, I roll to my side, all my nerves have been electrified

I feel like a man, I’m Coke’s biggest fan, I go to the fridge and grab another can
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