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moments between a loyal fan and an unfair commentator

It is a normal bedroom ,but everything in the room is yellow and blue . walls are painted with yellow and blue , yellow table and blue chairs , also the bed is painted with yellow and blue , so everything in the room is painted with these two colors , on the walls  we see several pictures of a yellow soccer team from the late 40th till now . in the middle , A TV is turned on , we hear the crowd voice . it is a soccer match between two popular teams . a commentary voice over the match is so loud and excited 


(male voice )

ladies and gentlemen.. today is the day  you have been waiting for since this powerful season began .. today we are going to see the best two teams against each others .. both of them played hard the whole season .. they won some and they lost some .. but they are the best .. so they went down sometimes but they rose up again and turned their defeats into great victories .. yes I am talking about both teams .. each one is the best .. each one deserves the championship Title .. the question is who is going to win and who is going to lose .. we do not know .. but the only thing  we know is there will be a winner and the other one will be the loser .. like life right? ( laughing ).. anyway we wish both of them to play with dignity to win or to lose..  it does not matter .. what matters to us is seeing a good game so we can enjoy .. ok  the match is about to begin .

suddenly the bedroom's door is opened , AMGAD comes in , he is not so white and not so black .. just has the normal Egyptian skin in his mid 20th , he wears the team's yellow shirt with number 10 on the back .. he closes the door behind and sits on the sofa in front of the tv .



Ah I know what kind of commentator you are .. you are the unfair kind .. I do not know why they brought you but let me tell you something mr .. we are going to win .. with the help of Allah we are going to win.. our victory will be a great one .. will last for the next five years…and we will teach your team the lesson of not playing against us one more time … so do your thing and be unfair .. I do not care and I am not going to be nervous or angry .. I am sure that my team will never disappoint me.


Ladies and gentlemen the match has begun , now the ball with my team , sorry , I mean with the blue team  .

AMGAD picks up an empty juice can from the floor and throws it at the TV screen


I do not know why I am listening to you , may be I want to hear your voice when we score a goal and make your team suffer .. you are still do not know what is going to happen do you ?

SEVERAL SHOTS from the match , the crowd , the stadium then we move to the game , the two teams play seriously , the yellow team has yellow t shirts with red shorts and the red team with red t shirts and white shorts .. the match is hard from the beginning and the players do not care about their own safety .. each team just cares about taking the ball and build a strike to finish the other team fast .


now the ball is with the red team , the midfielder passes it to the striker who is apparently  not ready ( says that part with depression ) .. the yellow team has the ball .. its one of the hardest matches for each team … each team will have to do his best to win the match .. I have to say that till now the yellow team is better and more dangerous



See.. all your players are not ready .. they do not know anything about soccer .. they are not good enough to play against us .. I think we are going to score three goals now . .

the tv commentary's voice becomes little defeated because the yellow team starts playing wonderful and the yellow players  show their natural skills WE take SEVERAL SHOTS  to show how much natural skills the yellow team has  OVER THESE SHOTS WE MUTE THE MATCH VOICE AND PLAY THE ARABIC MUSIC PIECE (SABREEN) WE PLAY THE FIRST 4.25 minutes  .

AMGAD  enjoys these moments laughing at the red team because they can  not keep up with the yellow team's skills , and the red team is really helpless against them .


I guess they will not play soccer again .. they should change to basketball ..they are going to be good playing it .

TV  COMMENTATOR'S voice is really depressed and worried

the yellow team ladies and gentlemen is attacking with all possible strength , even the defense players are attacking , the red team must do something .. I mean both teams are playing well .. I am not supporting any team .. do not get me wrong ladies and gentlemen .. I  just do not want it to be one side game .

AMGAD really hates this COMMENTATOR who shows his endless support to the red team rather than being fair .. but at the same time AMGAD  is really proud of the yellow team ,

Suddenly .. AMGAD's  face changes from joy to absolute fear , we do not know what he sees so we MOVE TO THE SCREEN .. we see a dangerous strike made by the red team , the red team is really active in this SHOT .. stronger … fast and skilled while the yellow team is taken by the surprise OVER THESE SHOTS WE LOWER THE MATCH VOICE AND PLAY THE ARABIC PIECE HELL UNDER FIRE BY OMAR KHAIRAT .. WE PLAY THE WHOLE PIECE  .. WHEN THE PIECE REACHES 1.57 WE SEE ANOTHER STRIKE STARTS FROM THE MIDFIELD

The COMMENTATOR voice turns to excitement and we see the strike with AMGAD


( loud voice over the music );

a counter attack by the red team .. the playmaker passes it fast before the yellow defense returns .. the left back now has the ball .. he has to make a cross pass .. and he does it .. now a head , GOAL… GOAL … GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL .. the yellow team could not see this coming .. a successful counter attack made the red team the winner .. wow.., I am so happy  , no I mean .. it is nice to watch any team scores a goal .

AMGAD can  not believe what has just happened , he cant not even swallow what he  eats ,  he is just staring at the screen watching the red team players celebrating the goal they have scored while listening to the commentator 's voice which is filled with happiness



we play and they win .. like every  year .. story of my team's life

It is just another nightmare


(a voice wants to tell how much happy he is )

now the yellow team is really desperate .. they lost their way of passing the ball .. they are a weak team now .. the red team can finish them so easily (laughing )


( anger that is ready for smashing anything)

I just want to see you face to face someday , I will make you stop commenting forever


time is running out .. the yellow team has one song to sing right now .. it is one of aqua's song back in 1997 .. it is called .. if I could turn back time .. the yellow team wishes to turn back time .. to change the current reality .. but it is impossible as we know .. now back to the match .. oh .. I see the yellow team rising up again ..but with more violence .. the yellow team starts to practice kickboxing .. the referee has to do something against them .. they are very desperate at the moment and it may turns bloody  .

we take several SHOTS that show how the yellow team becomes violent .. nervous and out of control .. a yellow team player did a dangerous tackle from behind to the red team striker .. the referee comes running to the spot and shows the red card to the yellow DEFENDER


Another obstacle for the yellow team to face …now they are one man short and it is getting harder and harder .

AMGAD closes his eyes and put his hands on his head wishing that this is just a nightmare .. at this moment we hear the referee whistling to end the first half . AMGAD turns off the tv and walks out of the room slamming the door into our faces.



AMGAD stands in front of the window staring at the beautiful park while drinking a mango juice .


EXT- the neighborhood playground- DAY

AMGAD practices his soccer skills under the wonderful sunset .. AMGAD stops playing to enjoy this view .. he likes what he sees then he turns his eyes to the goal .. after short moments AMGAD approaches to the goal walking  steady and kicks the ball gently WE CAN HEAR THE SOUND OF HIS STEPS till he reaches the penalty spot . he places the ball on the mark and then he takes  a few steps back .


We are still have a hope .. the game is not over .

AMGAD runs to kick the ball .. AMGAD kicks the ball perfectly .. he scores a goal.



AMGAD enters with a new mango juice can in one hand and the ball in the other.. he drops the empty can and turns on the tv.


Please Allah let my team win.


Ladies and gentlemen .. we are back again with the second half.. the red team is still the winner with the one goal they have scored in the first half while the yellow team has failed in achieving anything though their powerful start .. I expect the second half to be the same .. no one will score anything .. the red team has no intention of losing control and the yellow team is not that good .


I want to kill him .. I want to kill that man.

AMGAD POV , the yellow team play with no spirit because they are one man short .. every pass they make is cut by the red team in order to build a new strike .. the red team is dangerous now than ever but the red team does not turn these many strikes into goals.

BACK ON AMGAD . AMGAD reacts during every strike the red team builds and he thanks ALLAH  when they lost the ball .


It is one side game now.. the red team attacks every minute but the yellow team back line is really good .. they are saving their team from an ugly defeat … the red striker  is approaching .. he is about to get closer to the penalty box but …oh  the yellow defender stopped him with the all  strength he has got .. I think he deserves a card … it is a red card.. red  red  red  .. another red card .. I thought it would be a yellow card .. anyway the yellow team is in a very difficult situation now as I expected .. but I did not expect that they are going to play with two men short .. the red team should celebrate now .. it is over

AMGAD is not willing to give up .. he claps for the this player because he saves the team from another goal.


I feel sorry for them .. they are t…

AMGAD lowers the volume to level zero .. AMGAD  can not take it anymore


Shut up .. shut up .. shut upppppppp … lets go yellow team .. I have a hope .. there is always a hope .. please do not give up .. one goal please .

At this moment WE PLAY THE SONG ONE GOAL BY EIFFEL 65 over SEVERAL SHOTS  of the yellow team playing well again .. the yellow team starts to pass the ball in a way that confuses the red team .. though they are two men short , it seems not affecting on the yellow team at all .. they make short passes in such narrow spaces .. generally .. the yellow team is back in the game with a powerful style .

BACK ON AMGAD . we see him smiling and back to be proud of his team again . we see him reacting during every strike of his team .



( we play the Arabic piece DESCENDANTS IN CONFLICT by Omar Khairat over the following scene )

The yellow midfielder has the ball .. he gets closer to the corner and passes the ball to the rightback .. the red striker tries to take it but the yellow rightback passes it back to the midfielder who takes it running .. the yellow midfielder runs through one .. two  .. three .. then he passes to the striker … the striker has the ball.. two red defenders are running to tackle him .. the striker makes a through pass above them to the midfielder who is already in the penalty box .. the midfielder receives the ball with a wonderful double kick and it is a goal

AMGAD jumps from his seat .. he is hysterically happy .. AMGAD kisses the yellow t shirt he is wearing ..


(kneels on the ground and leans towards the floor so his head is on the ground too)

Thanks Allah .. thanks .

AMGAD turns on the volume again.


Lets hear your voice now you unfair commentator .


the whole red team must defend now .. the whole ten .. it is a risk if we attacked them .. they are full of enthusiasm now .. they have less players but they have more skills .. they control the ball in any position I do not know how .. the red team disagrees with me and  attacks .. may Allah help us .. a counter attack by the yellow team will finish us .. we only have five minutes .. the red team has the ball and tries to build a strike.. the left back  makes a cross pass .. the red striker receives it with his head.. it is a goal …no .. the goalkeeper catches it in air and throws  the ball to the yellow midfielder who is really dangerous but ..  oh my god it is a counter attack .. someone stops him .. stop him you fool defender .. the midfielder is getting closer to the red goal and kicks with all his strength .. the red goalkeeper jumps to the left and stops the ball .. the ball goes to the left side .. still in .. the yellow leftback runs fast to make a cross pass to the striker before the goalkeeper gets up .. the leftback reaches the ball before the red defender and makes a cross pass.. the striker receives it with his head … it is a goal .. the yellow team made the miracle and won the match .. ( the commentator is actually crying when he says those words then his voice disappears  for a while )

AMGAD .. during these moments .. lives in another world .. a world of nothing but laughing and laughing and laughing  ..his happiness is something that can not be described .. and he sings .. the aqua's song .. if I could turn back time

Over the following shots we play the piece SABREEN again till the credits

AMGAD dances on his own  .. the commentary voice comes back again but the voice is different .. it is another commentator


we apologize so deeply ladies and gentlemen for the indecent behavior of our fellow commentator and we would like to inform that he has been fired minutes ago because of being unfair during his commentary and showed his clear support to one team instead of being a fair commentator .. thanks for watching ladies and gentlemen .. see you next match

AMGAD opens a new juice can with a smile on his  face 


I knew this year would be different , I will always remember this year , the year of the championship and the year of saying goodbye to that commentator .. this year is historical

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