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Kenny Cochran finds out about the nightlife in Deacon, Mississippi.
"Would you keep this bag behind the counter for me while I go to the men's room?" asked the blond man.

"Sure, be glad to," replied the short raven-haired lady.

He walked into the men's room and observed a sign that read 'H curfew nine p.m.' in bold black letters. What the heck does H mean? The remaining of the restroom was slate with three stalls and four white urinals.

He marched out and went straight to the counter. "Thanks for keeping my bag."

"Not a problem." She handed him his leather bag.

"What town's this?" He gazed at her with his dark brown eyes tired from traveling, as he sat on a cherry stool at the counter.

"You're in Deacon, Mississippi. I'm Samantha Webster."

"Kenny Cochran, nice to meet you. Kinda funny how I got here because this town's not on the map I have."

"Not surprised. Our town's so small, it wouldn't make it on a map."

"Drove through Dolbus and a thick fog rolled in, almost crashed because of it. It slipped through the vents, burned my eyes, smelled like garbage, and left a metallic taste in my mouth. Ended up here when I could see clearly again."

"Really, never heard of such."

"Nothing like that's ever happened to anyone traveling around here?"


"Is there anywhere I can stay for the night?"

"You can stay at the Deacon Inn. You need to hurry because of the curfew. It's eight-forty-five now, and you have to be off the streets at nine." Urgency pulsed from her amethyst eyes as she spoke.

"Could you tell me how to get to the inn?"

"It's just down the street to the right. I'd go now if I were you."

"Okay, thanks. Goodnight." Kenny walked out the front door.

He got into his maroon Toyota and drove to the inn. When he arrived, Kenny surveyed a Antebelium house with a 'Deacon Inn' sign out front. Under the hotel's name it read, 'Owners Dylan and Mabon Walsh'. I think I'll go for a quick walk. Way too restless to go to a room for the night. He strolled down the street, surveying the quaint houses and shops. What are shops doing open at this hour?

As he walked, a lady with auburn hair that shone in the moonlight approached him, broom in hand, her long silk dress flowing although the night air was still.

When she reached him, she said, "You're not from around here, so I guess you don't know that we have a curfew."

"I heard about that, but I only wanted to take a walk before checking in for the night."

"I can understand wanting to take in the sights of our fair town. I love it here myself. I should, being the mayor. I'm Cydia Webster."

Kenny stared at her eyes. The left one was sapphire, and the right one was violet. "Didn't mean to break the law, I'll go check in right away."

"That's not necessary. Come with me. I'll let you experience the night life of Deacon."

Why a broom? Why would she invite me, a stranger, to break the law and experience the night life? Very fishy, but I can't resist a pretty lady. "Where's the night life?"

"Right over there at the Blue Note." Cydia pointed across the street at a navy building with a lit up blue music note on the door and bright track lights around it.

Kenny could hear the loud country music coming from the bar. "I like country music. Is it a band playing or a jukebox?"

"It's a jukebox. The band plays on weekends. Come on, let's go."

They strolled across the street to the Blue Note. Kenny opened the door for Cydia. He surveyed the wooden floor and the cherry gingham printed tablecloths. Blue notes adorned the navy walls.

An older, tall, dark-haired man wearing a blue cop's uniform walked up to them. "Who's this, Darlin'?"

"A newcomer to our town, dear. He wanted to experience our nightlife."

"What's your name, son?"

"Kenny Cochran."

"I'm Lucifer Webster, Cydia's husband. I'm also the sheriff."

"Would you like a drink, Kenny? Ask for a sleeping human." Cydia smiled.

"A Sleeping Human? What kind of drink's that?"

"It's good. Cydia knows what she's talkin' about. It has a real good kick to it," Lucifer said.

"Okay." Kenny ambled over to the bar and bought a Sleeping Human.

Like a thick, creamy vanilla milkshake with rum. Kenny glanced over at Lucifer and Cydia dancing. That Lucifer guy has red eyes. Kinda creeps me out. A Waylon Jennings song played in the background. Kenny watched other people shuffling into the bar. These people look weird. This isn't Halloween. Several people had fangs, others were skeletons, and some almost transparent. Kenny blinked his blurry eyes. Is this a dream? Why are there hairy dogs walking on two legs coming in the door? Why do they have that strong musk smell? All of a sudden, the room started spinning. His eyelids drooped, and he blacked out.

Kenny woke up bewildered in a mahogony room. Legs and back are throbbing. What's happening? Kenny struggled to break free from the chains that bound him to the wall without success. All I'm smelling and feeling's my blood!

"The curfew-breaking thief's awake. This was found in your car." Lucifer held up the bag.

"You thought you could hide out in our town after robbing a bank. You didn't think your crimes would come back to haunt you." Cydia shook a bundle of money in Kenny's face.

Pain's killing me! They've looked in my bag and found my money. I'm in some kind of Hell! Kenny was lying with his chest pinned to the wall.

"Let's turn him over. I want to whip his chest, Darling." Cydia had a leather horse whip in her hand.

Lucifer walked over to Kenny and took the chains off long enough to turn him over and chain him back again to expose his chest. Cydia cracked the whip across Kenny's chest in a frenzy. Oh, no, not again! Pain's unbearable! The blood splattered as the whip tore his skin. Will this ever end! Is she going to beat me to death? Kenny passed out from the terrible ordeal.

Lucifer grabbed Cydia's wrist. "I know you get off on this, honey, and I'll take care of you in a little while. We don't need to kill him though. I'll work him in the prison farm. I'll call Philip to come pick him up so he can recover at the hospital for a few days before putin' him to work."

"You promise you'll take care of me in a little while." Cydia pressed her body up against him.

"You know I never lie about that." Lucifer whispered in her ear and kissed her hard on the mouth.

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