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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Fantasy · #1615632
The first chapter in my novella entitled Lilith of the Steely Moon!
A foreword:
The Night of the Steely Moon. A truly fascinating occurrence and a legend among the vast legions of vampires. But how can this event altar the birth of a vampire as much as it has? Only one has ever been borne during such an occasion. But look at the results! Such an amazing girl, and with so much power! It’s astonishing, really. Why have none been made since? With so much power, why, we could dominate the mortals! We could be as gods!”
-last found research note of Armand Spenser

Several days after this was written Armand was executed by order of the Erebus of Flesh himself. When questioned as to why the only comment made was as follows: “We do not speak of her for a reason” Who this is in reference to is unclear.

Chapter One
The Man of Shadows
Over 100 years ago two vampires were born, both under the opaque glow of the Steely Moon. The two vampires were young girls, both of about 16. The one was named Lilith, the other Giselle. The girl called Lilith wanted a cure, hoping to aid her terrified friend. The girl had heard of a witch who would grant any wish, for a price. The girl searched and searched for the witch, and finally after a year of searching found her. When the witch asked the girl what she was after the girl told the witch her story. The witch took pity on Lilith and told her she would give her the cure. But as payment, Lilith would have to surrender her memories of being human. The girl considered the witches offer and inevitably accepted. When she did, the witch removed the girl’s memories and placed them into a delicately designed carafe. She handed the girl the bottle, telling her there was enough in it for two. The girl rushed back to her friend to tell her the good news. When she arrived home she began to tell her friend her story as she watched the girl swallow the bottled memories. When she finished she handed it to the girl who drank the remainder of the bottles contents. Then, that night as they drifted to sleep, they could feel their hearts slowly beat back to life.
That is the story of Lilith of the Steely Moon. And it’s completely untrue. Lilith was never cured.

The night was completely silent. Even the crickets were holding their breath. They knew they were in the presence of the world’s deadliest predator. She looked at the house standing in front of her, finally deciding it was just as good as any. Giselle went over the fence and around the back, making sure not to make a sound. She glanced upwards and saw an open window, the perfect opportunity. She crawled onto the awning, just below the window. Balling her hand into a fist, Giselle punched a hole through the screen and silently slid through the opening. She stepped quietly into the darkened room, automatically noticing two human figures sleeping in the bed across from the window she has just entered through. She crept towards the one closest to her, a woman, about seventy years of age. She was a frail old lady, wheezing in her sleep. Obviously not Giselle’s first choice of food, but as good as any. She sighed as she sunk her fangs into the woman’s neck with a sickening ‘gush’ the woman started gasping, obviously in a panic. But before she even realized there was anybody else there she was already dead. “There was hardly anything in her” She griped, wiping her mouth clean. She eased over to the other side of the room where an elderly man in even worse condition slept. She was about to pass on him but apparently the retching of his wife had woken the old man up, and she refused to let good food go to waste. So, before the poor guy even had a chance to pull out the handgun in his bedside drawer he too, was dead. “Y’know, juice boxes have more juice than you do?” She basically strolled out of the bedroom, admiring the house. “Not a bad setup. Too bad their dead.” It really was a nice house. There were beautiful tapestries all over and a neatly decorated antiques cabinet downstairs in the entry way. The layout was pretty simple though. Two bedrooms, an office on you right and a guest room near the stairs. The office was a bit of a mess, but that was understandable. Now what Giselle couldn’t get was why they had left the light on in the guest room. Was somebody else here? Or had they simply forgotten? Curiously, she walked up to the door, slowly pushing it open. She saw a young teenage girl sitting on a mattress watching Death Note inside. She wondered why she hadn’t sensed the girl for a moment, then decided it wasn’t a big deal. She pushed the door open wider making sure not to draw attention to herself. She got a good long look at the girl, who appeared seemingly happy with her curly blonde hair and chubby cheeks. Giselle took a mental image of what this girl looked like at this very moment ‘We’ll call this the before image’ she thought.
“Which episode are you watching?” she whispered directly into the girls ear, making her scream. She put a finger to her lips silencing the startled girl. She smiled, making sure to display her very prominent fangs. The girl had her hands over her mouth making an effort not to scream again. Giselle quickly peered over at the TV. Making sure to keep her tone casual she chirped
“This is my favorite episode. I think L deserved to die. Always getting in Light’s way like that. So annoying” she shot a glance at the girl.
“Right?” The girl nodded in agreement. Giselle smiled even wider, enjoying herself maybe a little too much.
“Liar!” Giselle hissed. “Your just agreeing with me aren’t you?” She chuckled sinisterly. “Do you know where liars go?” she asked, slinking closer to the girl. The girl nodded making Giselle laugh wildly. “Your pretty fun kid. In fact, I’ve never had so much fun playing with my food! Maybe I’ll keep you around a while longer.” The girl quivered in fear while Giselle gazed at her with her crimson red eyes. “You human’s are so cute, you know that?” The girl didn’t respond so she grabbed her face between her two fingers. “I asked you a question. Are you going to answer me?” The girl nodded. “I can’t hear you!”
“Yes!” replied the girl quickly, uncovering her mouth.
“Yes, what? ‘Yes, you’re going to answer me’ or ‘Yes, humans are cute?’” Giselle asked in a patronizing tone.
“Yes, humans are cute!” she shouted. Giselle burst into a roar of maniacal laughter. Giselle glided behind the girl and whispered “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” She gulped.
“K-kill me?” Giselle reined in her enjoyment so that rather than bursting into laughter she only snickered a little. She lunged at the girl’s throat, drinking thirstily.
“Damn straight.” she mumbled as she watched the girl slid off the bed, causing blood to splatter all over the bed and floor. “Awwww… I should have drawn that out a little longer. I was having fun” Sometimes Giselle had a tendency to play with her food a little too much. She got up off the blood drenched single bed and strode towards the master bedroom, making sure to step over the old man’s corpse. She began dialing the numbers for 9-1-1.
“9-1-1 what is the nature of you emergency?”
“It appears there’s been a murder.” responded Giselle to the dispatcher, glancing around at the manslaughter she had created
“Okay, I’m dispatching police there now. Did you see anyone leaving the crime scene?”
“See them? I’m the one who did it. I just had the common courtesy to call house cleaning” she didn’t even bother to listen to the dispatcher’s response. She simply hung up, dropping the phone into a small pool of blood. She took a deep breath, not bothering to let it out. “Now to wait…” she trailed off. She turned her head and just as she did a small cloud of swirling smoke rose from the floor. Out of the smoke rose a small figure.
“Gi-Gi, are you stupid?!” squealed the small figure, who now revealed himself to be a young boy around five years of age.
“What do you mean?” replied Giselle in an offended tone.
“He’s coming you moron!!” squeaked the boy again.
“Who is? The police? I’m not exactly worried about them, Sol.”
“No! God, I know you can handle the police! I mean Marquis. He’s coming!”
“No! I’m serious! He’s-” the boy got cut off by another cloud of smoke rising from the floor. This time it was a young, very handsome man, about in his thirties.
“So nice to see you Giselle, Solomon. I trust this isn’t a bad time?”
“Yeah, it kinda is Marquis. Maybe come back in… another century?”
“Such lip won’t be tolerated Miss Oleander” responded Marquis in a calm collected voice.
“Bite me.” snapped Giselle. Marquis sighed in desperation. She could be so hard-headed sometimes. Especially when it came to Marquis.
“Well, I can see I’m not welcome here. I only came by to give you a little warning is all. But I can see your better off without me.” he said waving as he headed for the swirling cloud of pure darkness.
“Warning?” asked Giselle, deep in thought. “Has it already been ten years?” she asked confused. It was always so difficult to keep track of time.
“Indeed.” confirmed the towering man.
“Well… then I suppose I should thank you…for the warning… y‘know?” asked Giselle, awkwardly.
“And I suppose I should accept your thanks” replied Marquis, his voice hinting the same tone of awkwardness
“…Well… Thank you…” said Giselle uncomfortably.
“Your welcome” responded Marquis recollecting himself.
“So…is that the only reason you’re here?” asked Giselle, returning to her tone of absolute disgust
“I’m afraid so. That’s the only business I have here at the moment. Although I would love to stick around to see what you do to these humans I’m afraid I have much more serious business to attend to.” he said casually. He advanced further to his billowing cloud of smoke and disappeared in it the same way he had appeared.
“That guy just pisses me off sometimes.” Solomon was sneering. Marquis’ presence had a tendency to piss people off like that.
“That was abnormally… friendly of him” Giselle stood there confused at the odd amicability of Marquis until she began to hear the police sirens outside. “’bout time” she scoffed. She had called only fifteen minutes ago. The sad part about this is that you could get a pizza faster. Only in America my friend. Only in America.
“Open up! We’ve got the place surrounded!” shouted the police through a megaphone outside.
“As if.” Giselle stood there, staring at the flashing red and blue lights through the window for a solid ten minutes. Several moments later they gave another warning through the megaphone. It was a bit obvious they didn’t want to come in after whatever dangerous criminal they had in mind. After waiting another good ten or eleven minutes after the second warning they finally decided they were going to have to use ‘force’. They screwed around with the door for about five maybe six minutes before successfully breaking it down. “Y’know, if I really were a dangerous criminal I already would have gotten away” Solomon nodded in amused agreement. The whole time this was happening Giselle and Solomon were just standing at the top of the stairs with their arms crossed. Once the door had been broken down the entire police force came clambering up the stairs up after Giselle. “Nice timing.” said Giselle in a sarcastic tone.
“I’m so full” moaned Giselle, rubbing her stomach.
“What did you expect, hogging a whole police force like that?” chuckled Solomon. She sighed
“I guess your right…” she was silent for a moment before continuing. “It’s pretty bright out today, isn’t it?” Solomon looked through the leaves on the tree branches above him.
“Yeah…. Wanna find another spot?”
“Yeah.” responded Giselle getting up. The two found another spot, shadier than the one before. After they got comfortable again they propped themselves against two different trees. Giselle wiggled back and forth, trying to get in a better position. Finally she found the right spot and stuck her hands behind her head, closing her eyes.” She moaned in content at her new seat. She was planning on taking a nap but Solomon’s consistent growling was disrupting her.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, only bothering to open one eye.
“Someone’s coming.” Giselle now opened both eyes, squinting, trying to see what he was talking about. After a few seconds of searching the horizon, she saw it. There was definitely someone coming. You could see their head bobbing over the hill.
“Can you tell who it is?” she asked the still growling Solomon.
“Margaret” A snarl unrepentantly escaped from Giselle’s lips too. Margaret was one of Marquis’ lackeys. She was complete sadist, which is probably why she served him. It was her who carried out the execution of Armand
“What does she want?” she asked.
“Giselle, if I knew that would mean I could read minds. If I could read minds… well, I’d be Edward. And we all know how that would play out.”
“I’d have killed you the moment I met you.” stated Giselle simply. Giselle didn’t bother to look at Solomon when they were talking, she was focused on the encroaching figure of Margaret. She was finally came upon their encampment when she stopped.
“Good evening Giselle, Solomon” she said nodding at the two as she addressed them. Solomon was perfectly content to continue his growling while Giselle simply stood there, glaring, her eyes piercing into the very depths of Margaret’s soul. If she had one. “Yes, well…” she cleared her throat, trying to ignore the uncomfortable sensation of Giselle staring at her. “The Great Lord of Flesh and Blood has asked me to come here to warn you.”
“He already has” confirmed Giselle.
“No. About a different matter.” corrected Margaret. Giselle continued her unblinking glare, trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about. “Your exploits this evening” she explained. Giselle still was a little confused. Margaret sighed, rolling her eyes at the two’s stupidity. “Involving the police?” she shouted “That many humans shouldn’t be involved in a single feeding! It’s going to be all over the news and the police will have to increase their numbers!” Giselle dropped her glare to arch an eyebrow.
“That affects me… how?” she questioned.
“You narcissistic bitch! It doesn’t just affect you! It affects all the vampires in this area! They’ll have to be twice as careful now!” bellowed Margaret. The minion composed herself for a moment before continuing in calm, collective voice “Our Lord has asked me to inform you that if you pull a stunt like this again he’ll be forced to take severe action.” she warned her
“How ‘sever’” she asked skeptically.
“Armand severe” she waved the name in a taunting way.
“Don’t you EVER say his name” yelled Giselle.
“Why do you care?” she smiled, knowing fully well why she cared. “Besides, it doesn’t matter how I talk about him. After all, the Erebus slit. His. Throat.” she said her eyes widening with delight.
“Shut up!” she screamed lunging herself at Margaret. Margaret blocked her, grabbing hold of her throat. Giselle at her throat like an animal until she picked her up and tossed her a short distance. Solomon stopped growling to run over where Giselle had landed. She sat up, propping herself on one arm to rub her head.
“You okay?” he murmured.
“Peachy” she said wincing at the pain in her head. She glanced up at Margaret, who was smiling in a sadistic manner. She growled at her angrily until Margaret became tired and turned to leave. Before she left she turned her head to say “I would advise you not to do that again” she whispered in a threatening tone. She walked away, her bobbing head disappeared behind a distant hell. Once she had left, or was at least out of ear shot, the two ceased their seemingly endless growling. Giselle cleared her throat while Solomon sighed, roaming back over to his tree to sit back down.
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