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Tom will do anything for Jill.
Requiescat in pace

How much breathable air is in a coffin?

Jill wants to know. Unfortunately there’s no Wi-Fi in a coffin 5 and half feet under freshly dug cold soil. Why only 5 and a half feet? Tom had no tools of measurement and he was leery of burying his girlfriend alive. Tom is Jill's boyfriend and he'll do whatever she asks of him.

Jill likes David Blaine, he has dark, mysterious eyes and isn’t an obsequious little pussy like Tom. David is sure; he has confidence. He can accomplish what he puts his mind to. Tom will probably fail his junior year of high school.

Jill is going to be an illusionist when (if) she gets out of this shitty little town. She has never had any formal training and with nothing but Wikipedia and YouTube she has already successfully learned how to make smoke come off of her fingers and levitate. Just like David Blaine. Tonight she has had Tom bury her alive because she can pull this one off too. Besides, if all fails, Tom, that little worm will dig her up.

It's now been twenty minutes and Jill can't remember if she brought the real handcuffs or the dummy ones. It's dark and she can't find the release trigger. She's feeling sleepy and lazy, her thoughts are bordering on dreams.

...breathe...breathe... air...air...I need...

"Air...I need some more air Tom, some fuckin' space." Jill had told Tom in the school gymnasium three weeks earlier. Tom couldn’t even look at her when she spoke but, Jill caught sight of his trembling eyes before he looked away. If this hurt him so, why wouldn’t he say something in protest? He may have had a car but he certainly had no fight in him. Just lots of 'yes' and 'okay Jill' and that didn’t excite her.

'You're always hanging around me and trying to baby me,' Jill continued, 'Try and be an individual for once...THAT might actually impress me."

Tom nodded and bit back the words okay, Jill.

Now, more than ever Jill needed some air from Tom. 'Dig Tommy...please.' Jill wheezed in the dark.
She still needed the air but could do without the space. He needed to dig her up and pull her from the dark, heavy, forceful dreams that were stealing her cares and her future. Jill slipped into unconsciousness with the certainty that Tom (little doting Tom) would grab the shovel and excavate her chance of getting out of this rotten town.

Tom looked at his watch. 30 minutes since he had thrown the last shovel full of earth in place. That seemed long to Tom, but these tricks weren’t 2 minute affairs like on TV. True illusions take more time. They are the work of Pro's, and Jill is a Pro. She has confidence. She can accomplish what she puts her mind to. Tom will wait. Besides, if he digs her up, he would just be babying her more. Jill can do this, and when she comes up out of the ground, she'll be proud and Tom will be proud. Finally they will truly share something together.

Tom looked at his watch. Forty minutes He thought to himself She'll be so happy.

Tom lit a cigarette and decided to watch the sunrise.

Forty five minutes.

Tom whispered: "I love her."

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