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Cute excerpt from my life with kids.
For me, mornings are the worst time of day. The day rushes in like a tornado and rushes out leaving total destruction in its wake. I'm a mom with four children.

Enough said?

I awoke this morning to the sound of my Jenday Conure parrot returning the screeching sound of my alarm clock. If I don't get out of bed she'll continue to screech her fool head off; plus the kids will never make it to school on time. So, reluctantly, I threw the covers back and got up. The hard-wood floor, cold beneath my feet, made me think twice about getting out of bed.

Slippers! I need my slippers. Where are they? Under the bed? No. By the dresser? Nope. Ahh...in the closet. Wrong again. Oh well.

I set out towards the kitchen, cold feet shuffling me along, to make a pot of coffee. As I entered the living room, a fuzzy blue splotch caught my attention. There, atop the curtain rod, were my slippers. I then proceeded with a balancing act atop the sofa to retrieve my slippers; only to find one slipper. Why must I go on a treasure hunt each morning for misplaced items?

Maybe some coffee will wake me up and help to get me through the feeding frenzy that was about to begin. While waiting for my coffee to brew, I set the table for breakfast with 4 spoons, 4 bowls, 4 different boxes of cereal, and a half gallon of milk. The instant the kids heard the boxes of cereal come out of the cabinet, they came running down the hallway like a heard of starving elephants. With the sounds of spoons clinking, cereal bags crinkling, and Cocoa Crispies tinkling in their bowls; the feeding frenzy has begun. Just as soon as it began, it was over with a path of debris left behind. The table is freshly decorated with 4 messy bowls, 4 sloppy spoons, and 4 milk-splashed pools.

The coffe maker sounds it's glorious chime just as the bus pulls up to the curb. In a flash, the 4 tornadoes receive their hugs and kisses and are out the door leaving their destruction behind. I opened the cabinet to get a coffee cup and out popped my other slipper. Now, with a hot cup of coffee and warm feet, I can begin my day.
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