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A battle between mortal men and the demons of Hell.
On a darkened plane in hells embrace, the two sides stand at a darkened place. The Devil's valley is what they say, and Satan's Army has had it's stay, finally to fight men walk their way, with fire in their eyes, a burden on their heart, remorse on their minds for they will never again see the sun, never again will morning bring the day. This is where they meet their end, this is where mankind will fall, in Lucifers wake amidst the beast with three faces, broken free from the frozen pit he comes for thee in a thousand ways, earth in his hands, hell at his fingertips, nothing we have will stand in his way. Yet still these men charge on, for valor or honor they lead the way, the deathly charge on Beelzebub's gate they ride his way with no expression on their face save the lepers disease eating at their bones. A thousand days the standoff held, ten thousand demons in the eternal valley, a few hundred men atop the hill that holds them back, the guardians that save our days will now face the Grim Reapers wake in the final battle between good and evil, far beyond the sun downs that you and I can watch and love, far before time itself would have it's way, through brimstone and embers they fight for us, they fight for grace, the only light that's on their face, the red day that stains the sky and the blood of their frineds that die around them and send thim back to their father. The only thing remaining on their minds is how to survive, how to hold this sword and use it to fight for what they need just to hold these beasts back, the mouth of the Monster opened wide and swallows men whole. Never again will they see the day that they fight for to call their name, in Heaven they will find their peace, their sweet release, the truth and the light will bring them home, the darkened battles and fallen foes will haunt them no mroe where they stay awake for days, nightmares creeping up inside their mind as they simply wait to fight for one more day to get no sleep, barely anything to eat just to see another hell-spawn come their way. The grass, if that's what it can be called, is all but stained black with demon flesh and red with the blood of the generals men. The sky cries tears of black for the men fighting and dying in this forsaken place, every single minute another one is taken, every second another vision comes, and a moment passes another's sanity is lost among this place. The darkest depths of hell they haven't even reached, their troubles only begun they will fight on for another day until Satan has his way and takes their souls away till they can no longer move, there is no escape or reprieve for these who fight for freedom, for the holy name that brought them into being, for the men and women that sleep at home alone and cold but still alive, still able to sleep because they risk their lives. These demons have no boundries, their remorse never shows it's face, mercy never a thoguht that they embrace, the keeper of Hell's Gates will all but have his way unless we bring them foreward, unless this ends today. The general alone must have his final push, the men make their way. Down the valley from atop the hill every metal boot that calmps down to meet the blood crusted earth tears up more terrain. The demons aren't awake, they sleep because they think they've won while the men all make their way. It's hard to see, hard to breathe, the Devil's fog is clouding the way, all around you hear the sound of the monsters sleeping but none can see their face. The sky never cries down here, they skies are afraid of what lies dormant now, the air itself seems to want to s tay at bay, yet the men push on. Deeper to the valley they hear the cries of a million tortures, of thousands of sinners that have kept their ways for all to see and they end here where only Diablo will breathe. No sanity has come this far, the general has lost his mind, the screams of sinners seems to lighten the though of death's embrace, and still the men trudge on. Loyalty in His army seems to know no bounds, to Hell and back they hope to trek, to hell alone they will burn and wreck in the eternal pits they will find their fate, of Fallen Angel they will find no grace. Still they push on to meet his face with one single blow if they even hope to have that at all. The ground is flat, no downward slope, but the men's eyes burn with a poison gas, their lungs have closed by the demons grasp, the fire that burns can't reach any oxygen to keep it aflame and the demons awake, now it ends, they meet their fate. With no way to see they swing and connect, the men take out dozens while the demons number thousands, the men number hundreds now, most in the mouth of a frenzied beast. The general himself is alone in the sand, the land here afraid to form under Satan's heavy feet, he spots the Angel of Hells last plane and runs through much and sand to make the trek, seconds pass as he makes his way. With a final breath he takes the lunge, he leaps to meet the sky that never shows itself here, away from the sand that forms like glass under the fire the dark pit of endless remorse, through the poison and fog he makes his final stretch and the sword connects with the unholy beast. A terrible scream is called out through the plane, like a tortured dungeon Hell cries out his name, the leader of the demons now fallen to his knees, Lucifers presence all but seeps to the floor, out in black blood that flwos from a wound by a mere mortal soul that has taken his hands and put them through the fires on the other side to reach the demon that brings his friends to the Abyss. It ends here, the demons stop, the General alone stands atop of Satan's corpse and see's the legion standing out before him. A holy man among the sinners, a messiah compared to these long lost souls. The light he brings will always be shone throghout the land that these demons know well, that has been dark for centuries but now it is in his hands. And so, he raises them high and calls out his name. The Next Angel from on high who has fallen to corruption, the bringer of death and imminent destruction, the General to the Devils army now sits at his foes throne, and forever now will he be known, The Angel of Hell that has taken it with his own bare hands to lead the legion in their unholy crusade to whatever he pleases.
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