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This article places emphasis on the real meaning of the holidays.
For many people, the meaning of Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas, is the gift-giving and the material things that come with it. What is lost in the midst of all of that is the real true meaning of the Holidays. That is, the pleasure of being around family and friends, the spiritual bliss of being at one with the Creator of the Universe, and the real pleasure of treating humanity with the care, love, and respect that is due to all human beings. The primary focus seems to be on material gain, greedy ambitions, and careless regard for others. True self-preservation is cast aside to satisfy those with selfish, greedy agendas, and the utter humiliation of others in the process. This is why the Holidays, for most people, do not carry the same weight as it should or could in a more just, civilized world. For some, however, with more spiritual, godly characteristics, the holidays mean much more than gift-giving and material things. While these may be good in their proper context, the real meaning is glorifying God's name and living life the best way possible. If more people would follow these characteristics, the Holidays would have a much more significant meaning, and the world would be a much better place to live.
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