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A soldier's Christmas Story.
As a sentry keeps a watch on the perimeter, he senses something behind him. Turning around quickly, he points his rifle at the person, who has his hands in a peaceful gesture.

"Take it easy Private," the man said. "It's not like I'd eat you or something."

"Sorry Sergeant," the sentry says, as he lowers his rifle. "I'm just jumpy for some reason today."

"Are you worried that someone could attack us while we celebrate?" the officer said, as he lit a cigarette, revealing himself to be a fox-like kitsune.

"I guess so sir," the sentry said, as the sergeant gave him one, revealing that he was a werewolf in his wolf-man form. "Remember what happened last year? Just as we were in the middle of singing 'Silent Night' we were attacked."

"I remember," the sergeant said, as he looked out along the horizon. "A good friend of mine, a human, was killed in that ambush."

"Yeah, I heard that the mage-medics couldn't bring him back to life, not even as one of the undead," the sentry said.

"I know," the officer said, as a tear fell from his eye. "I was at the funeral with the rest of my squad mates. We buried his body on Heroes Hill, where no one will disturb his rest, not unless they want to be torn to pieces by the rest of us."

"Does his spirit still serve?" the sentry asked.

"His spirit lives on in all of us," the kitsune said, with a smile. "Then again, he gave me the best present one could give to another."

"What did he give you?" the werewolf asked. "Was it a Playboy magazine that he managed to sneak past the post office soldiers?"

"He gave my sister a son, and made me an uncle," the officer said, with a chuckle. "To me, that was the best Christmas present that he could give me, to see my sister, and his wife, hold that child up to the monitor and say, 'It's a boy guys.' that put the biggest smile on my face I'd ever had. Merry Christmas private."

"Merry Christmas Sergeant," the werewolf said, as he watched the kitsune go back to the camp. "I hope that you go see him soon."

"You got that right private," the officer said. "It's his birthday today. That's what makes Christmas special, considering who else was born on this day."

At this, the werewolf chuckled and asked, "Who did you name him after? His father or him?"

"Let's just say that their names were both spelled the same way, just pronounced differently," the kitsune said, with a chuckle. "J E S U S. You just have to figure out if it is the Anglo version or the Hispanic version. But in any case, He is something special."

Merry Christmas guys. May you come home safe, so that you can spend Christmas with your families.

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