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This is a short sample of the prologue to my novel that is still in the works. Enjoy.

September 1939

When one thinks of Mad Scientists in a laboratory, usually you’d envision some crazy eyed old man with his hair in a tangled mess and wearing a blood stained lab coat. Perhaps standing over an old wooden table holding chemicals and or injecting himself or a dead body with them.

  But this is not the case here. In this laboratory there may be a few crazy eyed old men, and there are plenty of strange glowing chemicals that may or may not be injected into people. This laboratory is a top secret government facility. These mad scientists are highly skilled and even higher paid.

  The laboratory was pleasantly lit with florescent bulbs set in fixtures hanging from the steel beamed ceiling, and with beeping, blinking lighted machinery set against its reinforced concrete walls and floor.  Encapsulated in the center of the lab by a glass dome was a table, complete with straps and a machine to monitor the heart rate and brain activity of whoever may find themselves unfortunate enough to be strapped onto said table. The machines where connected to a main console that sat outside the glass dome by electrical cables that ran under the concrete floor. The door to the glass dome was set open.

  A group of scientists stood together at the console performing a diagnostics check. All holding their clipboards that each would scribble on all at once when a feature had finished its test run adjusted itself and met their satisfaction with a beep. They turned and looked toward the main entrance of the lab as the loud buzz and click of the lock announced someone entering the lab. They hurriedly turned back to their work and pretended not to notice the raised voices of the two project leaders as they stormed into the laboratory.

“It’s horse shit!” screamed Doctor Hyde as he stamped through the doorway. “They can’t reject this serum just because of a bunch of pansy asses and their circumstantial evidence and superstitions!” His voice boomed off of the concrete.

“All of the evidence was completely valid. You’re overreacting.” Doctor Fredrick tried to plead with his colleague. “We have other variations in mind, remember, we don’t need to rely on just this one.”

“Don’t lie to yourself and stop agreeing with them! This is your work they’re trying to shut down too Harry! We haven’t got much time to sit around playing with our little chemistry sets!”

“I know that but adrenaline is a very touchy thing. Everyone reacts differently to a rush of it. On top of that we’ve mixed testosterone with it! It’s not a completely circumstantial conclusion that it could do some harm to a test subject. Half the rats had their hearts explode; a quarter of them bashed their own heads in and…”

“To Hell with it, Harry!” yelled Doctor Hyde as he ran to a refrigerator where the serum was kept. He threw open the door and grabbed a vile.

“What are you going to do with that?” yelled Harry as Dr. Hyde shouldered past him running toward the center console. Without a word he pushed the muttering scientists out of his way and entered the sequence to start the machines.

“But doctor we haven’t finished our diagnos….” One of them tried to protest but quickly decided that keeping his mouth shut and looking at the floor might be the safer option.

“James you’d better think about this.” Said Harry in a pleading but authoritative tone.

“I have thought about it” James yelled in over his shoulder “I’ve been thinking about it for six damn months. Now it’s time to prove our work, Harry.” He said as he slammed the door of the dome shut just before Dr. Fredrick reached it. James stood and smiled at Harry through the glass “It’s going to work. You wait and see.”

“James!” yelled Dr. Fredrick

He didn’t acknowledge his colleague as he turned and stripped down to his briefs. He started to attach himself to the machines as Harry pounded on the door.

“Help me open this damn door!” Dr. Fredrick called over his shoulder. The bewildered scientists behind him just stared at the half crazed and half naked doctor in the dome as they stood shuffling their feet.

“Harry,” James called “just watch the damn read out.”

As James strapped himself down as best as he could with one free arm, as Harry tried one more time to persuade him.

“You don’t know what could happen.”

“I have a good guess, my friend” James replied as he injected himself with the serum.

“Damn it!” Harry pounded his fist against the door one last time and ran to console. He looked at the read out that the console had begun to beep and zip out on a long string of paper. There was a scream from the dome that filled the lab. Harry looked up to see James writhing on the table. His muscles began to bulge and grow on their own.

  “IT’s working…” he said and immediately realized that he’d spoken too soon. For just then the straps that where holding Dr. Hyde down had snapped under the strain of his muscles and the growth his entire body was undergoing. He stood on the table nearly bumping his head on the top of the dome which was fifteen feet from the floor. He uttered a wretched howl that shattered the dome and sent shards of glass raining all over the lab and scientists within. Muscles still growing and flexing he bent forward and growled, his eyes bulging from his now enormous skull. He delivered a punch to the table that drove it down into the concrete and the transformation was complete. He stood for a moment breathing heavily, raging and mutated he leapt from what remained of the table toward the center console and Dr. Fredrick.

    Mean while across an ocean Hitler and his army had begun to do the can-can across Poland, with the help of some very short somewhat humanoid figures in large flying disc shaped aircraft. I hope this would help to explain the urgency that Dr. Hyde had felt.

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