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Since there were no groups that dealt with anthros and monsters, me and others made this.

Those seeking membership should contact me and my partner, who has a link at the bottom of the item, and ask to join, and your name will be added to the list as soon as possible. Here is a link to the group. NOTE Anyone wishing to join or donate MUST send the GPs to the group number, 1625765 and NOT to me, or any of the other members.

Non-Humans R Us  (13+)
Anthros and monsters discussion group.
#1625765 by BIG BAD WOLF

Welcome to Non-Humans R Us

If you like to write about anthros, monsters, aliens, talking animals, and so forth, this is the place for you.

Here you will find a wide variaty of fantasy and science fiction writers who just couldn't find a place where they could talk about their charactors with other like minded writers.

Now, here are some rules to consider.

1. Humans (including magic users like wizards, mages, and witches) are allowed to enter, but they must be in the company of a non-human at all times. (Ha Ha.)

2. Members cannot say that their person is better than another's. However, they can help others by suggesting things that might help someone make their charactor better.

3. Your charactors should try to not be "monsters" in that they do certain acts, such as rape, murder, eating others, and so forth just because they can. However, there are some exceptions to this, like if they are a recovering addict, if it was done for self-defence, or if they had lost control.

4. All ratings are acceptable.

5. All membership levels are allowed.

6. The membership Fee is 0 GPs. However, you are more than welcome to Donate some. The GPs will go towards things like Merit Badges, Awardicons, helping members keep their membership levels if need be, keeping those profiles with White Cases open, charities for other groups, and of course, contest winners.

Other than that, all I can say is have fun, and make some friends while you are here.

PS. Here is my partner. It's too hot already! Say "Hi" to her if you want, and let her know that you heard about the group from me, should you be interested in joining.
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