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A couple rejoice the birth of their son after a decade of childlessness. 200 Words Limit.
Cathy beamed, seeing her husband coo sweet nothings into their newborn's ears.

"Wooah..." The baby whined.

"He's hungry." Peter smiled, returning him to his mother's outstretched arms.

"And also tired of your mollycoddling!" She giggled.

"I'm so happy, darling."

"I know, honey. After ten years of despair. Our miracle baby," she replied. Her eyes moist, she clutched the infant to her bosom and caressed its head.

"I have to rush. The doctor said we could go home tomorrow." He bent and kissed her.

"Bye, young man!" He waved, before leaving.

"Time to feed," Cathy whispered. Releasing the upper buttons of her robe, she gently inserted a nipple into his eager mouth.

"You're done, bitch!"

"What?" she stared in horror at his face, which had turned ferocious. Her head spun as sharp fangs pierced her breast.

"I am the devil," he snarled. After sucking out her life, he licked the bite marks away.


Receiving the emergency call, Peter rushed back to the hospital.

"Sorry, we couldn't save her. Catastrophic organ failure." The doctor shook his head.

"We're alone." He muttered to his son, tears cascading down his eyes.

Soon you will join her. The child schemed, suppressing an evil grin.

Word Count:199

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