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by Pepper
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Beware of the Kissy Monster!
At two years old, Aaron was all boy! Not only was he rowdy, but the concept of whispering had not even remotely been mastered. I groaned. The next hour of my daughter’s Christmas program would be at the very least -- a challenge. My hope was only to make it through Courtney’s debut before being forced to leave the sanctuary.

I came prepared. We sat at the back with snacks, crayons and other distracters at hand. For the first half-hour things went very well. Aaron sat in my lap munching on his "fishees," enthralled with the lights and music. Occasionally, he would squirm to get down and play. I felt myself relax. Only a half-hour to go and Aaron had been a perfect angel.

Relaxing was my mistake. Aaron decided that he had had enough and playing "kissy monster" would be much more fun. I knew I was in trouble when Aaron’s chubby fingers grabbed my face. He gave me a fake look of horror and warned, "Oh, no! Kissy monster!" That commenced the attack of the "kissy monster" which involves the "monster" covering the face of the victim in countless, slobbery kisses until giggles and cries for mercy leave both parties breathless.

It is impossible, I have found, to scold a "kissy monster" -- even when the location of the attack is inappropriate. I tried! I honestly did, but the "kissy monster" was unmerciful. I found myself giggling as much as he did as I tried to shush him -– not a very effective disciplinarian technique, I must say.

In the end, the only thing I could hope for was that our personal display had not disturbed those around us. I need not have worried though, because as the service ended, a voice from behind me whispered in my ear, "I think someone loves his mommy!"

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