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For those of you who enjoy my interactive, here are the summaries of the books it's from.
Since I wrote my story with pen and paper, it's a little hard for me to just put them into a book form. So, I'll just have to type up their summaries. Please note, there are 19 of them, so it might take a while for me to get them all up.

Also, just for you to know, those who work at tasting houses that are called dishes wear special see-through clothing, which means that it is almost as if they are naked. However, while they are treated as if they were food in some ways, such as having them soak in various sauces, seasonings, and other things that could be used as part of any food item, from the simplest of soups, which the girl can just soak in, all the way up to the most difficult of cake and pastry, and bread, mixes, which must be carefully watched to keep it from cooling and hardening around the girl, and at the same time, keep it from being too runny, the dishes have a fairly safe, relaxing, and enjoyable job. Also, the place has certain rules that must be followed at all times.

Here are the summaries, in numerical order, the order that I wrote them.

1. The Planet of Animals (Takes place at 4000 AS)
Brief introduction as to how the hybrids were formed. A little bit about how tasting houses run. Centers around a human woman named Josie, who comes to a new town after graduating from collage. She meets up with a young lioness hybrid named Leona (I know, unimaginative, but it felt right.) Leona offers the woman a job at the tasting house she helps manage. However, Leona suffers from a form of depression, as her lover, a human woman, who was similar to Josie, was murdered a few years prior. As it turns out, that woman was Josie's sister, as they'd been separated at a young age after their biological parents died. Where Josie was adopted by a loving couple, her sister, who was named Malisa, was bounced around from foster home to foster home, until she, and Leona, who had been living with the abusive husband of her late step-aunt, decided to run away. The two girls had been found by some of the employees of the tasting house, who had been looking for Leona, as she has the previous owner's daughter, and took her, and Malisa in. When those two had been old enough, the two of them got married. However, it was not meant to last, as the woman had been murdered. However, after Josie joins the family, as it were, those who had murdered her sister try to kill her and Leona, but their efforts fail, though both of the women are seriously injured. Over the next several months, as they recovered, the pair got to know each other, and they fall in love. Story ends with a spy satellite leaving the atmosphere, heading back to those who had sent it.

2. The Invasion of Planet Animalus by the Planet Earth (Note, title is something of a missnamer, if that is a word, as Earth doesn't really invade the planet.)
Brief summery of the first story. Takes place a few months after the end of the previous story. The spy satellite’s owners are revealed to be from a small joint Earth-Herog exploration/military fleet. This fleet was performing two missions, acting as a decoy to lead a common enemy of Earth and Herog away from their home worlds, and trying to find out the location of the enemy's home world. This group sends a small envoy, consisting of the two main captains, Armonda, a human woman, and Creang, whose name was later shortened to Creg to make it sound less suspicious, which lands on the roof of the tasting house that Josie and Leona work at. The employees of the tasting house take the crewmen, five hundred people total, under their roof. *Note, tasting houses, and mating houses can fit as many people as the largest sports stadium can.* The Herogans work at the place as guards, while the majority of the humans tend to work as servants, from behind the scenes, helping to take care of the needs of those known as dishes, as they wait to be served to clients. Armonda has a sexual relationship with one of the head guards, a wolf hybrid named Randy, who was recently given the role of leadership of a gang that helps out the employees of the tasting house after his brother was killed by a Spidarian, the race that Earth and Herog are at war with, and as a result, Armonda becomes pregnant, and the two of them get married. Several months later, a large Earth/Herog fleet showed up, with the survivors of those two planets, as they'd been destroyed. When the leaders of the various cities are told, especially after their own close calls with the spider-like creatures, they agreed to let the survivors, just over five million total people, to settle on the planet. Then again, the humans were their distant cousins, and the Herogs resembled short Monitor lizards.

About fifty years pass, when some important things happen. A soldier, who had been given an honorable discharge, after fighting against the Spidarians, goes to his hometown, where his girlfriend lives. This man is Crog, and he is Creg's grandson. His girlfriend is Amelia, Armonda and Randy's granddaughter. However, Crog looks nothing like the Herog/Monitor lizard hybrid he should be, as he is over fifty feet long, instead of just under fifteen feet tall like most monitor lizard hybrids, is unable to walk on two legs any more, and looks more like a cross between a snake and a croc, due to what he'd been through. However, Ameila doesn't care about this, as she knows that deep down inside of his chest is a warm heart, and marries him, as do her various female lovers. They move into a house that Crog had built for them, one that was very large, and could hold several hundred people. Several months later, most of Crog's wives, with the exception of the two youngest, are pregnant. The two youngest, one being a young red fox named Zoey, decide to go for a walk. On this walk, they are captured by a small group of slavers. There leader is revealed to be none other than Zena, who is listed as a thief and a murderess by various law enforcement agencies, and is considered to be highly dangerous. However, after the others leave, Zoey takes one look into her eyes and tells her that she doesn't have to do what she does, that she could help her, as she'd been through what she had, but she'd been saved, thanks to Amelia, and offers to save her as well. For some reason, Zoey's words struck a cord in Zena, and in return for her help, she set Zoey, and the others that the other two slavers had captured, free. Zoey introduces her to Crog, who makes a deal with Zena, in which the well known thief and killer could stay at his place on the condition that he'd kill her if she harmed one of his lovers, and his future children. Zena agrees to this, and moves in. Several months later, Zena is arrested, and for the next several months, Crog does everything to get her sentence reduced, as she would of been put to death because of how she killed her victims, which were outlaws, as she tended to eat them alive. Thankfully, all that Zena is sentenced for are her various thefts and assaults, as she had plenty of witnesses in her favor, the nomads and the slaves she'd set free over the years. However, she was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison, until Crog pulls out one last trick, one that commuted her sentence from serving her sentence in prison, to serving it on Crog's land, as he'd proposed to her, right in front of the judge. Since Zena accepted the offer, the judge was forced to marry the couple, and transfer custody of Zena to him. After that, Zena settles down on Crog's land, happy that she can be with her friends, as they had saved her life.

3. The Attack of the Spider-Creatures.
Takes place fifteen years after the end of the last story. Crog is nearly one hundred thirty feet long, and seems to be aging beyond his years, as he has a lot on his mind. Zena is feeling depressed, as she wishes that she could be free, and because of the fact that she's unable to have a child. Also, both are having trouble sleeping. During one of their hunts, an old friend of Crog's shows up. This friend is a Spidarian, who is part of a group that fights those who had destroyed Earth and Herog all of those years back. After knocking Zena out, he tells Crog the reason that he came to Animalus, that his Queen had been captured by the enemy, and in exchange for her freedom, he'd have to betray his friend, and kidnap his children. However, he had a plan. The next day, the plan was put into action, when the enemy Queen captured Crog's children, and left a message for him, "Let's see how you like losing your children," as her one daughter had been killed when, with the help of the Spidarian group that his friend was part of, Crog had escaped from her clutches. *Note, the daughter was really working for the other side, but she never knew.* Within the week, Crog was on the Spidarian home world, which was called Web, with his wives, and a handful of expert soldiers. Also, Zena was with him, as Crog had somehow made a deal with a judge, saying that he'd need her to rescue his children. However, she was constantly arguing with the leader of the soldiers, a larger wolf hybrid like her, named William, and fighting him as well. *Note, the guy hates Crog, as the man had been forced to eat his younger half-brother alive, as canines tend to have an instinct to protect their pack mates, and will hold a grudge against those who kill them. Also, he hates Zena because she is a criminal. The funny thing is, he and Zena are cousins.*

After the soldiers and Crog's wives are captured, with the exception of Zena, William, and Crog himself, by the enemy, Crog tells the two the history of Web, that several centuries earlier, an Earth spaceship had crash-landed on the planet. The survivors, seeing as to how the ship wasn't going to go anywhere, decided to make the best of it, and settled around the crash site, as that would be the first place that others would look, if rescue came. However, rescue never came for some reason. Meanwhile the Spidarians, who'd been watching the humans from the distance, soon became divided over what to do with the humans. One side saw them as something to watch over, and befriend, which was lead by the Queen known as Jody. The other side though, saw them as potential livestock, and was lead by Jody's twin sister, Arina. Arina's forces attacked the settlement, and captured the adults, leaving the children to die. Jody though, came upon the sight a while though, and had those with her, most of which were scholars, take care of the children, and she promised them, that she'd get their parents back. Thus, the civil war, between those loyal to Arina, and those loyal to Jody, broke out, all over humans.

In the present, when Crog is finished telling William and Zena the planet's history, he tells them the plan, that all that they'd been doing, and were going to do, was to distract Arina, as his friend, whose name is Reskat, was going to poison her with a special poison, one that had no antidote. He was going to do it as the Queen mated with him, as the queens tended to eat their mates during the mating ritual, and he had poisoned himself so he could kill her without her knowing. The trio then entered the Spidarian palace, and set the rest of the plan in motion, William and Zena were to make as if they were trying to rescue the children, and Crog would attempt to kill Arina himself. Needless to say, they'd been captured, but that was part of the plan. When, Arina tries to kill Zena, by dropping her down Crog's throat, Zena spits a gem, which she'd stolen from the Queen's chambers and had hidden inside of her stomach, as that was how she'd got her one nickname, Swallowing Zena, because she's swallowed what she stole, at the Spidarian's throat, causing her to chock, which sped up the poison in her body, killing her, though her falling from the web she'd been on and splattering on the floor helped expedite things.

After this, the planet was free, and Crog and the others were able to return home, where Zena found a few things for her, a full pardon for her crimes, immunity for any thefts she committed in the future, and, most importantly, a daughter, as Crog had adopted a young girl who looked like a child that she and Crog could of had. Crog also tells her that the two of them had also been injected with something that would make them live as long as Jody was alive, as Queen Spidarians, and those who shared their blood, could live for thousands of years, provided that they were not killed, which was very rare, as Spidarians need to have a Queen, or else they'd become suicidal, as they had something of a hive-mind, in which everyone was an individual, and had their own lives and mind, but if the Current Queen, or their local leaders, who tended to be the Queen's daughters, died, they'd turn on each other, unless another queen exorcised her control over them, as it was the only way they could survive.

The story ends about three hundred sixty years later, as Crog and Zena enter a tasting house called "The Hungry Wolf and Snake", in Grass City, with Zena reflecting as to how her life had changed, ever since she meet up with a red fox named Zoey.

4. The Sweet Small Sister (Note, by the time of this story, the use of a special safety pill, which keeps one safe from being digested when they are in the stomach of another when they take it, is widespread on Animalus.)
Starts just five seconds after the end of the previous story, or at about 4430 AS. A young red fox named Ariel, who has basically just started working at the tasting house at the end of the last story, meets up with a large seven foot tall female grey wolf, who has an unusual proposition for her, to let her try to swallow her, and she'd pay her several times the normal price that most tended to pay to swallow someone. Seeing as to how she, and her older half-sister, needed the money, Ariel agrees. With the help of some of the patrons, all of which are betting as to whether or not the wolf can do the feat, she is carefully lowered into her, and is surprised to see that she can fit inside of the wolf. After a certain view-wrap is put on the wolf, the girl talks to the other dishes that had been swallowed using a special frequency, about seeing if they should get the manager to hire the wolf, who calls herself Zera, so that she could work for them. After a while, Ariel hears a strange voice in her head, that of the wolf who had swallowed her. The two of them talk for a bit, and a while after that, the wolf lets her out, and leaves with her husband, a fifty foot long snake-croc hybrid named Kaine. However, just before they leave, the manager has a talk with them, asking them to work for her. The pair agrees to work for her on a couple of conditions.

The next day, which was also the day that Ariel and her half-sister were not scheduled to be on duty as a dish, Zera and her husband show up, and start to work as trainers, with Zera spending a good deal of time with Ariel, as she had told the girl that she reminded her of an old friend of hers, one who had died several years prior. After a while, the wolf revealed something, which was, that her name really wasn't Zera, but that it was Zena, and, not only that, but that she was Swallowing Zena herself. Also, she wasn't seven feet tall, she was thirty feet tall. She then gives the girl something of a dream, one in which the girl had to be a thief, and steal a jewel, with Zena being a museum guard trying to catch her, though Ariel didn't know about that and fought her, until Zena revealed that it had been her all along.

That night, Zena entered the girl's dream, so she could speak to her in private, and told her that the world was going to change soon, and that she'd have to be ready to make some hard choices soon.

The next day, Ariel woke up and saw that there was something wrong with her sister, as she wasn't up. However, other than her eyes, which were a bright red, which Ariel saw when she lifted her eyelids up, the red fox could find nothing wrong with her. It was that point that Zena showed up, with a large bag of supplies on her back. After looking the woman over, Zena told her that her sister wasn't her sister anymore, as she'd been infected with a mind-controlling parasite, which would control her by sunset. After that, if they didn't leave, she'd try to kill them. Zena told the girl to take a shower and get her things, while she took care of her sister. As Ariel took her shower, she heard a distinctive snap. When she asked what it was, Zena had told her that it was nothing to worry about. However, when she came out of the shower, and tried to enter her sister's room, Zena tried to prevent her from going in it, but she slipped past her, and saw that her sister was missing, with her night outfit ripped down the middle. After asking Zena where her sister was for a minute or so, demanding to know where she was, Zena told what she did, that she had snapped the woman's neck, to kill the parasite that was in her, and to end her suffering, and swallowed her body. At this, Ariel started to argue with her, telling the wolf that she should of let her do the job. At this, Zena asked if the girl would of eaten her sister's body, her own flesh and blood, to which the girl said that she would of eaten her herself if she had the chance. Needless to say, Zena gave her that chance, and brought the body up. After washing the body off, Zena told the girl that she had to choose who would be the one to eat her sister's body, as the girl knew everything about her sister, while Zena knew next to nothing. After some soul searching, Ariel told Zena that she'd do it, and after a few tear flavored bites later, Zena went to the window, not only to give the girl some privacy, as she ate her sister's body, but to keep an eye on the sun. After a while, Zena checked up on her progress, and told the girl that she'd done enough to honor her sister, and asked if she could have the rest, as she was sort of eating for two. Thinking that Zena was pregnant, Ariel let her finish her sister's body, while she took a shower, to clean the blood off of her. However, while Zena was eating for two, it wasn't because she was pregnant, inside of her was a young child, one who was blind, deaf, and mute. She had found the child while searching a house, killing those who were infected, which sadly included children, and swallowing their bodies, when she saw him in his bed. Sensing that the boy had a safety pill, Zena picked him up and swallowed him, as the boy would not of survived on his own.

After Ariel was done with her second shower, the two of them started to search the city for other survivors who were not infected. Once she found them, almost two thousand people of all races and all walks of life, and they had gathered all of the supplies they could carry, they left the city, and went into the Wilds, with her leading them. That night, and several miles away, they saw the city be destroyed by the infected.

The next day, after what felt like a long night to most, as Zena had all of them take turns keeping watch, the group ran into another survivor, a ram by the name of Dr. Vonewe. He'd been forced to kill his wife, after the woman, a lioness, tried to kill him and their son. After explaining the situation to him, the ram joined with them. That night, the group was attacked, and many people were severally injured, one fatally, until Zena did something no one though possible, and burned the infected to ashes, after a parasite tried to enter her mind, and found out that no one should enter her mind, as she somehow cause the group's fires to just spread, burning anyone who was not part of the group. However, this came at a price, as she collapsed, and injured everything on her left side as a result.

For the next several weeks, Zena had to be carried on a litter, with Dr. Vonewe doing what he could to speed up her recovery, and that of the others who'd been injured. However, when they came to a mountain pass, they sent a scout, who reported that there were outlaws up ahead, and that they were raping several women. At this, Zena suffered a flashback, one that made everyone scared of her, especially, Vonewe, as he'd been on top of her, giving her some pain medication. When the flashback was over, she told them about her past, as how her family had been killed in an avalanche, and how she'd been a slave until she was twenty, and that they had done terrible things to her. As a result, the group came up with a plan, and captured the outlaws. Zena gave them two choices, be her servants, or be her meals. Every one of them, including the leader, decided that it would be better to be her servant, instead of her meal.

It was at that point, that Zena revealed to the others that everything that they had seen, everything that they had done, and so forth, had been part of a dream, and they had passed an important test. At that point, all of them woke up.

As it turned out all of them had been in a coma for the past six weeks, as Zena had entered Ariel's place during the night, and swallowed her in her sleep. Ariel's sister, thinking that a giant wolf had eaten her sister, as Zena had been using an illusion to disguise her size, grabbed a frying pan and beat her, until she recognized her by an old bracelet on a chain on the wolf's wrist. After than, Zena had been rushed to a hospital, however, she was in a deep coma. Also, the doctors wouldn't dare to perform the surgery needed to get Ariel out of her stomach, as the chief surgeon, Dr. Vonewe, was in a coma himself. However, after she woke up, Zena was able to bring the girl up. It was then that Ariel told Zena something important, that her sister had a rare cancer, and that she had less than two years to live. Unfortunately, while waiting for Zena to wake up and let her sister out, the cancer had spread throughout the woman's body. It was at that point, that Zena made the woman a promise, in that she'd care for her younger sister, after the woman passed away, so that the girl wouldn't be alone. A year later, after the woman, who had fought the cancer with every last bit of energy, passed away, and after Zena's husband, Crog, decided to travel the world, Ariel moved in with Zena, so that the two of them wouldn't be alone. Besides, Zena had the habit of going to her place, and swallowing her in her sleep, so this shortened the distance that the wolf would have to go to get to her.

5. A Caring Thief
Takes place a year after the end of the last story, meaning that Ariel and Zena have known each other for almost two years. Story starts with Zena waking up one morning to find that Ariel isn't asleep next to her. Of course, the wolf has a feeling as to where the fox is, inside of her stomach, as Zena is what is known as a sleep-swallower, meaning that she has the tendency to swallow things, including people, in her sleep. Thankfully, this isn't as big of a concern as it could of been, thanks to the safety pill. After patting her belly to wake Ariel up, the two of them have a private chuckle, and Zena gets the day's clothes. She then goes to the bathroom so that the two of them could clean themselves, and get ready for the day. As they bathe, they talk about their recent trip to Web, in which Ariel had to try the local cuisine, insect-like creatures, after the wind had caught her, and caused her to get caught in one of the local's webs. Needless to say, she didn't like the taste, or the fact that it was alive when she ate it whole, as Zena had told her that it would be rude to refuse the owner of the web's apology, as he and his wife had invited them in for lunch, considering the fact that Zena was a close friend of the Queen. In the present, when they were done bathing, and getting dressed, Ariel tells Zena that she has a date to go to. After asking the old "Who, When, Where, Where, When," questions, (Who's is it? When are they going to pick you up? Where are they going to pick you up? Where are you going? When are they going to drop you off?) Zena tells Ariel that it would be alright, as she had a feeling that the man would be fine for the young woman, because, after a close call with a previous suitor, Zena started checking out anyone who even looked at Ariel, not out of jealousy mind you, but for Ariel's safety, as that guy had tried to rape her, which got him in a load of trouble when Zena caught him just as he took his pants off, after tying the girl to the bed, when she came home to hear the girl give a muffled scream, which caused her to enter the room, where she proceeded to break his arms and legs.

After that, the two of them went to the tasting house, which Zena now ran. That evening, Ariel's date, a black fox named Tom, showed up at the place. However, since Ariel was still on the clock, he decided to sit down to wait, which caused Zena to smile. However, that smile faded when she saw a man, a coyote hybrid, who was a two and a half time striker, meaning that he had caused trouble at least five times in tasting or mating houses. After telling a guard to tell him to follow the rules, Zena kept a watch on him. However, the man was rough with the girl, had had the tactic of apologizing every time she'd tell him to stop, until he didn't even stop, causing Zena to tell the guard to tell him to leave. At this, the man attacked the guard, and beat him to the point that the young man, who was new to the job and hadn't learned how to deal with that sort of troublemaker, just barely got to Zena's lookout point, which was a dark corner where she had a full view of the room, where Zena was able to grab and pull him in. It was at this point that the guy pulled out a knife, which was against the law, as only humans were allowed to carry a weapon, due to the fact that they had no natural weapons of their own. At this, Zena stepped out of the shadows, after seeing how badly wounded the guard was, and told him that the only way he was going to get out of the place alive was if he waited for the police to pick him up, as the only other way would be through her. With that, the man had pulled out another knife and stabbed her in her heart and lungs, which was a bad move on his part, as that meant that Zena was now in her rights to kill and eat him, as he had tried to kill her. After grabbing, and pinning him against the wall, Zena pulled the knives out of her chest, and held one to his throat, and, after asking Dr. Vonewe, who'd been in the place with his wife, to check on the young guard, told him that he had best pray that the man would live, or else he'd be in for a long slow death, as she was going to kill him in any case. Thankfully, the guard would make it, provided that he was taken to a hospital. At this, Zena twisted the coyote's head, snapping his neck, and swallowed his body intact, as she didn't want to get any of his blood to leave a mark in her place, despite the fact that she was losing blood herself. At that point, she had collapsed against the wall, coughing up blood. At that point, Ariel's client, a croc, let her out of him, so she could check on the large wolf, who was like a mother to her. After telling her not to die, as she was immortal, Zena chuckled and said, "I may be immortal kid, but I'm not invulnerable. However, there are some injuries that are better than others. Physical pain can be endured girl, it's the mental and emotional ones that last." at that point, she lost consciousness.

A few days later, when Zena finally woke up, she found out that the man she had killed/eaten, had been a highly wanted escaped murderer, one with a price three times higher than the one that had been on her own head when she was younger. It would of been more than enough to set Ariel up for the rest of her life. However, when she thought about the young guard who had been injured, Zena told the girl to give the money to him and his family, as the man's recovery would be long, painful, and very expensive to boot. After that, she asked Ariel how her date went. When the girl told her that she hadn't left her side, Zena told the girl to go out on a date with the guy, as she would be alright.

When Zena was released from the hospital a few weeks later, she found Tom asleep on the couch, as he'd been staying at her place, as she had told him that he could stay there providing that he didn't sleep in the same bed as Ariel, and didn't try anything with her. However, the man was lazy, and didn't have a job. Considering that it was close to lunchtime, Zena decided to pull a trick on him, and made him chose between being a meal, or an alternative, after she strung him up and hung him upside-down from a hook in her kitchen, as she prepared lunch, and scared him when she got out a recipe on how to cook a fox. Needless to say, he asked what the alternative was, which was to work for her as a guard. After lunch, which she had shared with the landlords of the place she rented from, she told him that he had best respect Ariel.

Later that night, after Ariel got home from work, Zena told her the "Good News," about Tom "deciding" to work at the tasting house, which pleased Ariel to no end. When they went to bed, Zena had Tom sleep on the opposite side of her, so that she was between him and Ariel. Sometime later, Tom woke up to find himself asleep, as he'd been swallowed by Zena. However, he wasn't alone, as Ariel had also been swallowed by her. After telling him that Zena would let them out in the morning, Ariel told him to get back to sleep. As it turns out, Zena had swallowed him on purpose, as she had swallowed Ariel before hand, and she didn't want the girl to be alone, she swallowed him.

After they had taken their bath, and had breakfast, the trio left for work. At one point, while Tom was taking a bit of a break, Zena asked him if he loved Ariel, to which he said yes. Then she asked him a more difficult question, if he'd die for her. At that, he was silent, which angered Zena slightly, so she told him a story about true love. The story was about what her parents had done to save her life, how they had tossed her in a wrong-way cave during an avalanche, how they sealed the entrance with their bodies, and how they had been killed when the avalanche hit. Then she asked him if he would do what they had done, toss Ariel into a wrong-way cave, block the entrance with his body, and die, so that she would survive. At that point, Tom said that he would know if he'd be able to do that. So, Zena asked him the question in a different way, would he kill someone to protect Ariel from them, even if it meant his death. At this, Tom said that he'd try, if it saved her. At this, Zena knew that she could trust him, and just smiled and said, "Let's hope that it doesn't come to that."

After that, Zena leaves the two of them alone, as she had to see a friend of hers, one who was in prison, and had an appointment that he couldn't be late for, as he'd been a murderer who was scheduled to be executed. However, because of what happened two years prior, as he'd been in the dream that had put several hundred people in a coma, and he'd been the one who's been fatally wounded in the attack, after he had saved the life of what he thought was her child when those that the others were fighting to hold back, as he'd been severally wounded early in the fight, broke through, and tried to get to Zena, who was fighting the invasion that was going on inside of her, he had been saved, and had no regrets, though he was remorseful for what he'd done. She stayed with him, until it was time,

Several months later, Tom proposes to Ariel, who says yes. After that, they talk to Zena about the location that they wanted to go to for their honeymoon, the undersea cities.

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