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Part Two of the summaries of my Planet Animalus series
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 Planet Animalus Books Sums Books 1-5  (18+)
For those of you who enjoy my interactive, here are the summaries of the books it's from.
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This is for the summaries of books 6-10 in my Planet Animalus series.

6. Adventure to the Undersea
Takes place a few months after the end of book 5. Zena is escorting Ariel and Tom on their honeymoon to the undersea cities. The story starts out with them being held up by cannibalistic outlaws, who capture travelers for the sake of eating them, and not for survival either. Zena tells the outlaws that they have two choices, leave them be, or they'd find out how big HER mouth was. The leader, a poisonous frog/toad hybrid, whose skin is deadly to touch, tries to attack them, aiming specifically for the two young foxes. Zena grabs him with HER MOUTH, and chomps down, and swallows him ALIVE. Needless to say, this showed the outlaws that SHE was the one with the bigger MOUTH, and let them pass.

Of course, having a poisonous frog in one's stomach if not good for anyone. That night, while waiting for supper to finish cooking, Zena is behind some bushes, saying that lunch didn't agree with her too well. Ariel, who'd been searching through the traveling packs, finds the pill bottle with the antidote and tosses it to her as Tom keeps an eye on the supper, which consists of mostly birds, rabbits, some fish, and a large deer for Zena, as all three of them are mostly carnivorous in their diets. (Note, the birds, rabbits, fish and the deer are normal non-hybrid animals, as it is a death sentence for anyone to kill someone just for the sake of eating them, though there are a few exceptions to this law, especially in survival situations.) After Zena takes the antidote, she comes out from behind the bushes and tells them that she'd sooner have ten thousand venomous snake hybrids bite her at the same time, as opposed to let someone kill and eat them.

However, just as they were about to eat, Tom smelled someone coming, a deer hybrid, running scared. At this, Zena grabbed the deer that had been roasting over the flames, burning her hand in the process, swallowed it without letting it cool down, and got behind the bushes. This was because of the fact that while herbivore hybrids could deal with carnivore hybrids eating wild versions of their species, and meeting up with those who were larger than the average hybrid, which is between the heights of five and seven feet tall depending on race, and gender, when they were scared for some reason, it was best that they not see wild versions of themselves being prepared or as part of a meal, or running into those larger than themselves, as they would react on instinct and run, even from those who'd help them. When the person, a young buck with a modest set of antlers, got to the campsite, he collapsed, saying that his wife and traveling companions had been captured. As Tom and Ariel nursed him back to normal, giving him some emergency rations, food that was for those of the opposite diet of the traveler who had them, just in case they ran into someone of the opposite diet as themselves, the young man told them what had happened. While he was out gathering water, a large group of outlaws had captured those he was with, including his wife, whom he'd just got married to. Ariel told him that the two of them, along with the help of their one companion, would help him out. When the young man asked who the third person was, he was shocked to see Zena come out of the bushes, and was slightly afraid when he smelled the scent of deer on her breath. However, she told him that she was more interested in eating those who had captured his wife and companions than him, and told him and the two foxes to get on her back. With that, she ran, following the young man's scent, then that of the outlaws after she got to the scene of the attack.

When they got to the outlaws' campsite, Zena told the young ones that she'd attack the outlaws while they freed the captives. When the deer, Robert, said that they would kill her, as there was over two hundred of them in the group, Zena told them that if that was what it took, she'd gladly do it. With that, she told them to get moving, as she launched her attack, attracting the attention of most of the group, who figured that they could take her, which meant that other than a few guards, which were easily taken out, the three young ones were able to release the prisoners with very little problems, and escorted them to their campsite.

However, by the time the sun rose, Zena hadn't returned. Also, because of the fact that they were near a marsh, there was a good deal of fog, preventing them from seeing very far. This had the foxes, especially Ariel, worried, and wondering where she was, when they heard some slow, heavy footsteps. (If you've seen Jurassic Park, you can make a guess as to what that sounds like, except replace the T-Rex with a giant bipedal wolf.) When the foxes look up, they see Zena's head. She looks at them and says, "About time I saw you two." and collapses. As the pair looks her over, they found out that she has broken bones all over her body, stab wounds, and signs of poisoning. Needless to say, she's a mess. However, Robert's wife, a tigress named Clara, was being trained as a doctor, and started to apply first-aid, as the group traveled to the nearest place that had a hospital, Marsh City.

Two weeks later, when Zena was finally released from the hospital, she went to see a friend of hers, a fellow owner of a tasting house, one called "The Frog's Lilly Pad", as the town had a large population of amphibian hybrids. The reason for this visit was to complete a small favor that the owner had asked her to do, which was to deliver some guard and dish outfits as the caravans that normally did the job were constantly being attacked by the outlaw group that Zena had just wiped out. While they were there, Zena had a talk with the city's Chief of Police, who saw to it that the reward for taking care of the outlaw group that had been plaguing the city for some time was put into her account.

That night, she, and the other four, as Robert and Clara decided to come along with them as they were heading to the same undersea city as Zena and the foxes, went to the hotel that the young ones had rented a room at, as they waited for Zena to heal up. It was at that point that Robert and Clara learned that Zena was practically immortal, as that was the only way that she could of survived her injuries. They also learned that she was the legendary Swallowing Zena. These were things that she preferred to keep secret, and asked them to keep it that way.

In the morning, after Zena helped out some of the people there, they left town. When they set up camp that night, Zena told them that she had someone to visit in a nearby settlement, one who was a relation to her first real friend, Zoey. The settlement though was full of rough characters, mostly low level thieves and the like, and was more of a meeting area for nomadic groups to swap goods and the like, than a proper town. While they were in town, Zena and the others went into the place's version of a tasting house, so that she could find out where Zoey's relation was at. However, a wolf hybrid, who had an eye patch, half an ear torn off, and had a hook for a hand, entered the place, which became deathly quite. Zena took one look at him, and saw two things that really interested her, a set of brands on his head, one for a murderer and the other for rapist, and his remaining eye, which was very familiar to her.

However, the man's eye had caught sight of Ariel, and he wanted her as his. He tried to take her, but that caused Tom to grab his arm. This caused the man to slash his right eye and break his arm. However, despite his pain, Tom manages to break the man's collarbone. Also, Robert, more or less, breaks a chair over the man's head. However, he gets his antlers broken off and is punched in the chest, and gets Tom tossed on top of him, and both of them fall unconscious. Needless to say, this scares Clara, but Ariel just points at Zena, who was watching the whole thing. Zena asks the man how many people has he killed. The man tells her that she and the other two would make just over twenty total people that he'd killed. However, Zena tells him that her record, for one night, was ten times that, with several thousand more besides that. The man says that she is a liar, as no one could kill that many people. However, when Zena shows him her real form, as she'd been using an illusion, the man becomes very scared, as Zena had one well known reputation for eating outlaws alive, and was feared by every one of them, as she was an unstoppable juggernaut in a fight. She also produced a badge of sorts, as she had recently been made a member of a special law enforcement agency, the Wild Beasts, which had jurisdiction in the Wilds, and an outstanding warrant for the man's arrest, not to mention a reward poster for the man's capture, dead, alive, or digested, whichever the case was. After force-feeding him a safety pill, she swallowed him, after removing everything he had on him, including his eye patch and hook.

The next day, after making sure that Tom and Robert's injuries were taken care of, the group left town. Along the way, Zena reveals that the man that they had encountered, and she had swallowed for transport to the nearest recognized town, was the same person that they'd been looking for, as Zoey had had an illegitimate son before she'd been found on the streets by Crog's main wife. Before the fox had passed away over three hundred years prior, due to cancer, she had told Zena about him, and asked her to find him, or his offspring, and tell them about her. However, it had taken Zena a long time to locate which family that Zoey had left him with, and by that point, the man had died and his children had moved away from the area. As a result, Zena had spent a long time chasing down dead leads, both figuratively, in which she'd been given the wrong information, and literally, in that the person was dead and had no next-of-kin nearby. However, when she joined the Wild Beasts, on a long shot she had decided to expand her search to include criminals. That long shot had paid off when she located him in the database. However, instead of being just a low-level thief or conman as she'd been hoping, she was disappointed to find out that the man she'd been looking for was a serial murderer and rapist, one with a long rap sheet.

That night, as they set up camp, Tom asked whether or not Ariel loved him anymore, two which Zena said that while his looks had caught Ariel's eyes, it was his caring personality that she'd fallen in love with. Also, Robert and Clara talk about their own relationship, about their families, as to how Robert had been working in his stepfather's meat store, dusting the shelves, and slipped on something, causing him to land on top of Clara, who'd been looking for some spices in the aisle that Robert had been dusting, and got his arm caught in her mouth, and other things, including the fact that Clara's father had raped her mother, when the woman's husband caught and killed the man when he had tried to kill her after the fact, and how the woman had died shortly after giving birth to her, leaving Clara to be raised by her mother's husband, and one of his other wives.

It is at this point that Clara asks Zena to help her with an important part of her medical training, as she was trying to become what was known as a Dish Doctor, a doctor who would soak in the same things that would be put in injections for anesthetic and putting people to sleep, and would be swallowed by their patient, which was either a croc or a snake, as it was difficult to give them injections, except through their gums, as it was extremely difficult to pierce their scales except with a fine diamond edge blade, so that other doctors could then perform the operation that was needed. However, they had to be trained as a dish, by a certified dish trainer, specifically, one who was a swallower. Zena was one of those, and since she was one who lived in the same area as Clara, Clara wouldn't have to travel very far to get to the tasting house that Zena owned and operated when they got home. Zena agrees, and as the book draws to a close, starts the woman's training then and there.

7. A Thief in the Undersea
Takes place a week after the end of the previous story. After passing through customs, Zena drops her prisoner off at the police station, where the Police Chief tells her that he has a case for her. It seems that Zena has something of a copywolf, as it were, a female wolf with the same trick jaw as her. However, this thief is being forced to steal things by an ambassador’s son, meaning that the local police can't do a thing about it. When Zena looks at a picture of the young woman, she sees that the thief is just a girl, just barely into her teens. Also, she bares a striking resemblance to her, and the one whom Zena had named herself after, a long dead Wild Beast officer named Zena, who'd had a life-sized gold statue of her head made in her honor. However, that statue had been stolen, on Zena's first theft, and had never been seen again. Also, the theft had been in that very city, in fact, it had occurred in the hotel that Zena had rented a room at, as it had been a museum back then.

When Zena is done remembering her past, she looks at the Police Chief and agrees to take the job, on the condition that the girl is placed under her care, as she knows what she's been through, and wants to help her out, and be like a mother to her. The Police Chief agrees, and that night, Zena enters the place that was going to be robbed, and is shocked to find the alarms disabled. She then finds the museum guard on the floor, bleeding to death. Before he dies, he tells her that the ambassador’s son had bribed him to turn off the alarms, but when the man tried to rape the wolf girl he had with him, he had tried to save her life, and got stabbed as a result, and asks Zena to save the girl, as the man was going to kill her.

After the man dies, Zena hears a familiar sound, and crashes though the wall, catching the man in the act of raping the girl. At the sight of her, the man tried to run, but tripped due to the fact that his pants had fallen down on him. After taking care of the girl, and putting her someplace safe, Zena proceeds to beat the man to a pulp, breaking his arms and back, and tearing his legs off. However, as she was catching her breath, she read his mind, and found out exactly the sort of life he'd lead, as to how his father abused him at every opportunity. In a moment of compassion, Zena got out a syringe and needle, and a bottle of liquid painkiller and sleeping medication, and injected him with a lethal dose, to end his pain and suffering. She then stages the scene, to make it look like the guard and ambassador’s son had killed each other, and left. Then, she heads to the police station, and leaves a package for them, the gold head of the first Zena. The story ends a month later, with Zena telling the girl, Rachel, about the red fox woman who had saved her own life, a long time ago. *Note, Rachel is Zena's half-cousin, seventeen times removed, as she is the direct descendant of William, the wolf soldier who was in the third book.*

Also in this story is some of Crog's own past, as to the extent of his torture, as well as what had happened to Zena when she was a slave, and the bloody way as to how she became free, and the exact details of her first robbery.

8. Grandma's an Immortal Thief
Takes place three years after the previous story. The story starts in a hospital, with Tom, who has an eye patch over his right eye, pacing back and forth, as nervous as, well, as a fox that is being chased by a bunch of fox hounds and is now denned up or some such thing. Then again, Ariel is expecting, and is about to give birth. Also, it seems she has quadruplets, that is, she's going to give birth to four children. As a result, Tom has a good reason to be nervous. Zena though is laying down, waiting patiently, despite the fact that she is nervous herself. Then again, she's seen the whole spectrum before, birth, childhood, adulthood, and death, many times throughout her four hundred plus years of life.

Eventually, the Stork, a doctor who specializes in pregnancy, the various methods in helping couples have children when natural means do not work, and childbirth itself, comes out and tells them that they could see Ariel then. As it turns out, Ariel had four girls, including one who was born human, which she named after her late half-sister. The other three were fox hybrids. Tom names a black-furred one the name that his one sister would of been called, had she of survived her birth when she was born, which was the same time as him, as he'd been part of a multiple birth and he'd been the only one to make it, which had been one reason as to why he'd been nervous. Ariel names a red-furred one Zoey, after Zena's one friend and lover. However, Rachel, who'd been waiting with Zena and Tom, picks up a third, one with gold colored fur, and says that the girl resembles a jewel that she once saw, and the name sticks.

The next day, as Zena takes Ariel and the children home, as the hospital had had them stay overnight for observation, Zena meets up with the step-brother of an ex-employee of hers, who asks her to come to the funeral of his step-mother. As it turns out, the reason that Zena had fired the man was because of the fact that he'd been stealing money from the tasting house she ran. Also, the man had hired a large group of outlaws to attack the area that Zena lived. During the attack, the group had attacked several of Zena's neighbors, and killed a few of them, and kidnapped several women and children, including Rachel and Ariel. Needless to say, after finding out where the group was at, after interrogating and executing some of those she'd taken prisoner, she went after the group and killed many of them, including their leader. However, when she found out that they'd been hired by her ex-employee, she gave him two choices, life in prison, or being banished to the Wilds for the rest of his days, never being allowed to enter a recognized town or city. The man took being banished, and his stepmother, who was a friend of Zena's, died of a broken heart when she heard the news.

After telling her friend's one "surviving" son, as those who were banished were stricken from the family inheritance, though their children, from before and after the banishment, could still receive it, that she would be at the funeral, Zena continued on her way. When she finally got to work, Zena found that she had a couple of visitors, a police officer and a convict from the prison. The convict was there because he wanted to work for her, as Zena ran something of a work-release program, in which she'd let convicts work for her, and make some honest money to help their families, and victims, out, providing that they followed her rules, and wore a tracking bracelet. As Zena checked out his record, noting that he was serving ten years for destruction of private property, she told him the rules, which were to stay in the building until the corrections officers came to pick him up, with the only exceptions being if it was an emergency or if they had permission, to not get into fights with the other employees, some of which were other work-release convicts, many of which were part of a special prison-church group that one of her friends had founded, before he was executed for his crimes, some years back, and a few other things. She also told him about the consequences, that each time he broke the rules, that she'd swallow him for a certain time limit. If he broke the rules a forth time, he'd go back to prison. However, there were rewards, such as earning himself a room to stay at the place, being able to have his choice of lovers if he wanted them, being able to enjoy the dishes for free, and so forth.

When she was done with the man, who went to the back of the place with Tom, she turned to the officer who handed her a letter. This letter had to deal with a murder that had happened in the tasting house, as someone had smuggled hot meat into the place, which caused one of the clients to eat one of the dishes. Unfortunately, when trying to move the client away form the girl, Zena had accidently killed the man, and the girl had died as well. However, blame for the deaths was not put on Zena, but on the man who had smuggled the hot meat in, as hot meat in a tasting house could cause a carnivorous hybrid enjoying the taste of one of the dishes, into a wild predator eating one of the dishes. As a result, one could be arrested and charged with attempted murder for bringing it in. Also, if a death occurred as a result, be it from the client eating a dish, a guard killing the client while attempting to protect the dish, the guard getting killed, or even the client committing suicide when they realize what they did, the person who brought the hot meat in would be executed by being eaten alive by one of the Wild Beasts. It was one of three crimes that had that sentence. The other two were Cannibalism for Non-survival reasons, in which someone killed someone just to eat them, and Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity, in which an ambassador, or one of those under their protection, committed a serious crime, such as murder or rape.

After reading the letter, Zena orders up the one's sister, and tells her about what the police had found, and gives her a comforting hug, telling her about how sorry she was that she was unable to prevent her sibling's death. After that, to give the girl some privacy as she cried, she swallowed the woman.

The rest of the story revolves around the new man, a green Leopard Frog named Fred. Fred had once lived in Marsh City, but after his fiancée, a human, drowned on a river during a storm, he started getting into trouble with the law. After a while, he left of his own volition. Sometime later, he had entered Grass City, and ended up getting arrested for destruction of private property. After an official visit from Zena to the prison, in which she had to conduct some business, the other convicts told him about her. It was at that point that he had asked to see if he could work for her, and it was granted.

Three years later, Fred is married to one of his co-workers. Also, Rachel has married Tony, son of Dr. Vonewe. Then, a few months later, Crog, after almost eight years of silence, shows up out of the blue, and is promptly slapped, and kissed, by Zena, who is glad to see her husband after so long.

9. The Origins of Animalus and the Hybrids and its Laws
Takes place 14 years after the end of the last story.

In the first part of the story, an archeologist comes to Zena for help, as he has uncovered the ship that the planet's first settlers, and the first hybrids, traveled in. However, the door has remained impenetrable thus far, and he doesn't want to use explosives for fear of damaging anything that is inside. As a result, he's come to the former thief for help. Zena agrees to help the man out. However, when she tries to open the door up, it is found out that only a human can open it up. Thankfully, one of the people with them is a human, and is able to get the door open. Inside, they find an elderly cheetah hybrid in a suspended animation chamber, which they are able to open, and wake the occupant up. The occupant, Captain William James Hennry, dies a moment later, after handing Zena certain remote.

A moment after this, Zena presses a button on the remote, and a holographic version of the man appears, and starts to tell the history of the settlers.

The ship had been going to three planets, one was on its way to being self-autonomous, but needed additional settlers to make it official, one was a penal colony for criminals to go to work off their debts to society, and the third was a military outpost along the Earth Federation and Herog Empire border Zone. However, there was also a forth planet as well, as the ship had scientists that were cloning animals that had gone extinct by that time. It was part of a top secret mission to create a preserve of sorts, a place where animals could live without humans being there.

However, the ship came under attack, and as a result, almost everyone was severely injured to the point that they would not of survived. Also, the navigation computer had the coordinates for every planet, except for one, wiped out. The only planet left was the one code-named Paradise. After the captain, William, unlocked the coordinates for it, he had his wife, who was the head scientist on board, to perform the operation that saved the lives of the people on board, to fuss them with the DNA of animals, as there had been an accident in which a young boy had been fussed with a tiger just prior to the attack. When the operation was done, the man had become a cheetah hybrid. After that, they'd gone to the planet, and settled it.

In the present, 4450 AS, a funeral is held in the man's honor, and the story ends with Ariel and hers being revealed to be the man's descendants.

10. A Condemned Man, and an Immortal Thief

Takes place about five years after the previous story.

When she finds out that a murderer that she is scheduled to execute within the month did the deed to try to keep his family, who are being held hostage by the one who told him to do the deed, alive, Zena finds herself in a race against time, as she deals with her angry step-grandson, whose fiancée had been killed by the condemned man, kidnaps the stepson of the man who had ordered the hit, puts the condemned man into hiding, deals with corrupt police officers, and fights the man who had ordered the hit in the first place, a disgraced ex-Wild Beast officer who is out for revenge.

 Planet Animalus Books Sums Books 11-15  (18+)
Part three of my Planet Animalus Summaries.
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