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A view at the conversation no parent wants to have... 341 words.
The Talk

         “Mom, is Santa Claus real?”

         “Do you believe that he is?”

         “Yeah... I guess so, but Steven said only babies believe in Santa. I'm not a baby!”

         “No, you're not a baby. You're eight; you've been a big girl for a long time. Your brother is just picking on you because he's older. Steven just thinks he's too cool for Christmas now that he's eleven.”

         “I want to be cool too!”

         “You are, Bree.”

         “But, Mommy, if Santa is real, why are there presents in your closet?”

         “Why were you in my room?”

         “Steven said he could prove Santa wasn't real.”

         “You know better than to go in my room, Breeanna.”

         “I know. I'm sorry... But, really, Mom, why do you have presents there?”

         “Okay, Bree. I'll be honest. The presents are there because I put them there.”

         “I'm eight, Ma. I'm not a little baby anymore. I can handle it. Is Santa real or not?”

         “Well... yes and no.”


         “Santa is not a real man, at least, not now. Now, he's used as a symbol for the Christmas Spirit.”

         “A symbol?”

         “Yes. He's used to remind us of Christmas cheer, to help us remember that Christmas is about giving to others, even if they don't know who a present comes from.”

         “I get it... But, if Santa isn't real, then what's Christmas really about?”

         “Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.”

         “You mean Jesus was a real person?”

         “Yes, Bree... Don't you pay attention in Sunday School?”

         “But Steven said...”

         “Why do you listen to him? Don't listen to what Steven tells you; he just likes to pick on you.”

         “Okay, Mommy... So, Santa reminds us to share the Christmas spirit and Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth,”


         “Got it.”

         “Good. Any other questions?”

         “Yeah... Why don't we get a week off of school for my birthday?”

Word Count: 340 words
Written On: December 15, 2009
Inspired By: "Dialogue Only"   by Riot
Prompt: Write a story of only dialogue; Christmas-related for applicable round.
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