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You will recieve this letter, should you join Non-Humans R Us.
Dear Recipient of this letter,

         The reason that you are receiving this is because you asked to join the group Non-Humans R Us. Now, while you don't have to write about, or perhaps draw, anthros, monsters, aliens, talking animals, and so forth, it is advisable that you are at least interested in reading stories about them or looking at pictures of them.

         As a member of the group, which is the first of its kind on the site, though it is my hope that eventually others will be formed, as subdivisions of this group, to specialize in their own areas of non-humans, you will find others who think along similar lines, in a way, in that they are interested in dealing with non-humans in one form or another. You will find many potentially future friends here as the group grows here.

         Now, there are some things that you should know, while discussion about one's characters are encouraged, and giving one suggestions as to improve them, saying things that are derogatory are highly frowned upon, as is saying that your guy is better than someone else's. Now, while you may, (or may not *Smile*) not like a person's character, because of the character’s sexual orientation, race/species, origins, and so forth, I'd appreciate it if you would show some decency, and take such things outside of the group.

         Now, if you and another member of the group get into an argument, it is advisable that you come to me, or one of the other senior members of the group, and talk about your problems with us, and we will see about working things out.

         However, if you, and the other person, use the forum as your battleground, both of you will be kicked out of the group, until both of you apologize to each other, rate/review at least two of the other person's items, with two hundred fifty characters in them, and make them public, so that me and the other senior members of the group can see them. At that point, we will contact you, and ask as to why you want us to let you become a member again. Depending on your response, we may, or may not, give you a second chance. However, start up another fight, forget it.

         Now, with that out of the way, in this group, you will find a wide variety of writers, from young children, on up to grandparents and beyond. You will find writers who like to write children stuff, as well as those who write more adult orientated stuff. You will find people who write light hearted fairy tales, as well as those who like to write dark horror stories. You will find those who like to write about a field full of flowers, as well as those who like to write about death and destruction. However, they all have one thing in common, they like to write about/draw/whatever things that deal with non-humans.

         So, with that in mind, Welcome to Non-Humans R Us, We hope that you enjoy your time here.

From, the BIG BAD WOLF and co.

PS. Please be sure to make the following forum as one of your Favorites or Highlited items.

Welcome to Non-Humans R Us  (13+)
Discussion page for the Non-Humans Group Members
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