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Poem Written in Sestina Format About Dementia
The following poem, written in the Sestina Format is based on this Quotation:

"Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood." Andy Goldsworthy

Icicle tears in a night full of stars,
Recall nothing but the cold.
Snowing still life in the distance,
Years away from here and now.
Captured echoes of fading memory.
Rocking chair at the foot of a bed.

Lingering life settles to bed,
Night after night, beneath moon and stars.
Snowfall triggers vivid blast of memory,
Blankets shield this shell from the cold.
To feel something, anything now.
Ticking clock closes the distance.

Childish laughter transcends any distance,
Medicine in a drawer next to the bed.
Write it down, keep track of it now.
Our snowball fight under the stars,
Too young and alive to feel the cold.
Trapped by repeating refrain of memory.

Irish blue eyes dance in that memory,
Future husband, a boy in the distance.
Blaze in my heart through a night so cold,
Passion and laughter, we tumbled to bed.
Magic and music, rocketing stars.
Warmth surrounds me even now.

Shake me, wake me up to that now,
Before I become but a memory.
Let me see those blessed stars,
Up close and not at a distance.
I throw the quilt off my bed.
Determined to brave that winter night so cold.

Struggle to open that window to the cold,
Wind blows my silver hair now.
Steady myself, return slowly to bed,
Your hand holding mine, not a memory.
At last our love has breached all distance,
Together we rise in a night of those stars.

Under our stars, we don't feel the cold.
Age in the distance, young and vibrant now.
Snowy night of memory, sweeps us at last to bed.....


Room 16A, Once Upon a Time - For My Mom, the most beautiful woman I have ever known

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