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Written for my Grandmother 8/9/09
When I think of you, I think of..

Angels and porcelain dolls
teddybears and romance novels
Rosy red cheeks and tight hugs
grandmother perfume and samples of rugs
Touched By An Angel and Lifetime movies
Mary-Kate, Ashley, and delicious smoothies
Outlet stores and various knick-knacks
Slim Quick shakes and duck quacks
Goose poop park and long walks
lots of laughs and lots of talks
Snake-like fireworks and a strawberry patch
sprinklers and a baby bull snake to catch
Candied sweet potatoes and Thanksgiving wishes
visiting Petsmart and looking at the fishes

When I think of you, I remember..

McDonald's Mcflurries and long car rides
sleepovers and television guides
Baby dolls and pretty pink lace
paper dolls and a smile on your face
Hot chocolate and a warm fire
saying "I love you" and interesting attire
A brown wooden box and a brick shelf
summer nights and being yourself
Monsters Inc. and soda pop
car windows and a sign that says stop
Car races and "Wizard's of Oz" on ice
a wood pile and baby mice
An open field and a sky filled with stars
blue eyes and candybars

When I think of you, I think "Nana G"
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