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This is for every True Grandmother out there. Everyone else, be respectful when you r/r it
This is for a certain group of women.
You are there for us while we are young.
You have so much to give to us.

Your eyes hold wisdom that we need.
Your laughter causes joy beyond joy.
You smile as we tell you our dreams.

When we are in trouble, you watch out for us.
When we need help, you give it freely.
When we are sad, you comfort us.

You see that, when it is time to go,
You can look down at us, and say,
"I love you, my grandchild."

This is for every grandmother out there,
Whether it be by blood, or some other way.
If you gave a young man or woman much needed wisdom,
You are considered here, as a grandmother.

Also, this is for two in particular,
Kathy Smile, a fellow writer on the site,
Who gave me an extension when I told her about my troubles.

The other one, is my grandmother,
Who, sadly, is not here to read this,
As she passed away, a few years back.

And if this doesn’t rhyme,
I'm not going to change it.
After all, this is for a grandmother,
Not a poetry contest.
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