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by beth
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People who have reflected my life!
                                                    My Hero

              What is a Hero? How do they act or what have they done to become a Hero? To me a Hero is a person who cares for you,who is there for you,and knows how to stay true! Meaning they are completely honest.A lot of people thinks a Hero is like Superman, Spiderman,or just someone who goes out there to fight off little monsters.That's not what I think though! My wonderful,caring,and loveing Hero is a brave,smart,intelligent woman whom I call Mrs.Sharyll or Mama Sharyl.There are more people who live with her that are also my Hero's,but i feel I need to put this essay about her this time.I hope you find intrest in her as much as i did and still do!

              The first reason why she is my Hero is because when I was in a bad place she helped me get out of there.Mrs.Sharyl is my Hero because she has been helping me,she gives me strength to stay strong,and because she has stuck with me through everything that has prolonged. The way she helped me is by telling me to keep my head held high, she stayed in touch with me when i got put into a fostar home, and of  course she gave me a shoulder to lean and cry on! There's not very many people who would take the time to do that.Their's more I can tell you about how she helped me but I don't want to over do it.To be honest those were just a couple of ways she has helped me.  Have you ever been helped in those ways? I don't know how your Hero has helped you but I'm sure they have helped you get through things that you have struggled on through life.

              The second reason Mrs.Sharyl is my Hero is because she gave me strength by having confidence in me to stay strong, she tells me how much she loves and misses me, and not only she said we will get through this together! The third and final reason that makes her my Hero is by sticking with me through the good and bad, plus she got me into a better place,she has been there for me more than anyone has in this world,and because she never puts me down.

              This is important because there isnt very many people in this world who would stick with you through the hard and mellow times. I really must say that there is no way in this world that I could ever repay her for the goodness in her heart! All I can say is Thankyou for everything you have done for me. The people who reads this I hope understood my message and if you havent understood I wa strying to basically stay that out of a hundred million people in this world there will only be one who will care for you , and who are willing to make sacrifices for others.........like Mrs.Sharyl!

              Mrs.Sharyl is my world,she is like a mother whom I have never had,and I hope you have learned that friends, family,or even strangers can also be there for you for when you should ever..........Fall !!!!

Note: Made in Language Arts in school when sent 2 a fostar home.
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