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Kids drive hard bargains questions as Connor Knight finds out.
This is an unfinished segment from something that started as an idea for a fanfic, but ended up with original characters and settings. Also, I realized that there was no way I could replicate Carson Kressley's rather unique personality. Some settings are similar, of course and the show Connor is on, Intervention, is along the lines of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...plus when I started to do Character Mapping, who I wanted to pair Katar with didn't fit with who Carson was. :P so Enjoy.

The series takes place in NYC, NY for the most part, with some parts in the Poconos in PA...kept a few minor detail ideas for Carson for Connor. :P


Victory and Montana were watching through a window from the waiting room of the dance studio as Katar practiced waltzing with one of the unpaired young women in his class. Connor watched out of a corner of his eye as the pair twirled across the dance floor. Secretly it made him jealous to see Katar dancing with someone else like that. He looked so happy and at ease. But, two men could never dance together like that.

"Papa, why do you look sad?" Victory asked; she and Montana had wandered over with their barbie dolls.

"Because, I can't dance with your daddy," Connor admitted. "I was brought up to believe that if you're a man you dance like that with women. Not with other men."

"Uncle Connor, it's not the seventies anymore! If you wanna dance with Uncle Katar that way . . . ASK HIM, duh! There are already figure skating boys who skate with other boys, why not boys who dance with other boys? Adults make stuff too complicated!" Montana ended her speech with a hand on her hip.

She looked so much like her mother like this, a brunette version, but like her mother nonetheless. Victory mimicked her cousin's posture and then spoke.

"Yeah you totally should tell daddy you wanna dance with him! He'll understand, daddy is really understanding!" Victory replied. "If you don't, I will!"

"Don't you dare!"

"We'll tattle on you if you don't! Why are you so stubborn, Uncle Connor?"

"I am not stubborn!"

They argued back and forth like this for a good twenty minutes, until the entire dance class had gathered to watch, it had been over for a good ten minutes now.

"What on Earth is going on, you three?" Katar finally asked.

"You know them?" Arista, the girl Katar had been dancing with asked.

"Katar! Uhhh, nothing!"

"Daddy. Papa says he wants to dance with you the way you were dancing with that lady in the poofy dress! He says two boys are NOT allowed to dance that way together."

"Well that is a load of crap if I ever heard it, Connor. OF COURSE I would dance with you this way. You would need to learn the woman's part, but I doubt that would trouble you much," Katar explained. "I would love to have you as my dance partner."

"Is this a love interest, Katar?" Arista asked, nudging Katar's gut.

"Remember I told you all I considered myself to be married? This is my husband. Connor Leigh Knight, of Intervention fame. Victory, here, is my adoptive daughter and that is Montana, Connor's neice, she lives with us during the school year to go to Victory's school," Katar explained.

Connor popped up and hugged Katar tightly around the stomach. Katar dropped his duffle and hugged his mate to his chest. Katar knew Connor was crying from the way his body shook.

"I'm getting your shirt wet," Connor sobbed.

"Cry all you like, my love. I do not mind the wet sweatshirt. Merry, Arista and I were going to go get ice cream, why don't you and the girls come along. The diner that has the best treats is just two blocks up," Katar said. "It will be my treat, of course!"

"We want ice cream!" the girls hopped up and down and cheered.

"All right. Look at me crying...you probably think I'm awful silly to cry like this!"

"Nonsense! Look up at me, husband mine?"

Connor obeyed and was kissed on his forehead, then his nose, and finally Katar placed a chaste kiss on the other blonde's lips. Connor smiled, then broke away and got his coat down from one of the hooks, then handed the two girls theirs. The cousins packed up their things into their backpacks. Connor put his gloves on then helped with Montana's as she had gotten two fingers into one finger hole. The two girls hugged him tight and he smiled.

"Okay, we're all ready," Victory said and smiled cutely.

Her father zipped up his own coat and picked up his dufflebag. "Me four and a half. " He teased.

The girls just giggled, used to Katar's occasionally silly antics. Once Merry and Arista were ready, they set off towards the diner. Katar flirted with Connor, Merry and Arista with ease as they walked, but he kept his hand in Connor's so that the younger man would know that he loved only him.

They were given a big booth and both the ice cream and regular menus.

"Order whatever you like, might I suggest their loaded waffle fries if you are hungry for something hot, they have great coffee and lattes, excellent cheesesteaks and burgers too," Katar said as Connor rested his head against his muscular arm.

"Okay," Merry said and Katar fished two tens from his wallet and handed them to his daughter and neice.

"Go play on the videogames until the food comes. I know what you two like to eat here well enough," he told them and they hurried off to get change for the money and to play.

"Now, you two had something to say to me, did you not?"

"I guess we should have figured there was something about you that ruined the 'perfect husband' stuff and all when you told us you were getting into the dating scene again about six months ago. You cook, you clean, you wear flattering clothes, you're suave, you know how to flirt with more than one person without it seeming to be demeaning to any, nor do you come off as a player. I guess there really is no such thing as a perfect man. Then two weeks back you told us all you presently considered yourself to be married, since you always claimed to not believe in marriage as it stands..."

"I like males and females. Connor is one of those special gay men who is able to accept my bisexuality without complaint. He knows when I am seeing him, unless we mutually agree on a threesome or otherwise, he is the only one who enjoys me then," Katar explained gently. "I respect him enough that I would never even think to ask him if I could bring a woman into a threesome. And with all the disease going around, I would think long and hard before wanting to bring in another male."

"I just don't find females sexually attractive," Connor shrugged. "I could never see myself in a situation with a nude woman that wasn't an nude model for sketching or somesuch."

"I don't blame you two for wanting to be in a relationship and only a relationship. Katar, remember my brother got sick last year, and how he really hasn't truely recovered?" Arista asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"He's HIV positive and it's starting to hurt him, he'll never forgive the man who cheated on him and got him infected. Nor will we," She explained/

"Oh god that's terrible. Connor was fortunate to pick carefully his lovers and always used a condom, when the lovers were able to coerce him into sex. I myself am EXTREMELY picky about who I bring home let alone bed,"


"I never had a strong sex drive until Katar reeled me in. Then suddenly I couldn't get enough. It probably has something to do with how attractive he is and how he talks, and everything that just puts me into a lovemaking mood." Connor replied as the waitress approached looking a bit harried from her last table.

"My apologies, what can I get you to drink?"

"Two lemonades, a pot of regular coffee and two mugs for us, ladies?" Katar asked. "Oh and lots of creamer, please."

"I'll have a hazlenut Latte, and a glass of water," Arista grinned.

"I'll have a pumpkin spice latte, thank you," Merry told the waitress.

"I'll be back in a few," The waitress winked at Katar and Connor as they cuddled affectionately.

"Does he normally order for you, Connor?"

"I always let him do so, it makes me feel very good that he cares enough to learn what I enjoy and don't enjoy," Connor smiled.

"So your sex drive went through the roof?"

"He's also amazing in bed. He loves giving me whatever I need. So I guess it was a combo of how beautiful, intelligent and good he is, he takes good care of me, all the time," Connor looked pleased.

"Well do you take good care of him? Because a good relationship is a two-way street,"

"He always knows when I am sad, or hurting and always cheers me up. He too knows my favorite foods, knows my favorite color, animal, and so on and buys thing accordingly," Katar grinned. "He even buys for my pet bird which is really sweet. Pretty sure that next spring we will be getting a puppy together too. Victory and Montana are thrilled about that."

"Montana's dad is a little anti-pet, he never had one as a child, like we always did so he doesn't think his his children need them, so she's excited that for part of the year she has pets," Connor explained.

"What kind of dog do you want?"

"A mastiff. Periodically I must go away for business and I want a puppy that will grow to protect Connor and the girls when I am unable to," Katar explained. "And that dog needs to be something Connor can ask things of, or Montana, or Victory. He will also need to be a dog that Connor can take on walks without being afraid his shoulder will be dislocated. Mastiffs are strong but they do not tend towards pulling you down the street, they like to trot along beside you, and hope for a snack."


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