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Written for Sherri Gibson's Coloring The World Contest using her weekly prompt

Now there is something to be said about being buried alive,
the real truth of the matter is that one cannot really survive!
No sunlight at all, and not even a fresh breath of clean air,
our feeling soon leaves us and that just doesn't seem fair.

We think of the darkness that "buried alive" brings to mind
but we can be buried alive - a happening of a different kind.
We can be buried alive by the troubles that we all can face,
by bills that come in and sad memories we cannot erase.

Survival is tough when this old world gets us feeling down,
when there is not enough fuel or food or if we're homebound.
So think of the blessings that do come our way from folks
who will laugh at the troubles and keep on cracking jokes.

You've got to have a barrel of faith and a bushel of hope
in order to survive the pitfalls of life, in order to cope!
When the world is the darkest, there will come a dawn
to give us the peace and the will to keep us carrying on.

If today you feel that you are being buried alive -
Look up and let go of the fears that seem to arrive.
Give God a chance to come into your life and heart,
it's the only answer when your world is falling apart!


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