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by Max
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A mother would like to connect with her children, as a Grandpa wants to connect.
As the Moon Wanes

Sit you down, my child, and hear my words
And be nothing but ears towards
The naked speech, I do beseech I will lay upon you.
Brew my tea and never ask me to continue
Before I have had my green, hot, hot,
Drink to keep my hands warm and my thought
Of the story yet to come never awry.
It begins and ends with a child, much like yourself, that I spy
Before me. Must you jitter,
Bitter, and pout? You mustn't spit, or
Lack respect, for your Grand Papa.

Tillian Lilly and Bek Tibilly both...
Hello, there my beauty, come join us. Doth!
Understood what had been wrote -
From their dearest Mother, Bote -
It went something...(please excuse my lack of breath) like this:
"My tiny, God-Given, gifts of nature. Oh! The very lack of your kiss
The very existence of your Big Miss,
Has me turning and burning, for my sunshines
Of joy. For when I get the collective kiss, my eyes
Glow as if bliss, the proof of love,
Has been eternal and true, my doves,
The bringers of peace, the strings of merriment,
The safe, my collective heart, my summer, and betterment,
Yes! What have I done to deserve such serenity
That would bring you to me, and allow me to pity
The earth's creatures for none, two alike!
But, I must go, and your Grand Papa will have you know, Mike
Never knew, what I know and hold true, that I will see you soon
In the passing of the Moon."
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