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by Fluke
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That is so not my type.... Sounds familiar eh

The Type Phenomena

An usual conversation about 'love' with your peers is quite entertaining. I love to hear how they tell about all their flows, playmates, flirts, one-nights and whatnot. Yet I cannot help sometimes, how their superficiality disturbs me. When one goes like “yeah, I'm totally into blond chicks,” or “he just has to have pretty eyes,” it is hard not to be. In my opinion you cannot fall in love with looks. They are just a lust for your eyes, as the saying goes, it counts what is inside. Of course it is not impossible to fall in love with someone good looking, though you're actually in love with their inner features.

It might be correct to state you are turned on by some specific looks or, if they are racial, that you have a thing for a specific breed. For example, that hot Latina chick who has been sweeping her hair all day long plus her bitchiness, which would probably make her queen bee. Or maybe that stud with his endless green eyes, which seem to be eying deeply into yours all day, not to mention all the other girls, who may think the same since he has been acting like he is a gods gift to the world, instead of showing he is not raised by pigs. So he or she might be the best you have ever seen, still you are so not buying those manners, which brings me to my point; Falling in love with looks is impossible and doomed to fail if you dislike the persons personality. People who are stating they are attracted to racial or specific facial features, are basically just telling it turns them on.

It gets a kind of psychological if you are able of convince yourself you are only able to fall in love with simplistic facial/racial features. Those who do most likely end up damaged or sad because they will go through lengths to make it work. Convincing yourself to like something for whatever reason is foisting yourself into a complex and maybe even more disturbing, it is fake. Being true to yourself is probably the hardest thing to do, however being true to yourself is the only way to be true to others. Furthermore persuading yourself like that is comparable with materialistic relationships, loving one for what one has, looks like or is instead of who they are. It is almost unnecessary to tell that true love would never do without the raw attraction of characteristic.

The 'he-is-not-my-type' phenomena is either based on both. If people dislike one's personality they state that he or she is not their type, as much as people who dislike the looks of the person in question state the same. Yet the whole type phenomena is both an subconscious and conscience issue. Your type is always based on characteristics you always notice clearly, you can name them. However you can also become attracted to someone, while you are unable to name the characteristic you like and most likely state that  he or she just has 'something special' or 'magical' even. That, I believe, are the subconscious features that attract you.

There is nothing wrong with lusting after one or another, only there is a while lot of space between, liking, loving and lusting after.

- Romy Loe-a-foe

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